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  1. DazBob

    King Ken

  2. DazBob

    King Ken

  3. DazBob

    Tv Shows

    Presume you mean Sunderland? Its not yet, think it starts later this week. It was being talked about on the radio at the weekend. Sounds decent, I'll be giving it a go.
  4. DazBob

    norwich away

    Aye, he showed that today.
  5. DazBob

    norwich away

    He looked fitter today than he has in ages.
  6. DazBob

    norwich away

    Ameobi easily would've been able to catch him had he not pulled him. It was daft.
  7. DazBob

    norwich away

    Best we've played in ages and we deserved something. Ameobi was superb today, but ultimately a daft choice has cost us what would've been a brilliant point. Wonder f he'll get fined a week's wages.
  8. DazBob

    Town Centre Latest

    I completely agree with your point about every approach being shit. Bank Street especially needs flattening, it has done for years. That's doesn't mean all the rest of it is shit, which is what is usually said and which is pretty much what you've just said too. You should stick to Bury.
  9. DazBob

    Town Centre Latest

    Enough of the positive talk! It's a third world shithole full of beggars. Every other town centre is better.
  10. DazBob

    Tv Shows

    Good night, Youri?
  11. DazBob

    Tv Shows

    I watched the Bobby Robson documentary on Netflix last night. Very good indeed. What a gentleman.
  12. DazBob

    Iptv With Mag Box

    I got it a couple of weeks ago. Just had to download an app onto my old Android box, they then sent me login details and away I went. All PL and Championship games are on there with no pissing about with VPNs. £60 for 12 months. It's ace.
  13. DazBob

    Has anyone......

    There are plenty of tits in the Brexit and Tommy Robinson threads.
  14. DazBob

    King Ken

    The land, yes. The stadium itself would only be worth the value of the scrap metal.
  15. DazBob

    FA cup draw tonight

    You're getting mauled by the Tigers.

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