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  1. MalcolmW

    Pivotal week in relegation fight

    How about Bolton draw on the final day to be 2 points ahead of Millwall and Wigan, and waiting several minutes to see if either scored a winner? Ugh.
  2. MalcolmW

    In Or Out Again

    I think you'll find that a majority of those who voted Remain in 1975 and voted again in 2016 voted to Leave second time around. Why do you think that is?
  3. MalcolmW

    In Or Out Again

    You rubbished BD's suggestion of independent mediation. I gave you an example where this happened, so you find this laughable. No surprise then. The islands were disputed between Britain and USA but they didn't want to go to war over the issue, so they referred to the Kaiser for an independent decision. You can say it was 150 or so years ago, you can claim that it is not relevant because it doesn't suit you, but you cannot claim that it is not true. because it is wholly true.
  4. MalcolmW

    In Or Out Again

    San Juan Islands.
  5. MalcolmW

    In Or Out Again

    That's EU standard procedure.
  6. MalcolmW

    In Or Out Again

    Well you did ask.
  7. MalcolmW

    In Or Out Again

    Such as the President of the USA?
  8. MalcolmW

    In Or Out Again

    Offer NI a vote on leaving UK. No border, no problem.
  9. MalcolmW

    In Or Out Again

    The EU only need to point to one failure in the system. In fact they can simply pretend they are not satisfied. So no truck with that.
  10. MalcolmW

    Terror Attacks

    Recommended listening: the 10 part BBC Radio 4 series Fatwa. It has been on at 1.45 weekday afternoons this week (and next?).
  11. MalcolmW

    Norwich City at home

    That was a decade ago. Their first third tier match was in 1920. JSL
  12. MalcolmW

    Politics - Not Interested, Dont Look

    Before getting into a lather about this, have you heard the interview? At the end of the interview he was asked a series of snap questions and to give one word answers. The particular question was "Winston Churchill - hero or villain?". He certainly wasn't going to say hero but an acceptable answer would have been both.
  13. MalcolmW

    Todays Games

    Ipswich a goal down, and Norwich as well.
  14. MalcolmW

    In Or Out Again

    \so you would prefer to stay in so that if it collapses leaving will be easier. OK then, it's a fairly passive stance but not mine.
  15. MalcolmW

    Sweaty Ken

    What if it was a mosque on Thursdays and Fridays only?

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