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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself
  2. Nice speech but I'm afraid your not going to get people rocking up to watch a youth team with - 12 points getting dicked by Coventry and paying £24 for the privilege. We had 4000 crowds in the 80's and we are probably going down that road again. If it was free on Saturday we'd struggle to get 15k.
  3. Spot on Barry, great post
  4. The only excuse people need is that it's shit. Over priced shit at that.
  5. darrener

    Josh McGennis

    I'd put Magennis on the bench for every home game and make him warm up in front of the west stand lower for most of the game. Fuckin nutters down there 😜
  6. I know it'll be whizzing over his head all game knowing parkinson 😕
  7. Young lad played in the youth team last year. Decent but not a target man
  8. Eddie Brown up front, a bit light weight. I would be surprised if they lump it up too him all the game
  9. Why have they let this game go ahead? I thought they had taken a loan to pay the players? What the hell are this FV lot doing? 2000 Bolton fans travelling all that way to watch a youth team get dry bummed off Wycombe! Ffs
  10. darrener

    Take Over

    Quite right, this goes back a long way but FV were supposed to show that they had 25 million to complete they obviously said they had it to get Hots but it's looking increasingly likely that they haven't. The other option was Bassini, whichever way you look at it it's not great.
  11. darrener

    Take Over

    Amazingly he might be a better option than these FV cowboys. What a fucking mess 😢
  12. darrener

    Take Over

    Neither makes money so unless you're an abrahmovic why bother?
  13. darrener

    Take Over

    They've been after the club since November they are hardly new on the scene. For whatever reason they want the club it certainly isn't for the football. How much more do they need to know before they sign it off.
  14. Totally agree, some of our transfer business over the last few years has been rubbish.
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