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  1. In fairness, that's a larger target!
  2. Same happened to me, thought I was getting over it then came back to kick me in the bollocks! A couple that were 3 days ahead of me in symptoms, on day 7 she got better, he got worse. Doctor was round with antibiotics. He's on day 12 & started feeling better, even getting up & about, 6 hours later his wife reported he was collected by an ambulance! Carry on taking it easy, it's like it comes in waves. My temperatures stopped on day 5, then woke me up at 4am on day 6. Fine again later that day. All the best, but make the call if you need too
  3. Talk of it being a weekly thing now
  4. 😂 Suffice to say the first away game after this horrible mess is concluded ... It's going to be one hell of a piss up & catch up. We might even let Lord Farquar here join us in the cheap seats! 😉
  5. That's how I started Tuesday, though I did have the cough. The temperature started late Wednesday, though it comes & goes, it's more like bouts of hot flushes & sweats, rather than a 'fever' that they mention. Everything levelled out Thursday & Friday. Paracetamol is helping for the throat & headaches, no hot flushes Saturday but they started again 4am this morning. I'm no expert, but I wouldn't be rushing back to work tomorrow if I was you!
  6. It's not supposed to be on the arse though!
  7. It's the French Army, if you walk up to them they'll runaway or surrender!
  8. Players contracts end in June, what happens then?
  9. The world's gone mad!

    Prem off

    Pinko tendencies & Holts beer have a lot to answer for in the state of how your mind works! 😂
  11. Carr's cheese & jalapeno pasties kill off the Coronavirus FACT! Get them stocked up 😷
  12. Sort your shit out! LGC representing!
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