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  1. Good on ya mate Running a pub in these times is a massive challenge
  2. Or another good soccer film ”next goal wins”
  3. You need to go and find Scully on dvd archives 😊
  4. Scully how funny was this, so typical also Private schultz 🙄 harrys game . Loved this , great and topical at the time
  5. Sam circa 1975? yorkshire drama about the coal miners mark McManus (taggart) was the older Sam my grandad was a miner in northeast my mum had to shine the brass studs on his clogs every night and then collect dandelion & burdock for him to make his wine Long gone days , but they hold a special memory for me
  6. Holy Joes they were evil at hockey bruised my shins and ankles every time we played them evil witches
  7. I don’t want riots or any of the other vilification of this country i am merely making a point 3 innocent guys lost their lives and no seems to care Just like no one seems to care about the poor Bobbie who got the shit beaten out of him trying to help someone what does it take for society to care about all the innocents and the people who look after our welfare why should a criminal create a reaction that in all honesty he should be vilified for his past behaviour and not lauded as some kind of saint
  8. Casino i don’t want a riot or all the other shit i want sensibility I am not racist or papist or sexist or ageist or or any other shit tag that gets spplied i want a peaceful life with my family and friend and work associates given we enough crap to deal with in everyday life be good to each other, that’s all I ask
  9. Well aint what the BLM are doing floyd was not an innocent
  10. So how does this work three innocent bystanders are stabbed and killed by a terrorist no one objecting no one rioting no one giving the knee no one pulling down statues or buildings no one flying flags that innocent lives matter regardless of colour or creed No one seems to give a shit what the hell has our country come to ???
  11. Had the great pleasure of meeting the guy in 76/77 when I was checkout girl at whelans ( later became morrisons) in Newport st Nearly fell of my chair those massive black rimmed glasses and a voice like molasses and a total gentleman
  12. Now you have sent me back in a time warp mr Sewell was the headmaster miss roper was class 1 (inception class today) mrs laycock and mrs rothwell who had a habit of tapping her lips with chalk if these people only knew how we remember them and what a huge influence they have had our lives its a shame we can’t tell them how much we have achieved and what simple learning skills they shared with us have since impacted on our lives I remember seeing mr worthington at the Reebok some 10-12 years ago he looked exactly the same as when he was teaching me
  13. Now you’ve confused me wasnt miss bowyer at st marys primary maybe I’m older tha I thought i do remember a miss bowyer but I don’t remember taking music at secondary didnt she have fat stubby legs and always wore tweed skirts and had a mole on her chin
  14. Dear Miss Barber 🥴 she totally berated me for wearing stlletoes in school her problem was mine were higher than hers cant think about her without wondering what she’d look like with a hitler moustache god she was scary
  15. Nowt wrong with tater ash especially made with corned beef 😀
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