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  1. Butter on a burn 🥴 vinegar on a bee sting rub a gold ring on a stye dock leaf on a nettle sting Bread poultice on a boil and wash your hair in beer and vinegar to make it shine all courtesy of my neighbour Mrs Lowe who would now be 122 years old and the best of all which is not a myth but a fact peeling a hot boiled egg tap to crack shell peel under running cold water find the membrane then peel thru the membrane and running water works with all eggs , even quails eggs which are notoriously difficult not tha
  2. Who cares sod em its supposed to be English Premier League How many English men in the so called top 6 let them bugger off And let’s get back to a proper league not owned by foreigners, not played by foreigners I dream 🥴
  3. I agree in our best seasons we’ve always had a great goalie Shamus, Brannigan, Jussi Command from the back !
  4. I’m still stunned with lookalikey Pee Wee Herman / that horrible man who does the sofa add who couldn’t string two words together in the F1 interview with Johnny Herbert Owen Wilson. 🙄 good luck to matsuyama
  5. I remember him flying in on a helicopter to Deane Grammar in 1975 I think , to present duke of Edinburgh awards top man, sadly underrated we'll not see his like again
  6. Perfect A privilege to watch him play We’ll not see his like again
  7. He wasn’t a copper was he? he was some arse doing some political waste of time job or have I got it wrong certainly not a beat cop and I have total utmost respect for our community police officers and the proper police force
  8. From a women’s point of view, most men are decent its up to you guys to protect your wives, mums, sisters, daughter , nieces etc you know who the offenders and potential are and keeping schtum because he’s one of the lads aint right
  9. If you watched Luke Harvey on itv on saturday, I felt for the little guy, he was intense, emotional and furious but had to control his anger as on National tv He totally epitomised how anyone who is or has been involved with horses felt and how angry and disgusted we all are words really can’t describe
  10. I am stunned that he has only been given a 12 month ban with six months suspended the swine should never be allowed to work with horses again All the trainers and stable staff and jockeys I have met over the years will be mortified with his behaviour and god help the b@st@rd if he ever comes face to face with Mick Easterby , coz Elliot with be eating his own gonads
  11. Another great one but from eighties merry Christmas mr Lawrence sakamoto the most haunting music
  12. I’ve always had cats all with daft names tiddles was the first but when my last two went 10 years ago one on the road and one just walkabout , it broke my heart Now I’m allergic , how does that work just keep fish now ,and stupid as it is , they’ve all got names. but I miss that independent, arrogance of a moggie So now I just feed the strays that wander into my garden and what annoys me most, is we have an abandoned scratty looking Maine cat , he’s huge , he’s that big he sets off the security lights , that someone has paid a lot of money for and don’t
  13. If you want to private message me i have a family police officer who’ll do the work for you sorry but I have no idea how private message works
  14. I think you can report covertly at local police station and maintain your anonymity just voice your concerns and if you’re worried and have noticed , that says to me there is reasonable concern lets be honest in this day and age most of us don’t notice our neighbours for you to pick up on it , is enough reason for me to report well done 👍
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