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  1. Never known such a flat atmosphere at the course on gold cup day
  2. Thanks for the info that's interesting to know.
  3. Bookies certainly won today but I am up so hey ho on to tomorrow (wind permitting). Sod the conspiracy theories, no way Ruby throws a Cheltenham win (twice)
  4. These are my bets 1 Al dancer (win), Fakir Doudaries (ew) 2 Glen Forsa (ew), Duc Des Genievres (ew) 3 Up for review (ew), beware the bear (ew) 4 Apples (win) 5 Benie Des Dieux (win) 6 Tower Bridge (ew) 7 Ballyward (win)
  5. At last a welcome distraction from takeovers, relegation struggles and Brexit is here.
  6. and you know this how? Basically another rumour unless you are aware of all the conversations going on between the various parties
  7. He can buy it back, points deduction could get rolled over, administration costs money we dont have, loads of people lose their jobs. Be careful what you wish for
  8. Charlatans covered it as well at Wembley on Friday night
  9. Pretty sure she is in the last second of the trailer
  10. I should have been taking my son to his first Whites game at Fulham this season. We didn't make it due to my Dad passing away the previous weekend after the draw with QPR.
  11. Yes, and James Dean was just a careless driver
  12. People moaned that money wasn't made available for ALF, people moaned when a pay day loan company offered us money in sponsorship, wonder how much moaning there would have been if ED died while still owner and his next of kin decided to call in the entire debt they inherited. Seems to me this is a case of a man in his elder years putting his affairs in order. I guess we all believe what we want to believe
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