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  1. Matty


    Sell out after the signing of the takeover contract is promised to happen on the centre circle at half time.
  2. Matty

    Take Over

    Isn’t it mentioned somewhere that he couldn’t pay the £199,999 due to the accounts being frozen? Not sure if this plays any part in it. I assume not.
  3. Matty

    Take Over

    If that’s the case they can get it all signed this afternoon
  4. Matty

    Take Over

    There’s nothing he could put in the middle. I’m sure he’s typing at the moment to give an update.
  5. Matty

    Take Over

    I’m half tempted being only round the corner
  6. He’s still planning on going
  7. Matty

    Take Over

    From 1030 but there were a good number before.
  8. Matty

    Take Over

    Judge Erye was hearing a very non descript injunction hearing today for ‘a company’ potentially could be our admins, but who knows
  9. Wonder if the EFL have been in contact yet over it to find out what’s going on
  10. Matty

    Take Over

    Shall we put the bunting away for another few days
  11. Takes a long time to set prices.
  12. Matty

    Take Over

    It will be completed, I’d have been more worried if we didn’t play against Wycombe.
  13. Who’s paying the police and paying for the safety certificate? Would admin do it knowing they should get their money back in ticket sales hopefully? apologies if I have missed this being answered
  14. Matty

    Take Over

    Maybe he’s unsure it’s actually going to happen and knows something we don’t?
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