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  1. Waderers Waderers Waderers, Waderers Waderers Waderers............ I’m caught in a trap 🎤
  2. In Thailand right now and loving it. Need to plan more trips to this part of the world
  3. Never forget Peterborough. Hope all is well mate!
  4. We have Parakeets in our garden on a regular basis. They roost in Alkrington woods which is not far from us.
  5. Looking for someone to resolve some damp issues. Middleton area. Cheers
  6. Elvis

    Season Tickets

    Think there was a problem on the M61?
  7. She was leading the chase
  8. Not long now before the clocks go back. Hate the thought of it going dark at 4pm, but once you get used to it, it’s not that bad. it's about time they abolished moving the clocks.
  9. i started in WSL behind the goal, then moved to ESL (half way line) and now in WSL close to away end with the Ant Hill Mob. All good seats to be fair.
  10. So where is your seat. What is it close too?
  11. Aloe vera from the local reggae man supplied in a rum bottle did the trick for me in Barbados. It did smell rather vile though
  12. Not the best kit i’ve seen, but just glad to see the club getting back on it’s feet.
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