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  1. Carlos

    Radio Manchester Fans Forum - Wednesday 16th January

    I've still got resect for him as a goalscorer, drinker and shagger. Not so much as a businessman, payer of his debts and financial commentator!
  2. Carlos

    Radio Manchester Fans Forum - Wednesday 16th January

    What a crock of shit, a 56 year old "man" saying it's never been this bad; someone who lived through relegation to Division 4 (and the first half of that season). Former Gresley Rovers (2001) manager stating that our team is set up wrong People swallowing this horseshit at fact.
  3. Carlos

    Counter resistance to the protest march.

    I'm disappointed that you haven't bootlegged a few to sell anyway!
  4. Carlos

    Non League Chatter

    £2 off next Sat if you show a league club season ticket.
  5. Carlos

    Counter resistance to the protest march.

    There's people that mentally deficient they seem to think this is real. Goodf luck to them in life, they'll really fucking need it.
  6. Carlos

    Sweaty Ken

    There's people out there who look like they live on pasty barms and full English breakfasts who genuinely think Super John is a credible critic of Ken. Jesus wept.
  7. Carlos

    Sweaty Ken

    Erm no.
  8. Carlos

    Sweaty Ken

    Fuck off with your facts.
  9. Carlos

    In Or Out Again

    I think if people stopped getting their politics from Facebook, we'd be in a far better place.
  10. Carlos

    BT and BBC televised FA CUP games announed

    Every one apart from Accy is in London. Fuck knows.
  11. Carlos

    Sweaty Ken

    Stadium ban isn't (really) a problem. The criminal record and having to hand your passport into the cops every time England play may be.
  12. Carlos

    Sweaty Ken

    I can't see why people are taking what the FGR bloke says as being gospel. Raising money for the ST, not seen one person question the wisdom of this. That's Twitter for you.
  13. Don't post entire articles FFS! They've got like 3 rules...
  14. Carlos

    Sweaty Ken

    Forest Green are away at Oldham on Saturday, not even Bolton fans in Gloustershire will be going to their home game.
  15. Also, I suspect people are reveling in the exposure, which is all they really want. Clickbait dickheads in it for themselves.

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