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  1. What a bollocks statement. Theres nothing to look forward too in the foreseeable I'm afraid
  2. I wouldn't blame any of them for walking away now - it's shambolic the way they have been treated
  3. Some people are a special kind of stupid
  4. FV don't own the club so they are not allowed to pay the players. We had this with the Brentford games - even though Bassini didn't have the money anyway. The money will be to pay players who must be struggling by now.
  5. Shit shoe wearers and now slag wellies
  6. Take over thread starting what feels like 19 years ago
  7. Yeah, 3 weeks ago i'd have said balls to him. The nearer the season is to starting, we need some semblance of a squad of players who were here last season even if they only offer them 12 month deals and look to replace in January/next year
  8. He'll need to knock a zero off what he asked Salford for
  9. Not seen too much of this tournament with having been at work for many games. That final was fookin ace though
  10. It'll be the admins wanting to get an extra few quid out of FV to pay their creditors
  11. Cheers Gonzo. Certainly looks to have all the tools. I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve seen him taken the distance and taken on 1 or 2 gatekeepers like Joyce/Chisora. I thought Price looked the real deal until he got his 1st spanking so will see before calling DDD the main man
  12. If we’re going off all time: Ricky Hatton Joe Calzaghe Floyd Mayweather Barry McGuigan Nigel Benn fair to say boxing is my second favourite sport. Up until recently when there stopped being many pick em fights, it was on a par with footy. If football doesn’t change its ways, I can see the day boxing takes priority
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