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  1. Marc505

    Norwich City at home

    I believe the announcer tried to cover up his appearance by introducing him as Kevin Davies.
  2. Marc505

    Norwich City at home

    I certainly don't take them seriously, they're beyond the realms of Freedman/Coyle nonsense. Even if he was just trying to spin a yarn for that blog he sounds fucking loopy. As you say, Connell coming in and being given more than a fleeting chance suggests it's nothing physical or even tactical, so something else is up. It could well be his attitude, but he must be seriously and persistently acting up if that's the case. Many of the other players Mystic Parky has bombed out in the past have had a reprieve at some stage. Bowyer said Oztumer was absolutely distraught about his move to Charlton falling through. Whatever the case, he's not happy here.
  3. Marc505

    Norwich City at home

    I haven't got an answer, it baffles me. You could look back at comments by Parkinson about his application in training, but then he's said similar about other players such as Magennis and he's had chances since, Oztumer hasn't even made the squad. But then Parkinson also said he had premonitions of Wilbraham being carried around the pitch after Forest, so I take a lot of what he says with a pinch of salt now.
  4. Marc505

    Norwich City at home

    Can you shed some factual light on the actual answer to the Oztumer question?
  5. Marc505

    Sweaty Ken

    Dick van Dyke?
  6. Marc505

    Transfer Gossip

  7. Marc505

    Todays Games

    And inflatable banger stix
  8. Marc505

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    "mate"! Probably a lurker on here actually, so hi mate
  9. Marc505

    Todays Games

    What a mad league this is
  10. Marc505

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Looks like that KA parody account has just uncovered more information about this Basran takeover via his DM than we've seen in any actual media Not sure I'm ready for another regime very active social media, but still... https://mobile.twitter.com/kenandersonbwfc/status/1095800897714692099
  11. Marc505


    YES Snyder's! Wonderful stuff, freaking hot too!
  12. Marc505

    Todays Games

    People are going to have to find other reasons not to go now To be fair, a great day for them.
  13. Marc505

    Brum away

    That's an excellent header, get in!
  14. Marc505

    Brum away

    St Andrews Trillion Trophy Stadium...
  15. Marc505

    Brum away

    Was discussing this recently, I know in the grand scheme of things many of these players are "shite", but I do wonder if as short term tools for the job at the time we could have got more out of them - especially the revolving door League One players, your Solomons, your Longs, Proctor, Keshi, Henry... Even Eaves. We'll never know.

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