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  1. Novaksknees

    Footballers That Sound Like Parts Of Bolton

    Greta Lever
  2. Born a year too late........1959 Forest....
  3. Novaksknees

    Wanderers 3 Bristol City 2

    I was standing outside The Harvester as their old boys ( and they were old) came out. They kept going on about Premier League cnuts and how the CSF had given us a bashing. . Most of it just looked like handbags and lots of posturing in front of families having a steak and chips. Losers
  4. Novaksknees

    Leeds Cock

    I remember Warnock coming on to the pitch at the Reebok and applauding the Sheff U fans and even giving his own shirt to a fan who invaded pitch twice at the Reebok the day Dean Holden broke his leg. The guy is a complete arse of the first order!
  5. Novaksknees


    Didn't Garty give Allardyce ten years? Or have I imagined that?
  6. Novaksknees

    Bolton Mark Two

    Sorry it's the SSN football news app that says it's Ricky not the club!
  7. Novaksknees

    Bolton Mark Two

    Gutted....Wet Spam say Ricky will sign tomorrow too!
  8. Novaksknees


    Went to a crappy game on their plastic pitch around 1980. We lost 7.1 I think, worst defeat I have ever seen in 47 years watching the Whites! . Tony Henry scored for us I think, Never been back since...
  9. Novaksknees


    Enjoyed a 2-0 win when Michael Ricketts scored twice and we all sang of Happy Als coaches for some reason! Bloody long way though! November 2000?
  10. Novaksknees


    Sold 34000. Can we match em?

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