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  1. which pub?! i need a night out
  2. whiteboy


    Borehamwood have got no business being in the football league. Went to watch solihull there when our game at southend was frozen off the other year. Not recommended other than novelty ground factor or ticking another shitty outer london grim spoons off.
  3. Was with some characters!
  4. don't be fannying around in any shit pubs outside New St - plenty of decent, varied boozers to be found in Digbeth
  5. how many 'professional' shows have you been to this year out of interest? they are both in shape and had a proper training camp, which is more than plenty of fighters. it's 2 blokes having a fight, those who want to watch/attend will do so...same as any other fight
  6. can someone get me 6 tickets please 😇
  7. Managed to find 2 pubs with it during the last League 1 season. One in Donny, one in Scunny!
  8. defend what? you have no idea what the overall position of the fund is, just what short positions they have (which could be for many different reasons/strategies) calm down
  9. Whats the party train on the birmingham - wycombe route?
  10. Max Clayton defo....thought he was a quality player the few times I saw him
  11. Can we not dip into his pension fund?
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