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  1. Biggish Dave

    QPR away

    Yes mate - 10.19 rattler
  2. Biggish Dave

    QPR away

    Never liked going to QPR. Out
  3. Biggish Dave

    WBA home

    Anyhow, we have a game. 1-1
  4. Biggish Dave

    Sweaty Ken

    Some empty vessels there
  5. Biggish Dave

    Todays Games

    I’d piss myself if it was announced when the team news comes out Doidge isn’t playing because he’s completed his move back to Bolton
  6. Biggish Dave

    Adrian Lewis ordering a meat dinner

    Haha, quality
  7. Biggish Dave

    Official Boxing Thread...

    Not seen the fight but went to Torres v Holt 2 in Vegas. 2 knock downs and a k.o in the space of 60 seconds, watch it on YouTube if you’ve not seen it, it was quality. Just looked it was 11 years ago now. Hell fire. We were in Vegas for the darts desert classic and this happened to be on. Great days
  8. Biggish Dave

    25 MPH.

    I’ve no problem with people driving slowly, it’s the wankers who knowingly drive in the wrong lane to cut in further down who get my goat. junction 8 on the M65 heading towards Burnley, number of times people drive down the left slip road as if to head to Padiham then carry on right round pisses me right off. Only once have I managed to hold my ground and at the right speed to force one of these dicks back onto the M65. Yes it did feel good too
  9. Biggish Dave

    FA youth cup

    I genuinely hope some of these kids will get opportunities in the 1st team but not until they are ready. Not seen much of any of them but there’s been countless times we’ve had scenarios like this, promising kids and none/very few given a chance. Lets hope this crop springs a few good uns, Christ we need to unearth a Bale/Shearer or 2 to keep the club going. No pressure lads.
  10. Biggish Dave

    Sweaty Ken

    Correct sir
  11. Biggish Dave

    Sweaty Ken

    Boooo. Chansiri OUT. Lack of ambition, sell to the ST, Chansiri’s family out
  12. Biggish Dave


    I don’t think I know him though I suspect I’d know his face. RIP Frankie
  13. Biggish Dave

    Brizzle AWAY

    Yet another good day out let down by the football. I can accept not being good enough but to get relegated not having a good go at it is really poor. I’ve had enough of the crap being served up, it’s simply not enjoyable
  14. Biggish Dave

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    About 45 min walk apparently. I’ve only ever done train to Parson Street or taxi
  15. Biggish Dave

    Baronesses coments

    Was that when Alan Simonsen played for them?

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