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  1. DazBob

    The Run Away Challenge

    Attention seeker.
  2. DazBob

    Norwich City at home

    I fancy us to get at least a draw tomorrow, purely based on the game against them at Carrow Rd. We should've got something that game. COYWM.
  3. DazBob

    Things which get on your tits...........

    Could/would/should of. Your instead of you're.
  4. DazBob

    Preston h

    Lock them all, players and management, in the dressing room and gas them. 25th anniversary of the 3-1 win at Highbury too. Jesus wept, the gulf in everything between that side and this bunch of shithouses.
  5. DazBob

    Iptv With Mag Box

    Message me you numb cunt, we've already discussed this.
  6. DazBob

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Hope he doesn't buy underpants from his homeland.
  7. DazBob

    Funeral Songs

    Living in a Box.
  8. DazBob

    Mini Road Roundabouts.

    Aye, in the main they're a lot better than traffic lights. You get the odd imbecile who doesn't bother looking right, but as with all things driving you have to assume every other driver is a dick and preempt them doing so. Oh, and as for driving straight over the middle of them, when you do make sure you're accelerating so as not to damage your suspension.
  9. DazBob

    Mini Road Roundabouts.

    Everyone and no one. Whoever blinks first.
  10. DazBob

    British Transport Police

    Please can you explain their technique for going over speed bumps, I'm not sure you've explained it enough. Ta.
  11. DazBob

    British Transport Police

    They were just trying to get over the speed bumps without damaging their suspension.
  12. DazBob

    Sweaty Ken

    You need to stick to cleaning windows, son.
  13. DazBob

    Sweaty Ken

    Good statement, that.

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