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  1. I've had a look out the window and it doesn't look like a bank holiday, in the same way that the first few days did. Then again, people still got their grandkids visiting. There should be a filter at the hospital, have you been a silly cunt Y/N?
  2. This is why football players are generalised at being thick as fuck, Hancock was asked a question specifically about footballers, so he answered it. "He’s just picking on an easy target." No he's not. Thick cunt.
  3. Every time a footballer fucks up, they roll wheel out this roll model bollocks. Some arrogant cunt being paid more a week than genuine everyday heroes earn more a week shows how broken the system is. They can redeem themselves by donating a massive chunk of their earnings during this time, not a token 10k here and there (which they won't do). Then when it's all over and they drive past you in their chromeplated Lambo, it should be the law that you have to give them wanker signs.
  4. I've just looked him up: Ridley was chairman of the UK bank Northern Rock from 2004 to 2007, during which period Northern Rock experienced the first run on a British bank in 150 years. Ridley resigned and the bank was bailed out by the UK government leading to the nationalisation of Northern Rock.
  5. I want to know, technically, how do you test for something that 3 weeks ago was unique to Chinese bats? And how many million of these tests are you supposed to have in stock? Where do they come from and lastly who does the testing?
  6. Dr Will Jones is a maths graduate with a PhD in political philosophy. Not the kind of doctor you need. Half our office has a PhD, I wouldn't listen to them either.
  7. I went to Morrisons at 7.45 last night, straight in and out, everyone keeping their distance apart from one dumb fucker stood in middle of isle on their phone. No need to go now until I'm out of fruit.
  8. I’m not having it. He’s been doing the round for a few years, cleaning windows of the old dears around here, it’s a decent business. Going from one OAP to another collecting cash is about the worst thing that can happen. I’m assuming they aren’t all bitcoin savvy. Could be there’s no customers left in June anyway. Plus what are folk needing money for? The shops are all shut,
  9. I don’t know about cunts but far too many people are just cracking on with life, some clown out cleaning windows this afternoon... I know it’s your job, and you can’t do it from your house but ffs knock it on the head for a few weeks. Some cunt riding a horse round Harwood, lost for words.
  10. I'd shoot them, snipers on the moors.
  11. Myself, I think there will be the wave they anticipated, this will be the daft cunts in Farnworth sat outside the chippy on their mobility scooter and then going to the pub for a lock-in or having a bbq with the bouncy castle set up.
  12. I suspect as much, I'm hoping mine will be further down the line as I'm not ramming myself on a tube carriage full of skanks. They've had all the country's investment so they can look after themselves. Northern Powerhouse shit connectivity working in our favour.
  13. He needs to get a grip, it's a nice set up, but a marquee that serves beer spanning half the length of the pitch ain't going to cut it in the league. Suck it up.
  14. PMs are nowt to do withe me. I think you can only store about 10 or something then your inbox is full.
  15. Carlos


    With football from step 3 to 6 being voided, I don't think the NWCFL will be taking new teams in next season, with there being no promotion. Not sure where this leaves AFC Bury. Manchester League maybe?
  16. The best thing anyone in the US can do right now is make a boat and get over to Cuba. Full churches by Easter, ok pal.
  17. Surely it's enough to say it was on whatsapp so must be true?
  18. People in my street working from home etc., then the fucking grandparents rock up and join in the fun. Be dead soon...
  19. Asmus. They’ve stopped now. Atkinsons was empty when I rode past yesterday.
  20. Freeze milk in ice cube trays, sorted.
  21. Emergency booze supply is a bottle of Aperol.
  22. Emergency milk reserves are 2 packs of Tassimo milkers. Farm up the road are dropping off £25 of meat. I like the idea of less processed shite.
  23. I reckon I can go a month, loads of pasta, rice, coffee, all the essentials. Milk and fresh fruit and veg are the only things I'd struggle for, once longlife stuff is gone.
  24. One drive through Breightmet shows that fuck all has hit home, people on motorscooters, out for a ride and a smook.
  25. I'm growing my ponytail back, old skool!
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