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  1. When you see some of the videos of Blake, he really did have everything. Pace, power, lethal left foot, decent header of the ball. If he had a higher work ethic, he could have been a real top level striker. I’d kill for us to have someone like him in this team
  2. I didn't rate Hickman at all - if he's lucky, he might have a L2 career at some point but that's about it.
  3. UK properties who profiteer by hiking prices massively will shoot themselves in the foot massively years down the line. By all means, increase prices a touch but 35% is out of order
  4. Reading was good but Wrexham gooder. Has to be top 3, I couldn’t stand watching a playoff final on tv
  5. Justice for the 5. Minutes silence coming up, flags and scarves all over the Kop. YNWA released as a charity song next week
  6. Maverick will be our Freddi Bobic. Largely frustrating but in 1 must win will be the difference and ruin the opposition
  7. It’s Blackburn’s results/fixtures. They are in freefall
  8. Lee played his best game for us tonight, he looks to be up to speed now. I wouldn’t like to say who MOM was for me, I’ll call it an all round team win
  9. Came on as a late sub tonight did Clayton. Anyway, this has draw written all over it. We’ll win though 0-1
  10. It’s getting closer. Morecambe v Carlisle saturday, Carlisle could be well out of it after that
  11. Quality nights work. Would have liked another goal but 2nd half was very comfortable and protected some of our better players. On to Saturday and 7th heaven
  12. Doyle's due to go on a goal scoring streak - keep him in for now. I'm happy to keep a couple of match winners on the bench too with Arthur & Miller, must break teams hearts when they see them subs coming on when they are already knackered
  13. Bring it on, i'd love to see it over here
  14. Starting to come together nicely at the club after years of turmoil
  15. He’d been ill over night. Not COVID related, should be back Tuesday
  16. I fancy us to win this and at Bradford
  17. Gave it a try, not my cup of tea. Won’t be going on another in a hurry
  18. If that carries on until May, won't be far away
  19. I've a shitty feeling they will sneak out. If we go up, let's have em 1st game
  20. Agree. Kieran Lee and Williams are ideal away. One or both not needed against a 10 behind the ball team. Tutte and Thomason could have been just as effective late on
  21. Went on a cruise a few years ago, weekend we lost 3-2 or 4-3 at QPR. Anyway, got friendly with a Welsh couple, the bloke couldn't believe I had no interest in the rugby match and didn't want to watch it. Anyway, Wales v England since then invokes that memory. As you were
  22. Absolutely. Swinging Crossfield balls about are not for show, its to get central midfielders going out to help their full backs out and keep them running. Gives us a tired centre to attack later on
  23. Looked at putting a few quid on us before today's game for top 3. Decided not to jinx it but we were 10th favourites. Just looked, our odds have come in but now 11th favs will Bill Hill. How does that work? Odds are telling though, Morecambe, Bratfud, Bolton all 33/1. Next down is Mansfield at 250/1
  24. Never really had a shit holiday memory but the worst I felt was on a football trip to Germany in May 1986. Bolton played at Wembley, first time since 1958 and no Internet etc. As it happens, we played and beat a very good German team 3-2. They had an excellent blonde goalkeeper by the name of Oliver Kahn. Could tell then he was going to be special. He was a few years older than me, we had a team of 12-16 year olds and so did the team we played.
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