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  1. People getting paid to write that 🤣
  2. Why put pressure on yourself by saying you'll announce at 6pm. Either you are ready to go or you aren't. The Isthmian saying 6 or maybe not 6, maybe later. There will be a couple of hundred volunteers from clubs sat waiting, ready to communicate with their support. Piss up in a brewery.
  3. Won Tatty's Tuesday quiz many a time. Green Day defo played Wigan, twice I think according to the internet. I remember Raging Kipper doing Six Pack (Black Flag), not much else.
  4. How long does it take to count a couple of hundred votes? Slower that some of the inbred states of the US.
  5. Have you seen Afghan Dan recently?
  6. Looks like people out of their depth trying to salvage their own reputations more than anything, hope to be proven wrong.
  7. I like what Paul Lawler of the Counties says: "THE chairman of the North West Counties League insists the survival of clubs is his sole motivation when it comes to planning the rest of the season" https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/18911310.north-west-counties-league-chief-says-survival-clubs-pandemic-now-matters/ The NPL mon (Harris?) had a lot to say when they launched the PitchingIn thing, been very fucking quiet since.
  8. I can't get my head around why the league wouldn't communicate that to the punters as word gets round anyway, in the name of transparency. There's no point starting unless you are sure it's going to end. Binning the league is shooting your own foot off. Who the fuck is going watching a team where the last 2 seasons have ended with no conclusion. I want to know myself as I'm shelling out for software monthly, then I'm out of storage space, do I spunk another £100 on a drive that may never be needed?
  9. I've picked up on the meeting, I think most people have by now, but someone needs to answer why Joe Public is hanging on to rumour and Ollie Bayliss (BBC) for their info. It's a clusterfuck even compared to last season. Heads should roll. The only mention of splitting the league I've heard has come from Colls people, no one else has mentioned it. If there's any accuracy in that and it meant being in a different section to Stafford, then it's incredibly bad. End it now for me, I can walk away knowing my work behind the scenes helped us to our highest ever position (no one has a clue w
  10. Laburnum have only played 2 league games, if it's a bad winter, even if it isn't, pitches won't handle being cut up twice a week then a shorter summer break to recover. You aren't getting all them games in, end of. Play the games and stream them, you may get some new fans, who knows. Knocking it on the head whilst Prem games are on tele is suicidal imo. It's a massive challenge, some clubs will come out of it better than others.
  11. Obviously everyone has fixed costs, doubt there's many under contract in the Counties so it's pay as you play. Once you go up a league, there's contracts, £x per week, if there's no get out clauses then clubs are spunking money out with zero coming in.
  12. You have to look at each club individually, South Shields are (or were!) getting crowd of 2k+, they can well afford it, not a problem. They aren't walking the league so brought in Jack Hindle from Barrow. All of Colls frontline came from clubs in the North West Counties! If you are hell bent on getting out of the league, this would appear to be the most cost effective year to do it. Most clubs have multi-millionaires at the helm, but still lack of revenue will be hurting. I think that this lockdown will cause a massive overhaul myself, I'm on the outside of the club, haven't got a scooby
  13. People’s budgets are thrown about and you hear all sorts of figures, there’s a team in our league that we beat (and who were awful) I was told were spending 7K a week. South Shields can pay enough for lads to stay up there a few days a week, Jason Gilchrist is a Scouser for example. Random stab in the dark is he’s on a grand a week, possibly more. On the other hand, many clubs have ongoing financial issues but can attract people because of their stature, Hyde United, FC United etc. I’d say 5 grand a week isn’t far off the average wage bill in the Northern Prem. Colls can’t see t
  14. Met him in Banus Linekers, downing Smirnoff Ice for fun. Got home from the weekend and was shaking like shitting dog for about a week. Next weekend, Jenas was on my tele (!) playing for England against USA. I couldn’t have brought myself to play 5-a-side.
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