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  1. Went on that, as per usual more were on it coming back than went
  2. Paul, have you got the game against Preston at home, not sure of the year but it was the one we're Robbie savage broke his leg. We were 1-0 down and scored 2 goals in the last few minutes to win 2-1. Remember being sat in the burnden stand a small group of Preston fans jumped up when they scored, one of the bolton lads walked down whispered into their ear and they got up and walked out. Loved to have known what he said but they looked terrified.
  3. darrener

    Taken over?

    Holding Clough madine?
  4. darrener

    Taken over?

    I think after this season a lot of fans have now been lost, - 12 or even worse I'd think we'd be lucky to have 5k on for the first home game. Not sure what we are doing yet, I'm going to cancel the DD and see what happens. The youngest lad has completely gave up and I can't blame him. I've been going for over 45 years and atm I really can't be arsed with anymore of this shit. That might change as the season draws near but its going to have to be some positive news to get me back on board.
  5. darrener

    Taken over?

    Calm down Brett
  6. darrener

    Taken over?

    I think if this isn't sorted today in some form the club is fucked. The way things have gone over the last few months... We are fucked
  7. darrener

    Taken over?

    I think admin would kill us next season few people will renew season tickets anyway but - 12 points would probably relegate us before a ball has been kicked. This has been a sorry mess and I can't see it ending anytime soon.
  8. I'd be surprised if this game attracted any more than a reserve fixture. Pointless
  9. The nightmare will just continue
  10. They could have turned up for the game and just not put any effort in, hang on! I think they might have already tried that 😂
  11. darrener

    Taken over?

    Just shut the place down, refuse to play the last two games and everyone walk away. Then let's see what the EFL do then. They don't give a flying fuck about bolton wanderers they just want the season finished so they don't have to make any decision. This is beyond a joke!!!!!!!
  12. Highlight of a terrible evening, you do live up to your username though. No one can say you don't have passion for this club though. A true wanderer 👍
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