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  1. To get more TV money we need to have a product that's worth watching which means a better brand of football, we don't want to watch the current shite so why would anyone else want to?
  2. Cheers Howard I'll sleep a bit better now, night all 😴
  3. I'm not that bothered about knowing who it is, I just want a good deal for the club to be done soon
  4. This is torture Howard, is the deal still progressing well? Nixon suggesting Ken keeps changing his demands, I know I shouldn't listen but everyone is desperate for this to go through.
  5. We are currently outside the top 6 of PL 😉
  6. Howard's back and it's got interesting again, welcome back H
  7. Bogeys? We don't talk about them Chris, always best to look at the positives of any round of golf. 😉
  8. Just got back from playing golf, and I thought I'd have a quick update on the takeover. Too my astonishment I find out that Howard has been chased out of town by that annoying prick Chris custodient or whatever is name is. Now when I come on this forum what I want to see is the informative insight from Howard not the incessant nit picking from Chris, so please Howard come back and keep giving us the information you have it's been brilliant. And Chris behave yourself!!!
  9. So hopefully it could be done before end of march payday, nixon seems to think other people are lurking, Kenyon was mentioned. If true are the other potential bidders just waiting for the deal to collapse or is nixon just being fed bullshit?
  10. Howard do you think Ken will be happy with the deal that he's getting off the buyer or do you see him trying to squeeze a bit more out of it if he can?
  11. Fwiw I think Howard knows exactly who's buying the club but I'm prepared to wait until it comes out, we don't want this jeopardising in any way. I'd imagine Howard is in someway connected to the Davies family but who cares as long as the info keeps coming. In Howard we trust
  12. To summarise, Howard came on a couple of weeks ago when it looked like basran was going to seal the deal on the Sunday, nixon and Iles seemed pretty confident this was going to happen. Howard said he didn't have the funds and it wouldn't happen. I thought bollocks who the hell are you, but he was right. He then said that a mystery buyer was dealing direct with the Davies family and he would probably step in the day before the court case or not long after. This also happened so for me he's doing quiet well. Let's try and be positive this is going to happen because personally I'm pissed off with the whole saga. April 2nd can't come quick enough for me.
  13. Oh give it a rest Chris if you don't believe Howard then that's fine, he/she has still been more accurate than anyone else and that's good enough for me. There's always someone trying to put a spanner in the works.
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