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  1. Dreadful match. I’ve switched over to Hungry v Croatia
  2. I’ll have a straightener with you port n brandy at 1st away next season.
  3. I dont mind Dale tbh, what’s your beef with them? That said, I can’t talk, I have an unrational hated of a few teams :lol:. They deserve it
  4. I need to upgrade my ignore to custard then I don’t see a thing from it. More boring and annoying than cheese and f5
  5. A week or 2 later thumped Newcastle 5-1, drew 2-2 with Blackpool with Mavies scoring a belter. Think it was also same November Elmander scored at wolves and Holden from a top move. What a month. I really thought we had made it. ill say it, I still like Coyle. Wouldn’t want him backthough
  6. Are they not jealous of your mullet and tache M?
  7. If Bolton cease to exist in my lifetime, I need to post this 1 more time. MEGSON OUT
  8. Ooh, you big Hardman, my dicks bigger than yours, my wallets fatter than yours. pathetic.
  9. I feel more sorry for you if I’m being honest, you have little man syndrome
  10. Now unless Howard is part of the mystery consortium, he’s never going to be 100% correct and might even be factually incorrect in some statements, I really don’t know or care but his insight has been miles more helpful than anyone else’s through this. Let him get on with it without trying to pick holes in it, he’s trying his best and I appreciate it as do the majority of us. Play nicely
  11. Did Rowett not manage Burton in L1? I had it in my mind they were top when he went to Brum and JFH took over?
  12. I suppose if you want actual promotions on their CV, I’ve got a great idea - let’s stick with Parky
  13. I’d personally want a manager with proven L1 record who might then need replacing though not necessarily if we did come up. I’m thinking Grayson, Rowett, Clough type
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