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  1. I use CBD oil, non-THC for my Arthritis pain. It helps but certainly isn't a cure. Preferably to the side effects of the other painkillers prescribed


    What sort of idiots would build a new ground 6 miles North of the town . . .
  3. He goes through his bins on Friday to find Saturday's team selection
  4. Only once though! Shit place
  5. I was there first time round, be rude not to be there for seconds
  6. 5-4-1? At home, leading scorer dropped Parky back in charge?
  7. Surely a great big pile of steaming shit would be quite quick & easy!
  8. Don't be comparing him to Allardyce! Another rant will be incoming Saturday 😂
  9. 😏 You need to find cheaper brasses & drugs
  10. The EBF have given a sigh of relief!
  11. Keef, why did you hide your onions behind your building blocks? Any post match rants yet? Fookin' ridiculous substitution, you clown. I've decided it will no longer be playoffs by Easter!
  12. Definitely had half of it. I was sat at the far end practically on the half way line.
  13. Let's hope they make a decision at 2pm, any further delay with a second inspection isn't fair on those travelling
  14. Keef needs to reel his neck in. This is probably the biggest gig he's likely to ever get, with the bigger gig comes bigger numbers of negative fans, same percentage as his smaller previous clubs but bigger numbers. If he's going to listen to trolls on social media, he's an idiot. If he thinks the trolls are representative of the majority & rants off like that, he's a bigger idiot. If he's got problems within the set up, he needs to change it, not air it. I'm starting to see what others have mentioned, lose & it's x y & z's fault. Win & it's all him. He comes across umbrageous, as for asking for praise? wtf is that about. Get on with the job & prove people wrong if you're so convinced that you're on course for your master plan rebuild. If you're not up to it & it's getting a bit much for you, get off the pot, leave your rants behind closed doors.
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