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  1. If Southend last the season
  2. Hopefully it took it out of them a bit
  3. You could argue that True Romance was a Tarantino film
  4. I'm not into the Twatterati, but I don't think he's alone, go look
  5. Club statement: If supporters don't appear to have received their codes, they are being asked to check their spam/junk folders in case the emails have been diverted there. If season ticket holders haven't received a code, they must email ticketsales@bwfc.co.uk immediately with their season ticket client reference number & contact details
  6. I got 1 adult & 2 U18's, got all 3 codes, all same email address, check your junk mail
  7. Check your junk mail, all of mine went their for some reason!
  8. Lots of positives from tonight's performance, we'll play a lot worse than Crewe this season, when it clicks & they gel further, can see a good run coming.
  9. Spot on. Salford & Pompey playing before they've even played last seasons final! Ridiculous
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