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  1. I'd rather pay for a week's holiday just to not have them hassling me
  2. Good luck to the lad but strikes me he was signed as back up to someone already not good enough for L2.
  3. This season has been a huge learning curve for IE, FV and coaching staff. Whichever league we start next season, I reckon we’ll be better prepared than this season and by a long way. The tide is slowly turning
  4. I expect to see Santos try similar on Saturday
  5. I'll wait and see what saturday brings first. These have had some solid results against good teams, and crap against poor teams. No reason why we shouldn't win though, we are better than them
  6. Just looked - they are weekend/midweek all the way through to the end of the season apart from the last week where they have a week in between games 45 and 46. Ouch
  7. I'm only interested in the next 16, not previous 6, 12 or 30
  8. He was bang average just like he was for us. No real mistakes but nothing to get excited about either. OK league 2 defender, nothing better
  9. We won't need any where the traditional amount of points this season to get the top 3. Cambridge as league leaders should be around the 62 - 64 point mark by now if they were to hope to be champions. Everyone is picking up strange results. I wouldn't be at all surprised if 76 or 77 is enough for top 3
  10. Sarce will start on saturday without any shadow of a doubt. He's ready for it and we are ready for him. Probably instead of Fonz
  11. We’ve messed up games like this so often. Can’t afford to drop points though. Scruffy 1-0. That will do
  12. Bradford in decent form, that’ll be a tough one coming up
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