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  1. £25 at asda, worth a taster.
  2. I do my own from Frosties and age it on JD barrel chips.
  3. Yes, been reopened as a cycle track, I think that the other glen tunnel may be opened up again in the future.
  4. Only the stretch from Bury to Rawtenstall could be reopened, the stretch to Bacup has Bocholt Way on the old track bed, plus loads of industrial units built on it.
  5. Anybody out there that can replace a waterpump on a Corsa? It's a little bit too much farting around for me to do at home. I have the new unit and antifreeze.
  6. Boo

    N Y E

    Not out tonight, infact not drinking too much either, working tomorrow which includes a lot of driving. All the best Guys!
  7. Boo


    All the best to you all and your families!
  8. Boo


    I still like Jo Swinsons nawks.
  9. Boo


    I love Jo Swinsons chest.
  10. Boo


    Our Pegs a bean counter, 80k? I wish!
  11. Boo


    It's ok if you're a student in Plymouth, your Uni has done it for you.
  12. Boo


    There's not enough trained construction workers to build the gaffs.
  13. Wheelied a crosser into the front of a bus.
  14. You got dust in your eye, didn't you?
  15. Boo

    Tommy Banks

    Lee? He's bonkers, top, top guy though.
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