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  1. At Premier league level, they could probably give up enough of their salary to ensure the rest of the non playing staff get a normal wage without it impacting on their standard of living too much. No reason why they should though. It’s down to the paymasters. Let’s face it, all they care about is the football & money side of it.
  2. Not the final but play offs and relegation was a double whammy with Aldershot. I still can’t stand Aldershot
  3. All the usual ones which are bound to get a mention but 3-4 at Blackburn and the 1-2 at O.T both stand out as being a bit special too
  4. We went down with Derek & Joe - remember them? Left Irlam at 5.30am, was in Bournemouth before the boozers opened and stopped in Winchester on the way back for a swift 1. Cant remember what time we got home but it was light and had been for a while. That is probably my favourite league match that didn’t involve promotion at the end of the match
  5. Not as gutting as all of above but I was pretty upset when Sporting Lisbon beat us. The combination of knowing what might have been and accepting we are not likely to see Europe again pissed me right off, The superbok with Port chasers afterwards didn’t half finish me off
  6. Nothing can compare to Aldershot 87 for me
  7. Plenty of knobs about trying to get one up on others. If people use their loaf, we’ll get through this soon enough. fortunately, nobody’s grassed on me yet for walking the dog at 6.30am and again in the evening
  8. Hardly touched a drop of booze since Wimbledon - I’m starting to get a chin back.
  9. Might not COVID-19 but bound to be a candidate for a heart attack. At least he’ll go with a big grin on his face
  10. Matthews comes across as a genuinely decent bloke. No reason why he shouldn’t be but he’s got a great attitude with the youngsters who support BWFC. Well done Remi
  11. If she watches C5 boxing or the BDO darts, I’m good friends with Paul Booth the M.C but I doubt that would cut it
  12. The alternative is being made redundant
  13. The advantage of dividends isn’t huge. Yes you avoid NI but over and above £2k you pay tax at 7.5% whereas an employed person pays NI at 12% A company director though doesn’t get sick pay, holiday pay etc and generally has to take more risks than employees
  14. The big grey area is what happens to dividends in the income reckoning. I watched a webinar today from our training provider, the tax expert is trying to get clarification from the government as to the best way forward. Rest assured I’ll be searching for answers because it affects me too
  15. keep battling away Swanny, I must admit, reading your posts I can’t say I’m hoping to take part in a positive case.
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