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  1. Looks like Loftus Road behind that Montenegro net.
  2. I particularly like his most half arsed attempt at a rallying cry of all time for QPR.
  3. Maybe this is the next frontier of argument and infighting then; those like me on one side feeling lucky to still have a club to support at all and quite content to consolidate and take stock while we're still on life support in league 1 - and another side quickly forgetting years of austerity that still brought a near death experience, who expect our new owners to be just as reckless with their spending as previous owners to try and break back into the cash cow league as soon as possible.
  4. We might be cheap but the price someone would have to pay to transform that squad into anything remotely challenging for a hope of a play off place would be astronomical. This premier league facilities argument is about 15 years out of date for me now. Half of the 92 could claim they've got "premier league facilities". (And that doesn't include one or two actually in it!)
  5. Interesting video from before the opening of the stadium on Burnden Aces today. Discussing how it might be a bit too small for us on occasion https://mobile.twitter.com/BurndenAces/status/1109786942709755904
  6. The list of teams on a knife edge for one reason or another through the leagues grows and grows, sounds like Port Vale situation is about to come to a head too.
  7. These are definitely surreal times on here
  8. Brilliant period that, actually thought we were heading for Europe. I had the same fear about Coyle going, I remember one of the papers touting him as Wenger's successor. Wasn't he linked with Liverpool as well? Frightening.
  9. Just be glad Tomski isn't about
  10. When we'd turn Lithuania over 4-0 at Wembley in a qualifier and you'd struggle to remember a thing about it. Yet I can remember everything about our qualifying games for 98 and 2000. We're getting back to that stage, where kids will idolise everything our international players do. I love it. Preparing the ground for them standing in a beer garden in 10 years time balling that national anthem out.
  11. 4-0* *If still in existence.
  12. Not actually sure if even this would keep us up...
  13. Feels like a bit of a cop out. Theyve been seen to have done "something" about it but nothing that will critically alter the league standings in any way. Should have been 50 points with 25 deducted from all other teams in the Midlands for proximity and accent reasons.
  14. Bullying bastard as well I've read
  15. This 60 Days On The Streets isn't doing genuinely homeless folk many favours.
  16. I think if we get a refreshed (still alive at least) club with renewed optimism then we can expect another season of big followings everywhere especially if you have such a good mix of teams never played/not played for donkeys such as Wycombe, Plymouth, possibly Mansfield or Lincoln thrown in with the potential of Bury, Tranmere, Accrington, Blackpool, Fleetwood etc. In fact have a look at a potential dream 24 teams in league 1 next year based on who's there or thereabouts in L1, L2, in and around play offs to come up and it's mouthwatering. Home attendances though, it's going to be difficult unless we're winning and even then what we can attract clearly isn't enough to help running costs. Them top tiers need turning into a Normid for a start. And we need to still exist, first.
  17. I thought of this thread as soon as I saw that! And was glad he wanted in the cast. Reminds me of my fucking dad that bloke.
  18. Did you become a blubbering wreck?! I served Michael Ricketts at Middlebrook KFC once (bargain bucket). Match still hadn't finished next door, think he'd been subbed off. Gardner used to turn up on drive thru with his mates in a blacked out range rover often too. Heat magazine material, this.
  19. Some light relief https://mobile.twitter.com/CheapPanini/status/1108122105672011781
  20. I suppose could possibly overshadow all the rest of the "characters" and issues on there too if he was on. Bet it was discussed though! And Collymore...
  21. Loads of adverts is main annoyance but could definitely watch a whole series of these lot helping eachother through their issues. I'd love to see who else they approached for this. If they didn't try to tempt Gazza I'd be massively surprised.
  22. Not got Netflix now. Is it as mad as this thread? https://mobile.twitter.com/joshrfrd/status/1107411288039346177
  23. Enjoyed that, Merson looks bad in next episode doesn't he. Noticed a few younger unknown lads playing in that second game, a few of these must be struggling. (and Steve Howey who doesn't seem to want to be on film)
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