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  1. It did I was there Bolton were in the duck and furkin and went down to the Bradford arms Burnley would not come out of the pub the windows got smashed in the pub and under the burden stand the gates got smashed down with a large plank of wood used as a battering ram to get to the away end . They weren’t keen to come out of the away end after the game
  2. It was lot better than last week In midfield and in possession you could see the passing game they want to play . Is it to slow a build up ? But it’s evatt style of play the passing back to the goal keeper and centre Half’s and back to the keeper again Looks like a disaster waiting to happen Didn’t Swansea go all the way up from division 4 to division 1 and back to 4 again in 8 seasons . Not sure if they reached the bottom of division 4 though
  3. No it’s not how many games in before the manager changes is prediction of winning the league to let’s stay in it
  4. Unfortunately we’re stuck with them
  5. Fucking hell will settle for staying up this season
  6. If it’s a laptop try left click or right click should open a menu box . Does on mine
  7. Playing against a team without a recognised striker on the pitch and still can’t keep a clean sheet doesn’t bode well going forward
  8. School boy defending of set pieces
  9. Don’t understand the bury one the club is in sort of hibernation so if they have debts why haven’t they been wound up for non payment if they don’t have debts why can’t they play ?
  10. The two 6 ft 8 centre half’s are a poor mans Zat 😃 don’t forget zat made the England squad at one stage of is career
  11. Looked well short of match practice and got a knock was blowing out of is arse in second half so hopefully he is a lot quicker when he gets up to speed
  12. And an old fashioned letter with a stamp I bet not a email
  13. The culture of loosing and you can nearly smell it excuse is a load of bollocks not buying it . get it sorted
  14. evatt saying in is interview about getting rid of the clubs loosing mentality. Well changing the manager the owners the whole coaching staff the whole playing staff and playing without the fans May be a exorcism will work we’re running out of options
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