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  1. So they expected to make more money by “ improving football fans sensation “ by buying a big screen tv and giving the ground a bit of a makeover. They obviously never looked at the fan base before buying the club
  2. Not been following it but Did the press harass her ? If not and they just reported the assault can’t see how they are to blame never watched love island sounds a load of bollocks
  3. Is Philips and lee to blame ? KH criticism of the under 23 but we let Conner hall go to Chorley to release a squad place so the under 23 end up with kids playing for them . Could KH do any better himself going of the coaching of the first team I doubt it
  4. Going to have to listen to that then never heard a manger try to blame the players for tactical changes by the opposition may be they should substitute themselves once they work out if they have gone 4 4 2
  5. In spells in the first half we past the ball well then conceded at the end of the half yet again . second half was absolute dire expect Hill to come out and say how proud he is of them against a top side etc
  6. That’s the quietist I have seen it coming out of the ground no fucker about more coming out of Asda
  7. Farnywhite

    Keith Hill

    My main problem with hill is I am not convinced that tactically he knows what he is doing .But on the other hand he is stuck with a group of players who are probably not good enough may be mentally weak so he has to try and keep them on side so is comments about being “ proud of there effort “ etc is just to keep them going till April we all know we’re down but if they throw the towel in and we start loosing games by 5 goals again he knows he will be following them out the door in the summer . He can only criticise the ones out of the team but if he turns on the ones playing he is fucked
  8. Was there something like a combined crowd of 150,000 for all 3 games ? That what I was told in the pub last night by someone who went all 3 or is it just poor memory on is part .
  9. Farnywhite

    Keith Hill

    Graham coughlan did a great job at Bristol rovers played good football under him brought several players through on a low budget and left to drop down a division to Mansfield to come back north
  10. The way it’s going we will be hanging in to a league place this shower could possibly take us down again it’s not going to be easy next season
  11. Changed the back four over the last month and nothing as improved soft goals every fucking week
  12. “Eastbound and down “ was one of the funniest series I have ever watched don’t know we’re it’s available to watch these days but kenny powers was fucking ace
  13. Got band of brothers on Blu-ray well worth it for the extras interviews with the old soldiers ( in the episodes they are cut short at the start ) and you can watch it also as a sort of pop up we’re they talk through the scene and what actually happened who did what who got killed as the episode goes a long . Put band of brothers up there with the wire and sopranos
  14. Farnywhite

    Keith Hill

    Did Hill sign just a one year deal when he came in ?
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