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  1. With the current situation I can see a number of pre-season friendlies featuring trialists & youth, looking forward to it, if dates & locations are good
  2. Well, he did try to sell to any chancer & it did get worse!
  3. 5 years is a short time in football! They can occasionally have they're day in the sun, but they'll always be in our shadow Give the yoof their crack at the skiprats
  4. Is the correct answer! Radcliffe, Mr Grey et al, early shout for the JBO if it lands on the Saturday, stopover for the first time in years
  5. Yes But I should have walked away at 3am & well in the black, talking to Rick Astleys backing band fooked things up & well in the red after, still didn't put a downer on a great stop over! Early morning Phone call sing alongs are the future!
  6. That Casino visit paid for the day out, was looking forward to going back
  7. Azerbaifookinjan isn't even in Europe, it's about time they were put in the Asian groupings by FIFA along with the likes of Georgia & Armenia there too, in fact, include Turkey & Russia while they're at it
  8. Did you get anything nice to eat? Or did they turn you away with you wearing your Lonsdales?
  9. Only 3? He was splashing rounds like there was no tomorrow, not to mention all the shots, the best bit though was the lap dancers later on. Cheap is good, but free is better! Contactless payment is a wonderful thing, he was tapping that card quicker than Michael Flatley
  10. For those there today, what did you think of young Earing's & Darcy's cameo roles? I was quite impressed, granted they only had 20-30 mins, but it was a joy to watch a bit of easy football, 1 touch, pass & go, then offering themselves again moving forward. They didn't seem phased & looked like they were enjoying it. Streets ahead of certain 'pros' this season, let's hope we can build on it
  11. Bury 11am ko on a Sunday , sorted
  12. Cheers for the beers 😉 Off home now, sent the feral one off, departed at ways at Sheffield.... Anything after that... Nowt to do with me 😂
  13. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet.... Lets not forget that they also refused to train for a couple of days too. The reason given, iirc, was to show support to the none playing staff that hadn't been paid? Well I'm guessing that these non-playing staff weren't taken into consideration when they decided to strike? The knock on effect of not playing against Brentford means a punishment is coming, points deduction, possible extended stay in the lower leagues.... Which could lead to lower crowds & cost cutting & job losses to the non-playing staff? Just an added thought to the players shithousery!
  14. I can understand that completely, I'm feeling the same way fwiw, so I've decided the support for the club should outway the abuse to the players, though I will be letting them know my thoughts at the end of the game, that's for certain. btw, I'm not criticising anyone that doesn't attend, folk will not be attending for a myriad of reasons, I was just hoping that we could have achieved a good turn out as fans to show that although the club is potentially drawing it's final breath & the shambles that is going on off the pitch is killing the club, the support is still strong. I'd hoped for a galvanising effect amongst the fans, but it's looking like tomorrow may be the exact opposite, it'll be an interesting day! As for the aforementioned minutes applause from the Forest fans, well they can get fooked too, pricks!
  15. They won't be getting any backing from me, I can assure you! I'll be supporting BWFC, the name on the front of the shirt is more important than the name on the back of it
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