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  1. bwfcfan5

    In Or Out Again

    I think that's massive false equivalence. There were exaggerations and the usual political nonsense on both sides. But only one side deliberately and knowingly set up people like the organisation in the story with a pack of absolute lies that they totally knew were not true. The whole "yes but remain said the economy would collapse after the vote" response that I know will follow is a) not the same since it was a prediction and based on economic modelling and the economy DID slow and has remained slowed b) the BoE avoided many of these predictions via quantitative easing and pumping £70Bn into the economy to avoid the worst possible consequences. So telling people "hey you'll be able to bring cheap labour over from Bangladesh and India no problem - an outright lie.....compared to "the economy will suffer significantly" an exaggeration based on some solid predictions with an element of truth to it. Huge false equivalence. IMHO.
  2. bwfcfan5

    Things which get on your tits...........

    Yep that one too. I know someone who claims to be vegetarian apart from "bacon sandwiches on a Sunday". FFS.
  3. bwfcfan5

    In Or Out Again

    https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/feb/15/brexit-lies-curry-vote-leave-restaurant-industry?fbclid=IwAR0et2Mm12kqrBjky956n_gOVnRrI9OeddbcAiCuZ5fBPurQhlTsuiVExSI The lies of the Brexit campaigners once again laid bare for all to see....
  4. bwfcfan5

    Things which get on your tits...........

    Lightly battered - agree. If you're that worried about it then perhaps lay off the fish and chips full stop? Its like when McDonalds did "salads" and tried to market themselves as "a place for ladies what lunch" until all the ladies were up in arms when they realised their "healthy" salads had dressings with more calories than a big mac.....IF YOU CARE DON'T GO TO A FAST FOOD RESTAURANT! Also - "I'm going vegan for a week" - FUCK OFF. "I'm having a vegetarian/pescetarian week" - NO!
  5. bwfcfan5

    Terror Attacks

    Rees Mogg was arguing the case to bring her back on QT last night.....
  6. bwfcfan5

    Terror Attacks

    Who are her supporters?
  7. bwfcfan5

    In Or Out Again

    But the EU is a single trading bloc in terms of regulations and tariffs...how trade is distributed within it is currently irrelevant. We are leaving the group who just happen to be our largest trade partners by a country mile.
  8. bwfcfan5

    In Or Out Again

    Taking back control folks.....
  9. bwfcfan5

    Terror Attacks

    Someone officially representing Islam as a religion saying something - I get that. But that isn't someone representing the Muslim community - because its totally different. Its like saying someone from the Church of England represents me even though I've never set foot into a CoE church in my life. It might represent my deeply religious colleague though.
  10. bwfcfan5

    Terror Attacks

    Sorry. But you are saying most white men made a public statement saying they "condemned the actions of Jo Cox' murderer". I'm calling bollocks on that. And if you are saying they "silently condemned it". Then I agree. But that is exactly the same for Muslims. Expecting a statement is utterly ridiculous. Next door but one to me are Muslims from Turkey. Should I expect them to release a statement cos its "great PR"?
  11. bwfcfan5

    Terror Attacks

    No you wouldn't. They are just a bunch of people. Not an organisation. Expecting them to respond to this is nonsense. Do you expect a statement from the English community when someone commits a crime abroad?
  12. bwfcfan5

    Terror Attacks

    1) She shouldn't be allowed back in a million years. 2) This is absolute nonsense. Should every white man publicly condemn the murder of Jo Cox? Or come out and condemn every football coach who sexually abused kids? Its makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It really blows my mind that rational people can think like this.
  13. bwfcfan5

    In Or Out Again

    How can you put a timelimit on an insurance policy there explicitly until other such arrangements are possible? If you could time limit it, you'd not need it in the first place. Both the UK and the EU agree (as was said by the PM yesterday) that the backstop is needed.
  14. bwfcfan5

    In Or Out Again

    Ermm, politically - which was the point - it has. Look where we are?
  15. bwfcfan5

    In Or Out Again

    That was the deadline the government set for the WA meaningful vote (when A50 motion was being passed) as being the latest date passed which everything - including the Withdrawal bill, could feasibly be passed by March 29th. They did of course bring a vote before that date - but lost.

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