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  1. Once saw the breakdown for the different stands attendance for the official highest attendance against Man City, not been able to find it since but I'm sure it had the embankment at just under 40k
  2. I cant help but like what he says
  3. Does he go with the same settled side again? Delfounso could do with a rest but I hate to see a winning side changed. Should hammer these, get the goal difference out the negative
  4. They'll definitely be a postcode lottery, otherwise what's the point? If there's non BL postcodes attending the game, more than likely crossing Tier boundaries, it just makes a mockery out of it all ... sorry, more of a mockery!
  5. Actually, to be pedantic, it was the time before last. Last time I got in, then there was the incident before the game with one of your boys & ..... actually not the place to talk about it 🤣
  6. It's like a punched lasagne
  7. So Meldrew was your man 🤣
  8. Surely Meldrew's your man?
  9. Really? 5 goals in 14 games whilst carrying an injury. Hope he keeps on disappointing at that rate of return
  10. Pick another prize from the top shelf
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