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  1. barrycowdrill

    Transfer Gossip

    He did. Then scored a 30 yard free kick first game of the following season v charlton at home
  2. barrycowdrill

    King Ken

    Ok so he’s extracted the amount from the club over that time. I know which outgoing I feel is more justified
  3. barrycowdrill

    King Ken

    So he’s paid himself around half a million quid in the last 2 years or so? Some perspective, even if we have only paid half of Amos’ salary over the same period that would of been around £750k JSL
  4. barrycowdrill

    King Ken

    But see we are here again aren’t we? Picking over the bones of whether Ken deserves to pay himself anything. I think the common view is, yes he is the debate is the value of those payments. Some will say it’s justified others will say it’s not. Ultimately it’s his gig so he can do as he pleases as long as he doesn’t jeopardise the position of the club. In my mind he isn’t. Its all well and good attention seekers publishing these reports painting KA as some immoral owner in comparison to others who have taken next to nothing. The other 23 chairmen haven’t had 1% of the shit to deal with that Ken has over his 2 and a half years so it’s a completely redundant point added to that, half of these clowns somewhere have links to or have participated in work for the ST at some point. How long did they last getting paid fuck all for going to a meeting every now and again and whatever “work” that consistent of? 5 fucking minutes. That’s how long if they really want to challenge Ken stump up the money to buy him out. Otherwise fuck right off
  5. barrycowdrill

    King Ken

    Is his dog registered?
  6. barrycowdrill

    King Ken

    If Iles see’s a ban from the club as a good thing when his sole job is to report on it then it shows what regard he has for the club and the stories he releases going down as a martyr for the social media idiots rather than providing a balanced account of the goings on shows what a clown he is
  7. barrycowdrill

    King Ken

    Iles is one strike away from a ban I reckon. Wouldn’t surprise me if he allowed the BN in to the club but not Iles that would be highly amusing
  8. barrycowdrill

    Bolton v Roverrrrs

    Yeh I suppose. We’ve seen it time and again with players in that position having the ball in the wrong areas. Mainly because when they’re not in the game they go looking for the ball in terms of maintaining the sides shape that’s the wrong thing to do but these types of players want to be involved and dictating everything it seems quite contradictory of me to say this but if anything he needs to be a little closer to his midfield men than Magennis at the minute. Rather than gambling on knock downs, have Lowe and Williams win it, give it him straight away and let him work a bit of magic. Then he can really start to control a game That then needs your wide men to be options too and as said above Buckley and Noone aren’t the ones for that hopefully Ameobi is
  9. barrycowdrill

    Bolton v Roverrrrs

    Where’s that heat map edit: our 2nd striker
  10. barrycowdrill

    Bolton v Roverrrrs

    He’s nowhere near excusable from a poor performance I guess my frustration with the criticism of him is part of the bigger picture. If he’s been poor in a certain game then fine but we’re nowhere near from Getting the best out of him through minimal fault of his own and maximum fault in terms of how we set up. Same old story I’m afraid. PP has come out and said he wants us to play better football whilst retaining that work rate, discipline etc which is all well and good. But apart from glimpses of it I don’t see much of a change at all. added to that our clear approach recently of sitting off teams, keeping it tight until HT then trying to play for 45 minutes and it’s beginning to feel like Groundhog Day yet again its ok bringing these better footballers in but they’re absolutely pointless if the changes we are making are minimal and not utilising that apparent extra ability Ken’s constantly on about increasing crowds, the 12 thousand hardy souls who are there every other week are slowly but surely drifting away. Focus on getting them entertained and watching something a bit more positive than worrying about the no shows. Playing decent football and getting decent results puts bums on seats. Nothing more nothing less. All the positivity of the new signings and great start to the season is in danger of being eroded pretty quickly due to our 1 track approach
  11. barrycowdrill

    Bolton v Roverrrrs

    Because he’s not controlling the balls that whistle over his head and spanking them in the top corner from 30 yards or, playing an eye of the needle pass between 4 defenders to the 1 player whose more advanced than him.
  12. barrycowdrill

    Bolton v Roverrrrs

    I’d love to see a stat on how many forward passes our one creative player / striker (in PP’s eyes) plays in a game I would bet decent money it’s around if not less than 25%. Yet that’s his problem apparently
  13. barrycowdrill

    Bolton v Roverrrrs

    Wherever he gets the ball he isn’t the fucking problem it’s a complete lack of options, runners, supporting players in and around him that is. It baffles me what game you watch 99.9% of the time it really does. The one creative player we have is hardly in the game. When he is his options are minimal and therefore his impact is questionable. That I give you that isn’t his fucking fault. When you have someone who can give you something extra you work out a plan on how to get that out of him. Don’t bypass it. I don’t understand why your unwilling to acknowledge that? Dont worry PP won’t put you in the outside kennel if you slightly criticise him you know
  14. barrycowdrill

    Bolton v Roverrrrs

    He’s getting the ball in the wrong areas that’s the problem having to go and find it in and around the half way line. No use to anyone PP said yesterday in response to not playing 2 up top “we are. Oztumer is a striker” if that’s what he sees then it’s a worry
  15. barrycowdrill

    Bolton v Roverrrrs

    And what are some making him out to be? Our best footballer? He is. The one player who can keep hold of the ball and doesn’t panic when it’s near him? He is. The one player in an advanced position who has the ability to see a pass no one else sees? He is. Albeit in a very limited squad. No more no less than that ”has far more to do in terms of producing and scoring goals”... yes he does but the fella is living off scraps playing behind Magennis and trying to create anything off his chest downs or balls that are fizzed in to him at head height (everyone else’s chest) The guy scored 50 goals in 2 seasons. people (probably you) can argue it was league 1 and the step up is big but it isn’t down to just that fact. It all boils down yet again to how we play. Our style isn’t getting the best out of him. You don’t score 50 goals in 2 seasons at any level without having that eye for goal and ability to see things. Your just either blind to it or so entrenched in your view that what PP is doing is correct your ignoring it. Weve has the lowest number of shots on target in the whole league. Yet you say he needs to score more goals? maybe look at the bigger picture to see why he isn’t and acknowledge in order to see that from him your king has to change things

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