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  1. Performance for me every time
  2. The issue I have with the G-wagon is that its as ugly as shit, it's not a box, its the box the car came in
  3. Pfizer yuu need 2 shots so you will have a half those doses from them
  4. Hand count as been completed in Georgia, Trump gained 1700 votes .... Biden is confirmed to win Georgia
  5. News from across the pond, pfizer will be asking the FDA for emergency clearance at the end of this week, they are hoping at being able to use the vaccine in the 2nd or 3rd week in December, but that is still dependent on the FDA.
  6. I cant see it doing your future prospects any harm 🙂
  7. hes also got rid of 2 at the pentagon, and it would seem that the head of the CIA is on thin ground too,
  8. For a man that had a whole lot of good will after 9/11, sure has pissed it up the wall
  9. over 180k new CV19 cases today in the US Time to batten down the hatches again
  10. the Covin task force last week for the first time in 5, hardly putting the virus front and center, they are also not helping by not allowing Biden and his transition team to see what they have planned for the distribution of the vaccines
  11. And in the same logic he can't expect any praise for the vaccines then, at the end of the day Boris and Trump are at the top of the tree, they are in charge of their various countries and as Trump should now being a businessman the buck unfortunately stops at the top wither it as anything to do with you are not, that's the responsibility you take on
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