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  1. You can but clearly it's a ridiculous comparison. I can spend all evening reeling off why. We got in to Europe and on TWO occasions there was barely over 10,000 on. Look at the crowds in 96/97 when we FUCKING WALKED THE LEAGUE (and Burnden Park was always packed to the rafters), regularly around the 15K mark. We won promotion against QPR in front of under 20,000. FACTS.
  2. You can't compare 1976 to the present day. It's gone. In between that we've had sub 4k crowds. In the league we are in now.
  3. There is an element of going stir crazy, when presented with a further 6 months lockdown on top of local issues. Luckily, I've got space in the house and garden and a cracking view of the hills and golf course. Must be fucking awful living in a flat, in shared accom or with someone who is a cunt.
  4. But the Belgians though. They can't even decide which language to use. Fuck off.
  5. Folk need to stop listening to the opinions of people who just happen to present a radio show, you may as well post screenshots of Whatsapp messages from Dave from the pub. They are no more or less qualified or valid.
  6. In which case, I hope we draw one of them. Shithousing our way to Wembley!
  7. FA Cup draw tomoz, Conf North teams who aren't playing as they are "elite sport" are in it. Potentially Colls draw Chorley but at theirs it's behind closed doors or at ours there's 600 on.
  8. Had a drive up St Helen's Rd last night, folk wandering in to the shit shops there, not a mask in sight, hands being shaken etc. Let's be honest, had they worn a mask or not makes no odds when they are shaking hands. The narrative needs to change.
  9. Email Billy and ask if they want jelly and ice cream or ice cream and jelly.
  10. The Conf North and South being classed as elite sport has killed me off, what a joke. You can't watch Curzon Ashton but all the NPL clubs in the league below can have 600 in. Work that one out. Gonna be some serious issues.
  11. Everything Chris Whitty says is being peer reviewed by our most eminent medical people, the very people we're led to believe will be producing this vaccine even. Yet bloke on the internet without a GCSE in Biology knows better. Hilarious. He may be wrong, they might all be wrong, but fuck me, Denise Welch in the house.
  12. Totally agree. Absolute nonsense.
  13. It's fucked up that 250 can head over here from Scarborough when their home games (and Whitby) are behind closed doors because of Covid. Why you'd want to come to one of the country's hotspots is fucking beyond me, but no one has put any restrictions on travel.
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