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  1. Tobacco soles... Fuck that.
  2. Week starting 2nd Dec for this, so likely Tues 3rd?
  3. Widders used to live in building next door, don’t know if he still does?
  4. Oh entirely, but 145 years of history makes us a proper club irrespective of whatever some carrot crunching neverhasbeen may think.
  5. Is Mark Little really claiming Bolton Wanderers aren't a proper club? Fuck me, that's a biggie.
  6. Get in Dame Hilary Stonefrost.
  7. Carlos


    Especially with all the growth hormones in it 💪
  8. That's cheered me right up... Ossett Town were a bunch of twats. Meanwhile Albion were the most violent side I've ever seen.
  9. Ossett Town don't exist anymore. Problem sorted.
  10. You aren't from Bolton if you haven't been nonced up by a teacher. We had the option of being touched by Mr Donley at Moorgate or twatted by Mr Smith at Tonge Moor.
  11. When I went, there was a Sharrock who liked looking at the girls in the changing rooms. Is all I'm saying.
  12. Carlos

    Season Tickets

    Got to be said, the club has explained the problem but don't seem to have actually apologised. Appalling really.
  13. I'm guessing having 21 indie MPs with the Tory whip removed doesn't help Boris much in this instance?
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