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  1. Carlos

    Taken over?

    I wasn't aware we'd been asked.
  2. Carlos

    Taken over?

    We were fucking awful against Forest, Ameobi was shameful. I’d take a look at Craig Noone for the Colls, rest of them wouldn’t get a sniff.
  3. Carlos

    Taken over?

    No vinegar is the act of a deviant. Even Howard will have a drizzle of balsamic.
  4. Carlos

    Taken over?

    Clearly some whopper posting from K2, not Lee.
  5. Carlos

    Taken over?

    Howard, do us a favour love and close the door on your way out. PR isn’t a trade, it’s made up bullshit.
  6. Carlos

    Taken over?

    We had 25k+ on 11 years ago v Atletico, kids for a quid or whatever. Where are they now?
  7. Carlos

    Taken over?

    There isn't a plot.
  8. People who can’t spell privilege?
  9. Be fascinating to see where he ends up. Benchwarming in L1 with Zach Clough is my thought.
  10. Now is the time to enjoy what we've achieved. I can't speak for anyone else but I'm done, energy wise, utterly wiped out. It's hours of work every day behind the scenes.
  11. Carlos

    Taken over?

    Bassini looks like a fat Phil Gartside.
  12. Carlos

    Taken over?

    It's as bad as when that 14 year old kid took over Aldershot. A man who can't even afford a pint down the ESLSC...
  13. Carlos

    Taken over?

    Shots fired at the ST
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