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  1. Had the great pleasure of meeting the guy in 76/77 when I was checkout girl at whelans ( later became morrisons) in Newport st Nearly fell of my chair those massive black rimmed glasses and a voice like molasses and a total gentleman
  2. Now you have sent me back in a time warp mr Sewell was the headmaster miss roper was class 1 (inception class today) mrs laycock and mrs rothwell who had a habit of tapping her lips with chalk if these people only knew how we remember them and what a huge influence they have had our lives its a shame we can’t tell them how much we have achieved and what simple learning skills they shared with us have since impacted on our lives I remember seeing mr worthington at the Reebok some 10-12 years ago he looked exactly the same as when he was teaching me my only regret is I never said thank you
  3. Now you’ve confused me wasnt miss bowyer at st marys primary maybe I’m older tha I thought i do remember a miss bowyer but I don’t remember taking music at secondary didnt she have fat stubby legs and always wore tweed skirts and had a mole on her chin
  4. Dear Miss Barber 🥴 she totally berated me for wearing stlletoes in school her problem was mine were higher than hers cant think about her without wondering what she’d look like with a hitler moustache god she was scary
  5. Nowt wrong with tater ash especially made with corned beef 😀
  6. Miami if your birthday is 1996 youre lying 🤥
  7. I agree but the litigation has been raised not from the hard working staff but from the administrators I’ve a lot of friends working within the nhs and they are scared, concerned and stressed because of the lack of upper management skills and experience, the total lack of organisation, over worked, underpaid, cheap foreign labour, lack of patient contact, more time spent filling in documentation and less time listening and helping the patient as my best mate says with 35 years nursing experience I am no longer a nurse , I’m a form filler 35% of her day is documetation In her words ( and she looks after the terminal patients ) how can I help them in to the next world when they are ignored in this
  8. Physics dark haired guy with glasses
  9. Casino i understand my husband lying prone on the floor or my grandkids in a car crash obviously I go for my grandkids but I’m stupefied my the amount of time firm filling With innocuous questions imo if the nhs actually got its house in order it would be great but the red tape and forms because of the “ambulance chasers” is becoming a farce i have faith in our nhs Because it should wirk and should protect the vulnerable but the pen pushers and admin bollocks drives me insane If the nhs was run by true business people who had run their own business and understand the logistics , costs, employees, it wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in
  10. And just fir the record it’s not something you can self diagnose ie I’ve put on three pounds this week more I’ve got a 1mm kidney stone or a 5 mm kidney stone it just builds until your body can’t deal with it anymore
  11. Your missing the point a kidney stone can kill you when you’ve had a history of kidney stones it’s easy to spot the symptoms /pain Unfortunately you have no idea when or how the are building and you cannot control when the “kill point” will be you can change your diet / lifestyle but if your body produces them , the chances are it always will so it in answer to your question yes an ambulance and immediate treatment is required
  12. When my husband was lay on floor with kidney stone (and believe me you are totally incapacitated) 999 and 111 were worse than useless they expected me to lift a probe 14 stone guy and put him back n a car and drive him to hospital 2 hrs to get an ambulance that is less than 10 mins away in same token traffic accident outside my house ... Seriously drunk driver... and police didn’t have a breatherlizer ambulance 40 mins .. children involved in fairness paramedics on the ball but sat in my house for 30 mins filling in details & forms And drinking tea in totally honesty wasn’t impressed I could have had 2 under 12s In my house with serious injuries
  13. Does anyone rember Mr Finch( English) never wore socks. Quite the anarchist in his day or Mr Grundy ( French) his motto was always “underline and leave a line” ?! or the Miss Marsh .. she slapped my legs with a ruler coz a couldn’t sew a straight seam or Mr Richards .. who defended me and told the school bully “ not all the best things come in small packages “ or the tiny little woman who taught english, reddish bob haircut, always wore polo necks or the Welsh history teacher ( mr howarth??) who was obsessed with Owain Glendower orvthe headmaster who looked like Ted Heath and got walloped with a snowball happy days Just rembered Mr Bristow he tied a tic a tape to a football Peter lorimer ( lufc) could kick a ball at 70mph mr bristow challenged A lad called Kevin Hibbert to try it i recall he wasn’t that far behind but he was a “toffee”
  14. Mona


    Madine 1 wanderers 2 i wish
  15. Never mind Ronnie i only know if either Schofield , Weinstein or Epstein had even looked sideways at my kids or grandkids the coffin would be the least of their problems
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