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  1. The tackle came in when the ball was in another time zone, awful, anyone would react. We've had players sent off for being a split second late, inconsistency. That's a red in pub football, but not last night! Our keeper got booked during penalty shoot-out for not giving the ball to the ref immediately. What a nobjockey.
  2. He used to go to Bolton games with the Tonge Moor lot, I had a chat with him about it. Only a matter of time...
  3. Not when the defence and keeper were also pissed. Along with the referee.
  4. Every fucker thinks they are a forensic accountant just because they can google Companies House. Basically.
  5. Massively naive from Iles or whoever, aligning themselves with such a plonka.
  6. Was discussed elsewhere, pure shithousing from Tony Ambrose of Blackrod.
  7. Sort of thing you'd see on here.
  8. Met Nat lots of times, from Junior Whites when he was letting us try on his England caps. A genuine guy who was interested in other people and liked to talk about life rather than football.
  9. I'd exclude anyone who writes an open letter. Full stop. Two bob cunt.
  10. Some cunt has picked a great day to bury the HS2 news, shame people are aware of this shithousing tactic.
  11. It's worth mentioning that the march started this morning, and headed away from the original site. The people I saw left at the protest site were not part of the march. So MEN pictures where they've selected ones with any fit women in aren't representative of the hard core swampies.
  12. I can't really forget to look at the majority of them when I was specifically looking for any normal people among them. They 100% are people who protest about everything, lacks any impact, which is sad.
  13. They are parked up near us, I'm entirely with them in principle. HOWEVER, they are still a bunch of scruffy cunts, it really just is rent-a-mob hippies, looks like Glasto down there. One cunt in an 18th century army jacket and mirrored Docs. Fuck off back to Somerset you cunt.
  14. People don't care about facts, it's more about cock waving to inflate their own egos.
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