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  1. Elvis

    Chester evening out.

    Get yourself into the Grosvenor Hotel for a few G&T’s
  2. Elvis

    Brentford away

    Looking forward to this little trip
  3. Elvis

    Brentford away

    He’s always aggressive
  4. Elvis

    Holidays 2019.

    30 Deg in St Lucia today
  5. Elvis

    Car Leasing

    Thanks. I will get in touch with them
  6. Elvis

    Car Leasing

    I’ve sold my camels. Anyone got any good recommendations or know of any good deals going? cheers.
  7. Elvis

    Bolton v Roverrrrs

    I’m back for this and buying a ticket ! COYWM
  8. Elvis

    Holidays 2019.

    We are doing the Caribbean thanks to Mrs Meldrew. Love the place
  9. Elvis

    Official Rugby League Thread

    Not the same game it used to be
  10. Elvis

    Holidays 2019.

    The sports bar in the Movenpick on JBR was our local for a while, until it became the hub for hookers. I never noticed until the Mrs pointed them out to me! Great brunch in the Talk Restaurant,and the hotel in general is good. Many hotels on JBR to go at. Lived in the Marina for 3 years. if anyone wants any info get in touch
  11. Elvis

    Holidays 2019.

    Does no one fancy Dubai. Weather is perfect up to end of April. Admittedly, food and beverage is a little expensive, but you can navigate around this with various Happy Hours.
  12. Elvis

    West Indies Tour 2019

    Any suggestions for an itinerary? Thinking of spending 4-5 weeks over there. Would like to see one or two days of a Test Match, one or two ODI and a 20-20
  13. Elvis

    Reading Away

    Priscilla’s getting the outfit ready and making breaky. I’m all shook up Looking forward to it. COYWM
  14. Elvis

    Dirty Leeds

    BEIN Sports for me

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