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  1. Didn’t have much to do but what he does he makes look easy that cross come shot in the second half which was heading in he got a hand to great save
  2. Followed up with a must win on Saturday and we’re back in the mix
  3. Why do we never coast a game Always hanging on or giving you a heart attack
  4. Ref and linesman doing the best for them now twats
  5. Need to win these games with the start of the season we’ve had no excuses
  6. Had all the play first half an hour now be glad to get to half time level
  7. Pete Gave Ronnie Kray a kicking when they were at broadmoor threw him about like a rag doll . https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3980332/yorkshire-ripper-peter-sutcliffe-threw-ronnie-kray-like-a-rag-doll-in-dramatic-broadmoor-bust-up/ . Watched a documentary on the Krays a bit back and they liked to put it about that was the reason sutcliffe got is eye put out out in a revenge attack paid for by Reggie
  8. Agree . The work rate kept there chances to a minimum keep most teams to a couple of chances on target and free kicks there not going to score many against us
  9. I wanted him sacked after conceding 5 at orient and refusing to drop the keeper and the team looking a total shambles couldn’t see it changing. But glad we didn’t as long as we look like we’re going the right way which we do now happy to stick with it on the ups and down 🤛. Just no more orient games 😃
  10. It’s night and day from were we were last month . Good to watch could of been better in the last 3 rd but what we are doing when we don’t have the ball closing down is the most impressive and will take us forward
  11. So you could possibly have the game stopped 10 times ( 5 per team ) say in the second half for substitutions ? Sounds shit . Then 5 minutes added on at the end for substitutions think it’s 30 seconds per substitution and whatever is added on for injuries could be 10 minutes added time 🤔
  12. Might be jumping the gun but might work in our favour to get all the shit displays out of the way with no crowd on the players back get on our game together with a full backing and no stopping us in the new year
  13. Turned out HMS piss the league was a submarine
  14. Best Bolton performance by a mile the work rate and the two backs of four was the best for years Tutte was brilliant in font of the back 3 if you watch any of the Salford attacks he broke them up . Onward and upward 👍
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