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  1. Carlos


    Bought an Nebula Capsule Max. Impressed so far, I've installed Amazon, Netflix and Youtube so can just play off that rather than Chromecasting. Selling point was that you can put it on a tripod rather than a table proped up on books and autofocus is nice.
  2. If the Piemen go down, it’s a massive reprieve for one of the bigtime cunts, Stoke or the Smoggies. I’d like to see them down as much as Wigan tbf.
  3. These contracts players are under, it’s unique times, who knows what they mean. New Barrow mon may want to bring his own people in anyway. Also, Barrow have known, or suspected, they’d be in League Two for a while. Evatt will have targets already identified whereas someone like David Lee wouldn’t have. A massive plus in my book.
  4. Made up with Evatt if we can cut a deal, he’s class, but Barrow fans need to be realistic. He’s done a remarkable job to take a non-league club into League Two, it’d be a massive step up for him. I’d expect him to bring some of the players with him on the basis they are all from round here.
  5. Google nslookup website Like this for bbc https://who.is/dns/bbc.co.uk you can see a (IPv4) address
  6. Can you go in using the IP address? Do an nslookup.
  7. If we are charging £23 a game for corporate and you want good football then the Conf North is the place we should be. Think of all the new grounds!
  8. With what, 23 home league games, that works out at under £23 a game. You get a free programme, decent food, coffees, cake, (poor) entertainment... Honestly, that's underpriced. I'd happily pay £40, it's when they pull the £70 stunt it becomes particularly unattractive. Also, the people in there (not Bi E and Jules), need to recognise they aren't the big time backers of the club when they are putting little more than most ST holder in, and getting far more for their money.
  9. As a law abiding tax payer, I'd be totally happy if every company just paid their taxes, no dodges, no cash in hand work, accountancy dodges, offshoring, whatever. But fair play to Ikea.
  10. I've watched Barrow for 180 minutes and worked with Lewis who is quoted in that vid, never thought they were Barcelonaesque, they have a lot of possession but vunerable on the break and beat Colls with a freekick and a pen.
  11. Colls played Barrow this season, our manager had just got wed so Evatt brought him a bottle of champers. Class act. However he put out a weakened team and should have come unstuck but for a referee sending off our striker for celebrating a goal that put us 2-1 up after not sending off a defender for hauling him down. Ref assessor said it was a red. Our fanbase wouldn't take that well. Barrow is a funny club, all the players are from around here and they train near Accy. I don't know much about the conference but players were on good money.
  12. Carlos

    Keith Hill

    "Chairman of Bolton Wanderers Football Club, Sharon Brittan, said: " So they've not gotten rid of the Chairwomen? 🤷‍♂️
  13. Carlos


    I've had a look and it looks a right faff. Big tele it is!
  14. Carlos


    Has anyone got any experience of projectors?
  15. I use the messenger a lot, the site is fucking shite. One of the worst things in the world, every group you get added to gets invaded by some right-wing gammon or PC wet wipe. Then the Facebook know-it-alls... Used to just be "experts" in parking law etc. (they aren't), now in the lockdown era, it's even worse, experts in everything. Fuck off pal. Twitter is fine as it's tailored to you, stick to what you like, avoid the trolls. Insta also fine, as it's mainly images.
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