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  1. Saw first 60 mins, all a bit pedestrian, Pringle looked decent.
  2. Playing Al-Ittihad behind closed doors tomoz according to their twitter.
  3. Carlos

    Taken over

    Gaz Madine in League One, he was getting shit loads of abuse at Wimbledon away, scored with a miskick. Absolute shit.
  4. I’d shag Jo Whiley until my nob fell off.
  5. I’ve been to plenty of festivals and watched them back on tele, I can’t think of one time when it’s captured what I experienced. Two separate things. The fact the BBC keep repeating stuff is bullshit when there’s so much stuff they could be showing.
  6. Carlos

    Taken over

    New interest from billionaire South Korean Lee Ander Son.
  7. Carlos

    Taken over

    That's what Howard said! Must be true.
  8. Carlos

    Taken over

    No such thing in the internet era.
  9. Seen a map overlayed onto manchester, covers Victoria over to Deansgate and up to Piccadilly.
  10. Festivals abroad are cheaper than this shit, fact.
  11. Carlos

    Taken over

    People with a sense of self-importance that they are contacting the administrators themselves for an update is a new low. The fact they've got public with a press release from a media company who know fuck all themselves is embarrassing even further. What a clown.
  12. BWFC gonna be that team asking for friendlies and going halves on a 3G at Ladybridge.
  13. Carlos

    Salfod Citeh

    Salfod playing at Colls on Monday 1st (next week).
  14. All three will be in sales in 3 months.
  15. Carlos

    Taken over

    As if someone at the club, above the tea lady, would pass information that could impact their livelihood on to someone on a Facebook group. That's how fucked up this whole situation, people believing shit because they haven't heard anything for a full fucking day.
  16. Otzumer still wouldn't get a game under PP if that was our squad.
  17. Colls will be away at Pyongyang City that day.
  18. As if Farage is actually a snowflake himself.
  19. Carlos

    Taken over

    Club shop just selling Donnay socks. I'm in.
  20. "Common values", I'm guessing Liz has never grabbed another woman's pussy.
  21. Big E is light on his feet.
  22. Carlos

    Taken over

    I clearly don't believe that. I've made our stance clear however.
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