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  1. Cracking gig for him. Good luck to the lad
  2. Biggish Dave

    Dean Holden

    Good luck to him, deserves his chance
  3. I hope he’s right and it is many years until our paths cross. If they survive, we’re passing them
  4. He was sat in his car half way between the 2 clubs, wanted to sign for us but was pretty much ordered by Ipswich to go and sign for Wigan as they were offering a better deal. Garners wages were £2k a week higher than we were offering but I suspect Ipswich and Wigan chairmen came to their own private agreement to smooth things through
  5. How many times did we have legit US money or Middle East money supposedly looking at doing a deal. One thing being interested, another all together getting it done
  6. Ive got a sneaky feeling we might be a bit sticky for the first 5 or 6 games but once we hit our rhythm, some teams are getting thrashed. I also reckon we’ll win 10 on the spin at some stage
  7. I had no idea who Turnbull was a month ago. Same with most the players we have signed. I want players here for the journey, not the money so anyone like Turnbull can feck off and c’est la vie. i really do feel like we could have an exciting few years. Salford - might well win promotion and pay well but will always be a shitty little club. A bit like when SJM went to Bury From Shrewsbury instead of us saying they were going places. Soon changed his tune
  8. Vaughan is comparable to Delfouneso, if we were being ultra tight on Faal and say he’s only as much use as Donaldson, that leaves Novak and Clarke or Doyle and Politic/Darcy. id rather have just 2 of ours than all 4 of theirs
  9. Nobody will pay the £100k until there’s at least that amount per week off the current wage bill with close on £10m in in transfer fees to cover immediate debts. That means around 6 first team players gone and quickly Tick tock indeed
  10. I know pre seasons don’t really matter and we’ve had decent seasons after poor pre seasons and vice versa but no team ever lost confidence winning games of football, whoever the opposition is. A good workout in this heat too
  11. A lad called Brian Honour ripped us a new one that day
  12. Biggish Dave


    I was sub a few times then lost interest in playing
  13. Biggish Dave


    I made my secondary school debut at Derby school is 1986, goalkeeper. Won 2-0. From memory, I think it was also my last game so must have been shit despite the clean sheet
  14. Looking on the flip side, if clubs like Sunderland are restricted, they will have a big war chest once they do get up to the championship and players who have a choice of 5 or 6 clubs are going to chose them rather than Accy if they are getting similar money wherever they go.
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