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  1. He loves nothing more than a rant..
  2. Will do a decent job there I bet..
  3. Great servant to the club. Deserve to be a number 1 though, not back up in the championship..
  4. I believe the same "business man" was bank rolling both the rugby and football team then had enough and f**ked off..
  5. cheekybwfc


    The boy has robbed a career..
  6. They didn't get a license. Books didn't balance etc.. They were paying crazy money Lee Trundle was on ?2,500 a week!!
  7. He's played in the last 3 playoff finals - get him on board as a lucky charm..
  8. Short career follow the money is his motto by the looks..
  9. It's just a glorified friendly anyway..
  10. cheekybwfc


    Sad to see him go but needs must!!
  11. As shit as he's been, I'll still be suprised if he goes
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