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  1. Taking the knee nearly cost us a goal Williams was still getting up when the ball was played back to him and there player was straight through past him when the ref blew up to take it again . No one seems to know what’s going on with it now some players not interested some still doing it 🤷‍♂️
  2. We played them of the park second half . First half was even and we didn’t create a shot on target but some good crosses were put in . don’t think we invited pressure they just went more direct with nothing to loose and it payed of for them stuffy cunts
  3. Fantastic of the lads who have done that . I would of gladly contributed to the flag if I had known about it . Remember my grandad telling me he was on the Manchester road end that day and the crowd was that large they were unaware of what had happened till later
  4. The strikers alone scored 42 goals between them that season !! . never mind the chances they missed . Bruce would of never recycled the ball as much as this a little bit more attacking intent instead of going backwards sometimes would make a difference and may be win a bit more comfortably . The players we have brought in have made a massive difference well done evatt 👏
  5. Well give me the Bruce Rioch days . We have the attacking players to do it as well
  6. Very honest you don’t see to much of that these days . A tranmere John Aldridge style manager would of been frothing at is player saying that
  7. Yep if we would of been 1 or 2 goals up great but we need to be quicker with the pass .corners also the amount we get and don’t do anything with it’s a waste. I would give Miller and Arthur a start now they deserve a go
  8. Same here jumped up then nearly walked out the room when he shouted that
  9. Taking to many passes forwards backwards side ways takes 10 minutes to create a chance
  10. We’re have I changed my mind ? evatt said we need to win 15 of the remaining games to get promoted not me . Never said I believed him . Just said going of is own reckoning we would have to win every home game so it’s slipping away So wind your neck in .
  11. I gave up at Xmas was going of evatts own points target and comments after we signed these jan players .
  12. He also puts himself in that position by playing the ball against the bloke when we he is taking a free kick and them both lunging for the ball . He as held is hands up so fair play to him for that
  13. Not the end of the world but any hope of getting in play offs we have to win every home game now . It’s slipping away fast
  14. evatt had no reason to make the subs in the first place playing ok well on top and decided to change it with 30 minutes to go and it’s gone to shit
  15. bowyer threatened never to play him again if he ever bottled a fifty fifty again
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