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  1. darrener

    Sweaty Ken

    They look like they could do with a good wash
  2. darrener

    WBA home

    So much for bringing the average age down its probably the oldest in our history
  3. darrener

    Sweaty Ken

    Why am I hearing the banjo off deliverance when I see that photo "squeal like a pig"
  4. darrener

    Sweaty Ken

    My moneys on biganddaft
  5. darrener

    Sweaty Ken

    The biggest problem for me this season has been the style of play under parky, lets be honest it's been crap. Ken is Ken he does what he does to keep us afloat, it's not pretty but what else can he do. If we were half way up the league would we have a few melts planning a demo, I think not. So the problem is the manager, we'd be better off protesting against parky. IMO Ken is doing what he needs to do and if he didn't give a shit about us he surely would have walked away. I'll be glad when he signs us over to a billionaire (hopefully) but until then surely we've got to trust him to do his best for us because who the fuck else his going to do it?
  6. darrener

    Is that it ?

    This, the local paper should be having a rallying call to the town to get behind the team instead of organising protests against the owner who wants out of the club anyway. It should be backs to the wall stuff
  7. darrener

    Is that it ?

    It's always the people with no connection with the club and have probably never seen a game who spout on about what a good job he's doing and how he deserves better. Come and sit in the cold week in and week out and then tell us how brilliant it is
  8. darrener

    Brizzle AWAY

    The average age of the subs bench yesterday was 32 and that was helped by Vela who's 25 so much for parky reducing the age of the squad.
  9. darrener

    Brizzle AWAY

    We could be relegated at blackburn at Easter! I shuddered when I wrote that
  10. darrener

    Brizzle AWAY

    I know pal it's just so frustrating atm he's just beginning to really piss me off, he has a stubbornness about him we'd have probably got beat if we had started two up front but we'll never know
  11. darrener

    Brizzle AWAY

    It's more than doable if we have a go, we are losing trying not to lose set up 2 up top and let's have a go for God sake, unfortunately this guy doesn't have it in him, he stumbled over a formation last week and didn't have the guts to stick with it even the bench today was dogshit. What was the average age of the bench today? It must have been 30+.
  12. darrener

    Brizzle AWAY

    The positive was we scored a goal? God have we stooped that low. Time to pack it in. If we don't have a go we are going down without a fight 4-0 or 2-1 we still lost. Dry January has finished early
  13. darrener

    Brizzle AWAY

    Parky will be happy we only lost by one, according to Iles noone looked more dangerous when he went on the left. Mom last week and he shifts him the guys a muppet
  14. darrener

    Baronesses coments

    I thought it was Charlton, not totally lost it yet.

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