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  1. barrycowdrill

    Norwich City at home

    “Not in their league” do me a fucking favour they’re hardly doing a Wolves and romping it. They are one of 3 or 4 teams in with a chance of winning the league ipswich, you know the team BELOW us gave them a decent game last week and they got spanked midweek just another feeble excuse to protect PP from any negativity and criticism it’s beyond a fucking joke now how some people are still pandering to that bullshit were not 50 points behind everyone and it’s clear we shouldn’t be here. We’re still in touch and could be saved. So to crack on accepting these type of defeats as though we shouldn’t even be in the league is fucking nonsense the shit served up and the hammering are the responsibility of one clown and one clown only
  2. barrycowdrill

    Norwich City at home

    Whilst it’s allowed to go on it’ll continue Tues wasn’t the beginning of the tide turning it was the standard one win in 10 this fucking clown pulls out of his arse somehow. Which amazingly have kept him in a job for the last 18 months rather clean my bins out than watch any more of that anti football shit
  3. barrycowdrill

    Norwich City at home

    Well, 93 team changes in the previous 28 or so games so he was due one..
  4. barrycowdrill

    Brum away

    2 up top and the most threatening we’ve looked since we, well, last played 2 up top. Its almost like some people have a fucking clue what they’re talking about.. murphy is the most composed midfielder we have (whose not currently frozen out) he should be a shoe in in that midfield
  5. barrycowdrill

    Brum away

    Honestly believe our back 6 or 7 get one instruction. “Get Rid” never seen so much panic unnecessarily since I watched an Under 8s game yep hit the channels or Row Z when needed but it’s every fucking time!! Absolutely no composure from anyone at any point. They must get fined for keeping hold of the ball
  6. barrycowdrill

    Sweaty Ken

    Way things are going there won’t be enough people in it for it to qualify
  7. barrycowdrill

    Sweaty Ken

    Fuck me during this fellas tenure everyone on here have revealed themselves as Accountants, Tax Men, members of consortiums and now local government officials Frank Abagnale Jr had piss all compared to WWayers
  8. barrycowdrill

    Another one lost

    Correct social media, message boards etc aren’t a voice for anyone really. If any professional organisation had their thoughts altered by what was said online I’d class them as more fucking mental than the people writing it the results themselves tell him, the dwindling attendances tell him and the lowest season ticket sales in many a year will tell them all next season if they’re still here just read PPs comments about Saturday “are we a direct team? Are we a footballing side? I’d say we’re somewhere in the middle!” The Guy is a fucking Moon man. He needs sectioning the mad mad bastard
  9. barrycowdrill

    Preston h

    He goes when Ken goes. No hope of him going beforehand why wield the axe and cost yourself money when the new mob will do that anyway? Either way this season is a lost cause Ken’s reluctance to take action put pay to that many many weeks ago! Were getting fuck all from the next 4 games, the other teams around us seem to have a bit about them and are picking up points here and there. We’ll be stone bottom by the end of the month survival is of course a mathematical possibility but the shit served up makes it absolutely impossible. I’ve backed us through good and bad, ups and downs whilst I felt there was fight and some hope. This clown is giving us neither at the moment so why should I return the favour? When you lose your ST holders and your every weekers as PP now has you know the games up until he’s out I’m out
  10. barrycowdrill

    Preston h

    I honestly don’t give a fuck what is going on at board level at the moment. I don’t spend my Saturday & money going watching a board meeting. I go and watch a football team At the minute I actually feel sorry for each and every one of those players who are tasked with going out for a football match. Keeper is resigned to pick the ball out of the net back 4 are resigned to defending for their lives for 90+ minutes. They should be paid fucking overtime midfield have no other job than plugging spaces, getting rid of the ball and chasing shadows and whoever plays ‘forward’ of them have the unenviable task of digging for gold in the swamp of shit I’ve just mentioned above. But if there is one shining beacon of hope with what is going on in the BR is by hook or by crook that useless, clueless, negative, stubborn, inept dinosaur is relieved of his duties as soon as the new owners sign goes up above the door. I’ve watched some shit in my time following us but this? It’s not even football let alone professional. He should be ashamed of what he’s sending out. Clueless Cnut time to fuck off
  11. barrycowdrill

    Premier league netflix

    Last ashes tour being on BT was the beginning of the end for Sky’s (very good) coverage / monopoly of cricket this American shite they’re now ramming down our throats is purely there to plug the gaps on the stuff they’re losing. Their La Liga coverage was absolutely superb. Now they’re not even willing to be used as a platform for Eleven sports.. their sports coverage and Sky Atlantic were the only reasons I stuck with them. The programmes on Atlantic have now ended or ending and sports is nowhere near as good
  12. barrycowdrill

    Premier league netflix

    Considering Sky seem to be ramming all of the American shite down our throats at the moment as they’re losing stuff left right and centre I’d happily pack that up and switch to whoever was the provider in a heart beat as though I wanna get in from work turn SSN on and see the ‘top 10 plays’ from the NBA? Get ta fuck
  13. barrycowdrill

    Preston h

    Only games of any relevance PNE have been in in the last 30 years.. lost to us. Got relegated lost to us. Didn’t get promoted. That’s about it other small time clubs round here I’m only really arsed about when we play em. PNE? Not even arsed about em today. Absolutely nothing Club
  14. barrycowdrill

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Seems to be 3 from 4 and two of those don’t score can’t stop conceding and don’t win. We’re one of them 2
  15. barrycowdrill

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Correct. Rise above the thumb and his band of merry m0ngs and just answer the gossip about talks

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