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  1. They’ve just given the go ahead for 4 new signings so won’t be any time soon
  2. Still not on the beer. I can’t be arsed drinking in the house at the moment but I’m dying to get to the pub for a pint. I’ve had enough of this lockdown bollocks now, it’s novelty value has worn off
  3. Doing what anyone with a minge should be doing - cooking, ironing, washing up then driving very badly to the supermarket
  4. Might well be frustrating but we’ve been a basket case of a club for a few years now. I want some stability, if we sack Evatt at the end of this season, I’ll certainly not be renewing next year. Ripping up the plan every 12 months is not getting us upwardly mobile again
  5. Relax, with 3 out of the next 4 away, we’ve got a great chance to put some points on the board. Decent 1st half, sluggish 2nd. Gilks howler for the goal but at least he didn’t let it affect him. Massive lack of confidence at home. Had enough now of watching home games, they frustrate the life out of me
  6. I'd like fancy dan football and being able to go toe to toe - think back to Toddy's 97 team. Parkys dirge would bore me to tears but Coyles happy clappy stuff is also a no no. Surely we can aim for middle of road
  7. Only guessing but if Tutte struggles with 2 games a week, they will be trying to use him sparingly and ask Lee to do his job
  8. Correct, we aren't talking about needing £50m. What does it take, around £6m is it to cover current debts and 2 years running costs?
  9. You can say what you want about the way the Tories have handled this virus over the last 12 months but nobody can complain about the speed they are already rolling out the vaccine and the speed they want to get too. I think they've been a shambles to be honest but credit where its due. No doubt Rayner still sucking on willy wonka's ever lasting gobstopper will find something to kneel about
  10. I must admit, I don't miss much about the Premier league. Championship I enjoy the most
  11. I’d keep searching for that bit coin dudes password, bigger reward
  12. We have 4. I’m not really a cat lover but they don’t do any harm. The 3 girls have all been done, the boy gets his bollocks cut off next week
  13. Evatt is banned from signing Barrow’s keeper anyway but he’s probably also shit
  14. Lovely fella, the mans a legend even for those of us too young to have seen him play
  15. I've said a week or so back, we had 4 positions higher priority than keeper. Dec John and Kieran Lee have sorted 2 of them. A commanding centre half and target man would sort the other 2. I'm happy enough with Gilks so a new keeper would have to be quality to dislodge him
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