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  1. Carlos


    Radders is a cow field, they already play academy games there. Not a chance in hell it'd take more games. Rammy is a shit pitch too. Teams would be signing their own death warrants.
  2. I'm running a book, 1/100 Tez and Mez are reappointed.
  3. I think it's the reverse of emperor's new clothes, I wouldn't be seen dead in new trainers (other than SPZL). Currently wearing a fucked in pair of Bermuda from 2016 which I think are one of the last pairs I bought.
  4. Souness put the kettle on.
  5. I don't know the ins and outs but an agreement, by definition, requires all parties to agree. Otherwise it isn't an agreement.
  6. I’ve only ever been 3 times, twice was for gokarting. Complete non-entity of a place.
  7. You put them under contract to stop your local rivals from offering them £20 a week more, not to deny lads their dreams.
  8. I'm not entirely an expert BUT... Who says he's under contract? Even if they are, it will only be until April. Fee wise in that case, you are talking four figures max. In reality, you let them go and take in on the chin.
  9. "must be under contract". Erm not really.
  10. When a young lad gets released from a league club they have two choices; they can get stoned and play FIFA, boring on about how they could have made it or you can go out and play men's football. The non-leagues are fucking brutal, respect to everyone who puts their body on the line for £20 a week. I hope he can prove whoever let him go wrong.
  11. He's signed from Step 3, Level 7, same level as Atherton Colls. His scoring record is unreal. I've not seen anyone anywhere near that apart from Tunde from Radcliffe Boro/FC United.
  12. Most deluded football club I’ve ever encountered. I still can’t get my head around it.
  13. Oldham are fucking shit, I'm not convinced he can make the step back up.
  14. Not just pans for me, all sorts of baking trays too. I'm Pyrexual.
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