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  1. I'm taking my own meat pies, sausage rolls & bacon butties! The dirty hippy types, eating my foods food!
  2. Yes they do, which you could argue is fine. However, getting 2 tickets for each CRN isn't fine
  3. Good shout, as long as he loses his red crayon
  4. I'll probably get an away season ticket this year, but for those that don't, I hope the club are proactive & set up an away match ticket point system before the start of the season. There'll be a clamour for certain fixtures with low allocations & those we've not visited before or not for a long time, not to mention if we are pushing for the top spots. They'll be the usual suspects looking for tickets, that rarely or never attend, would be good to see the club set their stall out early, which in turn might drive extra season/half season ticket sales & make folk commit to the new revolution. Thoughts?


    If there's a 1.5m salary cap & we can get 10k ST's then there's no reason why Adult season tickets can't be £250-£300 tops, even with concessions thrown in to bring the average ST price down, the £1.5m is already covered before advertising, sponsorship, corporate, merchandise, on day sales etc etc There's a real chance we can really kick on from this point if it's done right, exciting times ahead
  6. Exactly, there's a player in him & with the right coaching can only get better
  7. Involved in bet fixing, should be kicked out of the league 😁
  8. Sometimes it's not always solely on price point but also on supply chains. If you put all your eggs, well flour, in one basket then that supply chain (i.e. UK wheat) has a poor year or event that effects flour production, well you're screwed for a bit. Diversify your supply chains mitigates such risks


    Lets not forget that this whole lockdown business was to stop the NHS from being flooded & unable to cope. Those that are vulnerable will continue to shield, my mates Mrs has just had a letter to continue her shielding into August. Sooner or later things will have to return to normal for everyone else, though shopping, pubs, transport etc will look different for a while yet. Wearing masks in such places will continue for quite a while yet but by Sept/Oct time hopefully I can see fans back in grounds. Will be interesting to see if any spikes in R occur in a few weeks time after the pubs & restaurants reopen Saturday, even if they do, it'll be managed locally like Leicester rather than nationwide.
  10. If it was 25k to see the books there'd be no interest. 12 expressions of tire kickers
  11. Fook'em, the non-league pie eating inbred mongmonkeys Karma's a bitch 🙃
  12. We've booked into an 8 hour pub crawl round 4 of the local boozers, only 1 has specific time slots which is going to be a nightmare when everyone is sat & wanting to order their first pint there, it'll be half an hour before you receive it!
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