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  1. rip DJ- known him for years and working in town at the nat west
  2. pie consumers have sold less than 10,000 tickets ! as a result of their efforts a neutral area has been introduced
  3. we helped out this season didnt we ? sending players on loan & all the bitter tossers did was sing songs about them being from Bolton and numerous insults towards them & our beloved club so i say bollocks to em and if they bring their buckets round - shat in em !
  4. long time after me then 1973 had a massive whites following ( usually getting up to mischief ) those were the days !
  5. erm, bristol white what year did you leave raccy sec ?
  6. its usually me who breaks things in our house - usually after watching mr coyles so callled football team
  7. so , the people with the R.B.K hotel info - is he still there ? if he ever was ?
  8. maybe mick McCarthy is being a bit mischievous , by staying at the rbk whilst talking to the dingles about the vacancy ?
  9. plus , we dont know what were talking about !
  10. i read a story about gartside being approached by a fan at euston station a few weeks ago , who asked politely if mr coyles time was coming to an end ? gartside replied = another smart arse , who a johnny know all !
  11. i also have a david gray confession , his version of -say hello wave goodbye is quite good ! sorry folks
  12. as coyle seems to have a brass neck & wont do the honourable thing and walk away - he was quoted a while a ago he would only stay as long as the fans want him , well Owen your time has come & take the rest of your mates with you ! Eddie Davies is a Bolton lad ,surly he cant be happy with the situation ? sooner or later he has to tell Gartside - enough is enough - get shut !
  13. todays mail - Michael owen no club Klasnich - emptied his flat this week ( no club ) ( wants 30k a week ) N.R.C- jumped ship to early ? ( no club )
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