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  1. Think the idea was to make it as high-quality as possible - I've no idea why Periscope isn't being offered.
  2. Hopefully the meeting tomorrow will put an end to all that
  3. You're right Mr BAKED - am not putting myself forward to be voted in for anything. I just want to help BWFC and I see the Trust as being a good way to do that.
  4. I understand that filming was in place but then the company involved pulled out.
  5. I'm in favour of the trust being set up, and have helped spread the word, but am not involved or putting myself forward for any posts in the Trust
  6. Vela barely played in the PL, so it's generous to give him that credit. Mark Davies has been a perennial 'what if' player for nigh on six season now. I know which of the two I'd rather get shut of
  7. She was the best thing in the whole caper. Really good - like a fitter Keira Knightley, and one that can act too. Overall thought the film was really good. Few nitpicks but can overlook those. Can't wait to see it again.
  8. Told this tale before elsewhere : Was in Florida with the ex. Was watching BBC World Service at about 2am on the telly and the ticker at the bottom said "Kevin Nolan looks forward to working with Sammy Lee" and I thought "hmm, that's odd, cos he already does" - the next day I rang home to double check and was told the news. Didn't enjoy the rest of the holiday. I still don't think we've recovered from it
  9. Good thread this. Same as DannyG - am at my desk all day so it's easy to just veg out, so back to sticking to main meals only with a 30min brisk walk at lunch........
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