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  1. maje

    Bar on Bridge Street late 90's

    Heroes and liberty’s was on bank street.
  2. Bolton blondie definitely is
  3. maje

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Unless he’s already spoke to a few out of contract players?
  4. maje

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    She’s just got one massive one. Calls it lee
  5. maje

    Cars. The hassle begins

    If you are buying used get it before end of month. Best deals to be had then as sales managers just want them out the door to get their sales figures up. I work in a prep centre in a big car supermarket and it’s my busiest time month end.
  6. maje

    Mother and her kids in Little Lever

    To be fair they moved from a terrace to a semi. fuvking disgusting headline about this on Ben website at moment. Making a story about the family being known to social services. And? So fucking what. A family have lost their lives and the Ben want to drag their name through the mud just to get clicks on their shit website.
  7. maje

    FA youth cup

    Friends grandson played last night. Set one of the goals up. It was also his 16th birthday so probably not quite ready for first team yet ;-). Has just signed his first pro contract though.
  8. maje


    And when I worked at a little woods warehouse. One bloke came in wearing scruffs and told his boss he needed to finish early for something. That afternoon told his boss he was going to get changed before he left and walked out wearing le coste t-shirt designer coat and jeans and a brand new pair of timberlands (it was 20 odd years ago) all off the warehouse shelves.
  9. maje

    Officially Christmas

    Price 33/1 with bet 365 in the better half of draw (can’t play van Gerwen or Anderson until final) and in form. That’s where my each way bet has gone. But I do agree he is a c**t
  10. maje

    Officially Christmas

    Oh dear. Hope you didn’t put too much on?
  11. maje

    Tv Shows

    She is back in it as Alice. Just read the prequel book to the first series as well. Very good. It finishes right where the very first episode begins.
  12. maje

    Turkey Hols?

    Went to oludeniz this year and loved it. Loads of nice restaurants lovely beach and if you do want a little bit livelier hisarounu is a short taxi ride away.
  13. maje

    Early Doors

    It worked!!! Cried laughing. Was brilliant. Hopefully it will be released on dvd.
  14. maje

    Used Motor, Second Car

    I work at a large car supermarket type of place and yes most of our stock is from auctions. Also part ex’s and ex rentals and mobility cars. You will get cheaper deals from the auctions but when we get them we give them a full mechanical check. Fix any issues and do any bodywork needed on the car. With these prep costs and obviously a bit of profit on top you are generally getting a better condition and well serviced car for the extra money at a dealer.
  15. maje

    Roxanne Pallet

    An ex of mine works in P.R and has worked with her. She mentioned on Facebook the other day that she was a bitch but wouldn’t go into detail.

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