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  1. Gathered round a shit moped, acting hard.
  2. Hi Carlos,

    I've tried to send Chris Custodiet a message but when I hit send it says he doesn't accept messages on here anymore. Do you know if he's still around, or how I might be able to contact him ?

    I'd appreciate it if you could forward my email address to Chris if you still have his details.



    1. Carlos


      Hello, he hasn’t been around here for a while, I don’t have his details due to GDPR and all that, sorry.

      I believe he is involved in the Lancaster Whites, in what capacity I don’t know.

    2. Blackrod Bob

      Blackrod Bob

      Hi Carlos, 

      Thanks for trying for me, that's appreciated, I'll see if I can contact Chris at Lancaster Whites.






  3. If we are just naming trainers after posters on here then how about Adidas Little Whitt, Made in GERMANY?
  4. The cunt lives in my tele, I should charge him rent.
  5. You have to queue up Manny Road to get them.
  6. Nearly 10 hours later, not a single symptom. Slightly concerned about the 1 in 1000 having a droopy face, but like you say, lesser of 2 evils.
  7. If you gave me a car made in the UK, I'd trade it in for a German one asap before it rusted away. Shiter than Dazbob's Alfa.
  8. He needs to change the BN bit on his account name in the very least to ex-BN.
  9. Done my 15 minute stint at TM. Like clockwork.
  10. I'm going off the BBC, draw your own conclusions. For me, there's nothing to suggest the £ is weakening or strengthening. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/topics/cx250jmk4e7t/pound-sterling-gbp
  11. Just turned 50, scary as it sounds. I get the impression it's largely dependent on how your GP is getting on, Harwood must be allocated fucking loads as everyone is old. A few don't want it and bingo.
  12. Being jabbed this week, benefits of being old.
  13. This is the Dollar weakening by the looks of it, not the £ strengthening, which is the implication when you post it in the Brexit thread. The £ is nowhere near pre-referendum levels when compared to Euro or Yen.
  14. I remember getting a silver jubille coin in 1977 worth 25p and spending it in the pie shop.
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