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  1. You'll need another X after all that real ale and pies mate.
  2. Smells the same int Spar.
  3. Boo


    That Jockish chippy sauce is just 50/50 brown sauce n vinegar, isn't it?
  4. Love that place, food is tremendous plus it's funny watching her behind the counter bollock the chefs.
  5. Bettany Hughes, the historian, great rack!
  6. Amanda Houston, ITV weather fanny.
  7. Why anyone would want to feed summat then follow it round bagging it's shit up is beyond me.
  8. Invisible man?? I'm sick of smart arsed answers.
  9. Boo


    Tbf, they've got a massive fleet of trucks powerwashing the streets and pavements. Maybe drones are for hard to reach places. 🤷‍♂️
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