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  1. Booked 4 tickets to MK Dons using 2 x 2 together cards. One of the party now can’t go. Is it possible to upgrade 2 of the tickets to normal price before you travel?
  2. Biggish Dave


    I walk the dog down there quite often, thought it was rife for housing. Needs some work doing on it to get everything up to scratch
  3. Bit of luck, we are still 10 years ahead of Burnley
  4. 8.15 and 18.50 for us. Don’t want to miss kick off or the train home
  5. £24 yesterday with a 2 together card
  6. Just seen the highlights back, no blame on Matthews for the goal for me, down to our defenders not being alert. How on earth did O’Grady miss from 1 yard out though. I could have that in with my ear hair
  7. Relatively cheap tickets on the rattler for this. Booked +3 yesterday, Marple talked us into it
  8. What’s not to like about an away day in Harrogate? Wrexham is still my best away day following the whites. Promotion out of the abyss is something special - and I expect to see it within 2 seasons down there. If chino gets the right soldiers in over summer, should be another 1 season visit
  9. I like Politic, think he’s going to be a cracking player, should have a career at championship level. Matthews wasn’t convincing for the goal but having still not seen it back, I felt Emmanuel should have covered. Might well be barking up the wrong tree with that though. The ref was abysmal. How the lad up top got taken off rather than sent off I’ll never know
  10. Best place in the UK to live? Not that day
  11. Today, I liked both Edwards and Lowe at centre half. Thought both looked very comfortable. Fleming was ok when he got going after 30 mins or so. Politic is a man. He’s ready for action and needs to play the 10 role, he was superb 2ndhalf. Hope Hamilton fancy’s L2, he looks a player. Dodoo I still think has a role up top. cant make my up about the rest. Some good things, some bad. I’m not convinced we are as bad as the position suggests, think it’s more collective lack of belief. For the good of the club, people like Luke Murphy, OGrady and maybe Matthews need to go in summer. Bring in a few lads used to at least not losing. I’m not having a go at them 3 either, just a mindset shift
  12. Dont know how to bold but your last sentence - said the very same thing. Wanker player, bigger wanker ref
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