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  1. I’ve got a few Sunderland mates so delighted at having an away day up there. It’s not bad for pubs, Travelodge in the city centre and ground walking distance from the centre. A few pubs used to have pre match strippers on too - what’s not to like
  2. I don’t like Gibson, a bit of a cry baby when he doesn’t get his own way. Hope he loses the bitter bastard
  3. In fairness, middleweight has always been my favourite division to watch. Quick enough to need the skills, heavy enough to bang. Benn, Eubank sort of era really. Loved Hatton at LWW and Calzaghe at SMW. Heavys can do 1
  4. I reckon more will land in L2 than L1. They were fuckin abysmal. If I was a L1 manager, I wouldn’t want Buckley, Donaldson, Wilson, Taylor, Grounds, Dyer. I’m sure there will be a couple of others I’ve forgotten about already. Soft arses
  5. Peterborough are a funny sort of team. Seem to push the boat out every few years, gain the odd promotion then realise they are shit, bills need paying and sell everyone again. Decent piss up though
  6. Decent L1 defender but one of the players who went on strike so bollocks to him
  7. I'd argue football has to change or die. Far too much money is going to players/agents for the clubs to sustain. The majority of clubs are an owner getting bored away from going bust
  8. He signed some shite on massive wages - look in the mirror Coyle, you will see that writing on the wall
  9. Fair play to all of them. A disgrace that it’s come to this but looks promising for an end, or certainly easing, of the struggle for the staff. Can’t come soon enough for them. Respect to the football community
  10. Right then, I've been in contact with the geezer Blondi put me on to, i'm going to get the full Leyton Orient and Wrexham matches put on to DVD. I'll make a list of other compilations I have and see if there is any appetite for these transferring, the odd 1 might be missing from someones collection. Then I will need the help of @paulhanley to get them on to here as i'm useless at stuff like this. Cheers for your help Blondi, didn't think these videos would see the light of day again
  11. Southampton and Cardiff for the Preston game are the only 2 for me I think
  12. Swallowing pride comes easily if there’s a few quid in the bank to pay the bills. I’ve no problem at all accepting gifts if they fall our way right now
  13. No, that was Brentford. Both were going for promotion, we won performance of the week
  14. I’d love to help. Message sent to Blondi
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