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  1. Thanks for that valuable input.
  2. No one knows why the mystery buyer is then? That's the test of all these who act like that have some inside track, educated guesswork passed off as fact.
  3. I doubt from John Lewis, ended up on the phone to an international call centre and taking it to a service centre in Dobble. You couldn’t script it, shit.
  4. It won’t be 7.5k though, it will be another 7.5k on top of others. You can raise that sort of money with ease once, but not continually.
  5. I didn't mean you, I meant in general, people thinking we'll just drop into a league with Chorley or whoever.
  6. Erm no. As stated many times. There are proper legit clubs all the way down the pyramid. You don't simply get parachuted in. Colls are 8th tier, top of. Teams at level 9 are competing for promotion, proper budgets. There's no space at level 10 any more which is where FC United popped up. Level 11 which is West Lancs League. Even then, Chew Moor Brook have more right to that spot as top of level 12 table. Maybe level 13 with Horwich St Mary's. It's arrogant to expect any kind of special treatment over and above well run clubs.
  7. Makes us sound like a cheap prozzie.
  8. Carlos

    Go Pro

    Speaking from experience? The answer entirely depends on what you are using it for.
  9. I've never heard of either of them. But if Donaldson is on performance based pay then he owes us.
  10. Super Lobby Taylor
  11. I went past there one neet, the "karaoke" is one of the worst things I've ever heard.
  12. Really really poor to misquote people in this day and age when you can cut and paste their actual words. "but it is difficult to accept putting a further £1m into a club that does not want you there and worse still it is not safe to even go to the club." If you want to argue about it, and clearly you do, at least have the decency to be accurate. Piss poor.
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