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  1. Bet it's brass monkeys up yon tonight! Warm & toasty with beer at home Would still rather be there!
  2. Which Fonz is going to turn up though? Far too left sided for the middle of the three role though, interchangeable with Mads though. Good attacking line up with strong options from the bench, what's not to like q👍
  3. Aye, supping til silly o'clock talking to Rick Astley's backing band! 🤣
  4. Would have been a great weekender
  5. Be reet, they'll get told when they get there
  6. Not expecting a classic, not with that pitch I'll happily take a 1-0 grab & run
  7. Banana & honey! Bosh
  8. Going Live again at 9:00 https://www.facebook.com/groups/www.bwfcrg.co.uk
  9. Whitlow? There are lots lined up, quite a mixture Not just players either Stayed tuned folks
  10. For a yellow card, their name was just taken down in the book. Watch Moran's reaction, he obviously thinks he's just getting a yellow, til he's told to get off!
  11. The BWFC Remembrance Group have made a donation & raised awareness on their Facebook pages, so hopefully more will see & donate towards the just giving target. R.I.P Karl, condolences to his family & friends.
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