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  1. Trumped by John Gope-Fenepej.
  2. Hi Banny. It’s Jordy here. Just seen your msg about tomorrow.. I have a spare ticket for the ESL you can have for free if it helps. I’ll be going in via turnstile I around 2.30

    1. Alf Hartigan

      Alf Hartigan

      Cheers Jordy, I'm going with Digs so need two tickets together, I'd have snapped that up otherwise, thanks for the offer.

    2. whoareya?


      Ok mate. No worries. If you decide later you want it just let me know as I’m not gonna shift it otherwise at this stage.

  3. Hi, can you send an image of the print on email?


    1. maje


      No worries what’s your email. 

    2. whoareya?
    3. maje



  4. He did, undoubtedly. But never mention Rodney Jack within his earshot!
  5. Didn't seem to affect Buckley much with his peach of a cross for Noone's winner.
  6. You’ve got me! No, I trust I’m keeping my opinion balanced and fair (!) but I sincerely believe he was a poor excuse for a manager (see his record post-BWFC also) and human being, Apart from that, I don’t really mind him.
  7. You’re bang on there, Jules. There wasn’t any feel good factor by the end of his reign. Anyone saying anything to the contrary was either not there or is having memory issues (no offence if so!). The fact there was a nucleus of a decent team (albeit without a decent keeper on the books, functioning midfield and anyone to take the goalscoring pressure off Andy Walker - all rather remiss of Mr Neal) is not up for debate. It was though blindingly obvious that he didn’t have a clue what to do to fix the gaps in the team and change the mindset of the squad into a winning one - as the record books show, he was taking us backwards. Hence the anger / frustration on the terraces and why Phil Neal was no “turning point” or “good” manager (he left us, position-wise, after six and a half years almost exactly where he picked us up) - the only thing that saved us and gives Neal-sympathisers the opportunity to peddle the old “solid foundation” line was the inspired appointment of Bruce Rioch, in my humble opinion!
  8. Oh he took us down to 4th all right. And was taking us back there - finishing just 6 points above relegation in his last season, losing 3 of last 4 games, etc, etc. It’s a fallacy Neal put us in a position to build. Bruce Rioch transformed the culture and aspirations of club and imo we have him solely to thank for putting us on the up.
  9. MancWanderer also put Phil Neal in the same bracket as Parky. Ergo his rating criteria is somewhat flawed!
  10. He was booed onto the pitch for Cardiff in their game against us before Christmas. For what! Being one of, at best, a handful of players who always gave 100% in our relegation season?
  11. He needed Mick Brown to sort things out but he was absent after getting his arm stuck in his mower. Gardening leave, if you will.
  12. Andy Walker wasn't there at the time so moot point.
  13. Well of course he knew best. Do you not remember all those goalscoring records dead-eye shots Reeves and Morgan broke!?
  14. Madine has a pretty thankless task in the system we are playing. Most of the time he is holding off 2 or 3 defenders when we go long to him. Anyone who goes regularly must see this. He's getting better in the role and, though no Kevin Davies, he'll do for me.
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