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  1. Walsall away is no more easy than ours at Crawley - both mid table teams who'll have nothing to play for. Granted, their other game is Bradford at home whereas ours is Exeter. I expected Exeter to come again this season but it doesn't look like it's happening for them. They have Newport & Grimsby both at home before we play them so they'll either have chuff all to play for or be in thick of it. I still think we can afford a draw at Morecambe but i expect to win
  2. I'm quite happy watching the football we are getting. Granted i'd like to be winning a bit more easily but we've been shit for so long, i couldn't care less if a good number of games are ending 1-0, 3 more would do nicely
  3. Can’t wait for this but will need to open the beer a bit earlier than normal for the nerves
  4. Nervy but job done. We’ll win on Saturday too
  5. I've said that too. If Grimsby are capable of playing like they did on saturday 2 games in a week, they wouldn't be bottom
  6. Who’s the new big 6 then when these are booted out? Villa, Newcastle, Everton, Leicester, Sheffield Wednesday and Southampton maybe?
  7. I’ve no interest in European clubs
  8. This game worries me. A win of any description is all that matters
  9. Why oh why did I just know this
  10. Evatt said 'ask Sarce and he'd say back for morecambe'
  11. Surely that's not Giles Coke playing for them? He was/is shit
  12. Fortunately I don't remember it very well
  13. Went in there once before an England game. A horror story big, fat stripper did her bit then came around with the pint pot. I tried getting away with chucking 2p in. She went to the bar and came back with my change - 2 x 1p coins
  14. I was chilling in the hot tub tonight drinking McEwans Champions. When I saw the Crawley result, the song on the Alexa was Queen - We are the champions. we’ve got this
  15. Bull had scored something like 54 goals in div 4 followed by another 48 in div 3 so was given his chance in a Rous Cup game v Scotland, basically an end of season friendly. Scored in that too.
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