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  1. Current form has us at 10 points from the last 5 games & third in the form table. We play a fair few teams at the bottom of the table over the next month, if we beat those.......
  2. As the table stands, win our games in hand & it's 3 points from safety. Play offs by Easter

    1000 Up

    Is he one of the Wombles?
  4. Terrace tickets arrived Tuesday. Seat tickets arrived Wednesday.
  5. I'm bringing your Lonsdales on Saturday, do you want them in a bag? Or are you just putting them straight on?
  6. I think we're doing Plymouth a disservice saying we had an off day. I thought they played well, pressing & pressuring enough to not give us enough time on the ball. Maybe it was a combination of both. We move on.
  7. Could have been worse Could of called him Babbling
  8. Aye, with the Velcro as he still struggles with laces
  9. Popped in to pick you up those Lonsdales you requested, I'll drop them off next week
  10. The magic of the cup. 3-1 The road to Wembley starts here
  11. No surprise a manager takes his preferred backroom staff with him to his new club, though as they were contracted to us, do we get compensation for them?
  12. Leave it to the Big Lads! No excuses
  13. Don't say their names 3 times in a mirror......
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