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  1. barrycowdrill

    King Ken

    I’m not particularly either way I just don’t get one clown constantly sniping and digging out another for trying to do the best job he can with his own and the clubs very limited resources theres only one fella antagonising here on a daily basis for me and it’s completely unnecessary. Basically acting a Cnut
  2. barrycowdrill

    King Ken

    Said months and months ago there will come a time when KA says enough is enough. Whether you personally see that as good or bad is irrelevant. The fact is if he stops funding as he claims he is the only other option is a supporters trust who have about £8 between em he at the minute is still the lesser of 2 evils
  3. barrycowdrill

    Wanderers V Swansea

    Careful, budgets will come in to it soon
  4. barrycowdrill

    Wanderers V Swansea

    Ultimately it’s no ones job on here to find a suitable replacement. So all this “who would you get then?” When someone suggests potting PP is irrelevant and a bag of bollocks It’s the task of one man and one man only, our weekly mouth Piece. Bearing in mind what we’ve all witnessed over the last few weeks, the clear lack of ideas, the feeling the players no longer have a clue what he’s asking them to do and ultimately the results. If he still thinks that PP is the best man to turn it around from probably hundreds of candidates both in and out of work across the whole fucking continent then that’s the biggest problem the club currently has. We are staring relegation in the face & KA is facing a minimum of £7m shortfall which will make him flogging us near on impossible change is needed now to improve the footballing, Financial and KA’s prospects
  5. barrycowdrill

    Wanderers V Swansea

    McCarthy might be shit but he’s certainly less shit at this level than what we’re currently getting
  6. barrycowdrill

    Wanderers V Swansea

    Averaged 3 shots on target in each of those 4 games too its ok PP coming out and saying ultimately it’s about sticking the ball in the back of the net but he’s either overlooking or refuses to acknowledge that the lack of efforts on goal is the issue. We always concede so need to finish 2 of the 3 shots we have. I can’t personally remember many being guilt edged chances we should’ve buried either whichever way you look at it all roads lead back to him and his tactics. Simple as
  7. barrycowdrill

    Wanderers V Swansea

    Fair enough we’ve seen it now week in week out for 2 and a half years. For me, we haven’t evolved as a team, the players we have obviously have but the way he sets us up is in no way getting the best out of the better quality he signed in the summer last season he and the team performed a miracle really staying up but we haven’t got any better and our opposition have. With PP in charge where we are now will always be our ceiling as he hasn’t got any other way. Personnel may change, formation too but our conservative, cautious direct style never does. We need a drastic up turn in performances and results over a long period now and for me he isn’t the man to get it out of them
  8. barrycowdrill

    Wanderers V Swansea

    If you don’t think we are then your watching a completely different game to me then how many times did Alnwick have ball in hand or from a goal kick roll it out or pass to any of our back 4? I may have missed one as I looked at the grey drab concrete under my feet thinking it’s more entertaining but for me it was non! Maybe one at best. How many times did Beevers do a Beevers and shank a 30 yarder in to no one? A few. Yes of course there are phases in the game where midfield are trying to work it in to feet but our default approach more often than not is hitting Donaldson or Ameobi on the lump.
  9. barrycowdrill

    Wanderers V Swansea

    Yes I did go today their goal came from individual errors then a finish you can’t legislate for we then had a 30 yarder from Ameobi, and 2 20 yarders from Him and Oz. What else did we create? Fuck all that’s what. Pass pass pass around the half way line then bang. Same story every fucking week. If you think we were unlucky to not get something then that’s your perogative. We deserved exactly what we got. Zilch. Like 7 or 8 weekends out of every 10
  10. barrycowdrill

    Wanderers V Swansea

    To have a midfielder have the ball, 35 yards out, last 15 minutes when 1 down and hold his arms out as if to say “where are my options?” Is an absolute disgrace and embarrassment. And no it’s not down to players hiding it’s down to that clowns “get it in the mixer” approach from minute 1 to 90 Ameobi being back now gives Alnwick 2 options to lump it to. No other options, no ideas & no hope in hell of getting anything out of games whilst he appears to be going nowhere at the minute anyone who thinks the fella can change something he has engrained in to every player we’ve had for the last 2 and a half years and get us going again is a certified moon man
  11. barrycowdrill

    Villa v bolton

    What a sorry state of affairs and when you can’t defend for toffee, it’s only going to end one way
  12. barrycowdrill

    Villa v bolton

    Magennis looking like the bang average league 1 striker we signed more and more each day
  13. barrycowdrill

    King Ken

    Don’t know what’s worse, reading about our on or off field problems. Both a bigger joke than each other just a week, a mere 7 days where we’ve played ok, got a positive result and Ken hasn’t come out ballooning would do me right now. because all this is getting ridiculous
  14. barrycowdrill

    Phil Parkinson

    You can play well and lose and play shite and win. i can take defeats but the alarming thing at the minute is the manner of the defeats. Performances seem to be going backwards. Whether that is down to PP or the players we simply don’t know but I know where I apportion the majority of the blame at the moment we very rarely have a fantastic performance and blow a team away 3 or 4 nil ( I can only remember 2 of these in his time with us) we win today and again like the majority of wins under him in this division it masks the problems, anything else and he is really struggling & the justification for keeping him gets smaller and smaller
  15. barrycowdrill

    Bolton v Forest

    If PP truly believes what he said in his post match interview then the problem is bigger than we all think. He’s not dilusional, that’s just the way he sees football and thinks we did ok. Just hit on the break... I’d rather not watch football ever again than see it the way he does because that was far from ok

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