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  1. Red Lion in Billaricay now, deepest darkest Essex.
  2. Bloody Billaricay offf as well. Must have been about minus 2 here last night
  3. FFS just arrived to be told the game is off. Going to watch Billaricay instead
  4. Some of us are still here!!! Quality
  5. Thwaites Lancaster Bomber is great.
  6. Fishing line strung an inch above the top of the fence will stop them coming over the top
  7. Mines set at : 6am : 19c 8am : 16c 4pm : 19c 10pm : 14c And is fine. You shouldn't need to go up to 24, the whole point is to maintain a comfortable temperature when you are home.
  8. Absolutely not : An Ulster fry also has potato bread, soda bread and (in my house) NO BEANS
  9. Great find Jay. You're not such a miserable sod after all.
  10. Committing suicide to enhance my career It worked for mickey and tupac shakir Jesus was nailed up to some wood 2000 years later and book sales are still good I heard in a song suicide is painless And it's 80% sure to make you famous Wanking with a bag on yer head tied to a door That bloke from INXS he knew the score
  11. If it's a UK business, I have been with Santander for 2 years with no problems.
  12. You can just pay for an indemnity to cover the missing certs. Your solicitor should arrange it.
  13. Squeezing cartons of rancid milk into a tank in a dairy to make cheese
  14. Stayed there for 2min now in Rose of Denmark in Charlton. But I've cleaned them out of sausage rolls Jazza
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