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  1. Bit harsh when we never had the chance to play Barnsley last year.
  2. Almost certain if we avoid a further points deduction and we start turning draws to wins
  3. Are they old enough to be out on there own?
  4. Matty


    Is it not the bottom 3 that go down so in effect it’s 17 points from safety as Accrington are on 6 points?
  5. I was only able to renew one seat, according to my history the other renewed earlier today. I have emailed to check that both have now renewed
  6. Cracking effort that. Just waiting on the season tickets now.
  7. If they can reunite everyone and stabilise the club they’ll do for me.
  8. Exactly. Nothing anyone does is likely to affect him in anyway through these restaurants
  9. And some other ones. None of which appear to be motcombs that does appear to be his sons who had nothing to do with Bolton. I may be wrong though
  10. As much as he’s a cunt. Fake bookings may put livelihoods of staff members on the line when real bookings can’t be taken. People who have had nothing to do with this and are just like the people in the club shop if you want to compare. Just lowering ourselves to his level
  11. Matty

    Take Over

    I wish them well for the future but stop putting reviews on my sons restaurant as it’s affecting our livelihoods
  12. Matty

    Take Over

    Time for season tickets and some signings
  13. Matty

    Take Over

    He was last time as well, here’s hoping
  14. Matty

    Take Over

    Nope the company(s) that now want them. It’s not like this has come as a shock to anyone. The MPs need a lot of credit seemed to have done as much as they could do.
  15. Matty

    Take Over

    Where have they been the last 6 weeks or so though.
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