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  1. Boo

    Norwich City at home

    Broken clocks and all that.
  2. Boo

    Norwich City at home

    We need Kevin Lynch refereeing.
  3. Aldi cashiers, slow down Janice, Jeez!
  4. Boo

    Tight Arse Valentines Day Club

    £1.79 card.
  5. Also finishing a sentence with an upwards inflection.
  6. Boo

    Town Centre Latest

    It's a pile of shipping containers.
  7. People starting a sentence with the word SO.
  8. Boo

    Transfer Gossip

    Another non story.
  9. Boo

    Bolton v Reading

  10. Boo

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    Get in!
  11. Boo

    78 Promotion

  12. Boo

    Funeral Songs

    Freebird, Lynyrd Skynyrd.
  13. Boo


    Bloody good, these rascals!
  14. Boo

    Posting pictures

    How do I delete attachments?
  15. Boo

    Todays Games

    If you can stomach it..... https://youtu.be/7QyQxCcUgqY

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