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  1. Ask Custard, the pillock knows the answer to everything else
  2. Biggish Dave


    Pretty much agree, he's far from the finished article. We should be looking to use him in patches rather than relying on him. I think he'll make it as a decent player but i'd hope not to see him more than 10 or 12 more times this season
  3. Custard is a simpleton - a wise man once told me 'you can't argue with an idiot'. He's been proven right many times.
  4. Good. The bad stuff is reserved for our former owner and family
  5. Biggish Dave


    I reckon we can nick sommat in this. We aren't a bunch of invalids playing Barcelona. Not saying it will be pretty but I reckon Hill will have them in the video room dissecting today, have them that bit more organised and they will be that bit fitter. Oxford are also that bit worse than Rotherham and we are at home. I dont rule out a win by any shape, way or form
  6. At least match fitness will have improved with these new boys (clutching at any straw)
  7. Not seen any goals conceded yet but can’t be doing Matthews any good getting another walloping. I do rate him but he needs keeping out the firing line for a bit
  8. Just seen our goal on Twitter, cracking finish
  9. They do, not long until you get it. Is it 60 or 65 at our gaff?
  10. Never me him as such but definitely one of the faces I know from awaydays. RIP
  11. Biggish Dave


    Annual pub trip to Haydock races for this so i'm out. Probably wouldn't have bothered anyway, it's a crap day out
  12. I've got a few mate who are Sunderland fans I will be meeting, always enjoy a scoop or 2 with them. Hopefully we are up to speed by then
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