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  1. No major investors are coming on board while we’re under a transfer embargo. Be interesting to see if there’s a few shillings to spend next summer
  2. Far from convinced last night is a turning point. Damage limitation. 3-0
  3. Alnwick out of contract - as are Howard & Lonergan. One keeper I quite rate also out of contract is Jordan Archer. Could be worth offering any of these a short term deal
  4. Have step ladders, will travel
  5. It’s to combat Chris Taylor
  6. I wish i could be as optimistic as some of you. 9 years or so of bile has knocked it out of me
  7. I don't have sky sports so it's ifollow in silence or not bother watching. Not sure which it will be.
  8. Noticed that myself and with Cahill also playing for Palace, shows how far we’ve fallen in a short time especially as 3 of the 4 played prem for us
  9. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/john-penrose-mp-to-lead-review-exploring-how-to-bolster-uk-competition-policy it is true. Couldn’t make it up
  10. Think Josh Vela with a bit more about him and you’re not far off the mark. Went through a bad patch towards the end of Neal’s rain to the point when a sub was being made, a couple of folk on the paddock were holding up his number. Stepped up to the plate in our 92/93 promotion season, scored important goals against Bournemouth and Stoke. Never my favourite player but well worth his place in the team back then but top end of what is currently L1 was his level imo
  11. These videos in the papers of vaccines being made, would drugs companies be making so much if they weren’t getting signed off? No idea of the protocol
  12. That’s where the pressure comes from. Most folk expect to be in the ground before the end of the season. If we aren’t at least top half, patience will wear thin. in the meantime, they have to run the gauntlet via S.M
  13. Memory tells me J.T had a month/6 weeks out in Feb or March time and we had to run with both of them at the same time? What a mobile strike force
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