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  1. That'll be one of the big (Or biggish) lads rocking up in Kosovo this weekend - and it wasn't me either
  2. 3 points deducted, 3 more suspend for 2 years for not paying football creditors on time is my guess. We’ll also have to cover Doncaster’s costs - they can use that to get rid of flood water from their dump
  3. Depending on kickoff time, only Accy and Salford would give me any interest
  4. I’d have thought having a season ticket makes you more likely to go to cup ties as you are in the habit of turning up for home games. I always turn up for FA cup ties at home, league cup a bit more hit & miss but usually do the home games
  5. Any win will do. Scrappy 1-0
  6. Borrows, Cahill, Gudni, Whitlow
  7. Bang them an email (above). Got be worth 5 mins of your time. They genuinely seem like they are listening to what fans want. Little steps over time and they’ll get there
  8. Agree. Bad day at the office, it happens. Move on, win next week
  9. Apart from the couple of crosses, I agree. Looks very rusty to say the least
  10. Earl put a couple of quality low crosses in - if only we had an ALF or SJM type
  11. Contactless is coming soon
  12. This. Enjoyed nothing but the final whistle. Brittle confidence or poor permance? Time will tell
  13. 8/10, a bit too low for Boston and never heard of tiptree - hope we get them away in 2nd round
  14. That’s my only trip to Plymouth. Pissed it down, open terrace. Darby’s goal was last minute or 2 of the match, we were 2-0 down quite early on
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