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  1. Therein lies the problem and why bookies have the odds they do. Beating Salford then going on and bettering Cambridge in the remaining 5 after is a big ask
  2. I want a good trade deal, love eating Aussie ginger
  3. Management will be fine L1. Many of the team will be fine l1 which is great if that's where we want to be. Fortunately we are not dangerously poor anywhere so as long as we make subtle improvements, we can push the higher end of L1. Let's just get up then think about L1 from there though. Loads of work to do 1st
  4. From now until the end - yes
  5. I'm leaning towards Newcastle turning up at an away day, only had their home kit so made the opposition play in away kit at home. Gonna be something like Notts Co
  6. Though the houses in the background make me think Gigg Lane for some reason
  7. Newcastle. The Gallowgate was shallow for ages
  8. I don't think he's so much gone off, just realised he's playing with L2 players. If we can get up and sign 3 or 4 better quality than we have right now, he'd push on again. To be honest, even if we go up, I think we'd struggle to keep him. Whoever goes up from L1, I'd expect at least 1 to look towards him as well as 1 or 2 other lower champ clubs
  9. Let's face it, it's coming down to the ref blowing his final whistle at Crawley before we know for sure
  10. We'll win here, I've got every confidence. Then we'll lose at Grimsby because that's the Bolton Wanderers way. Let's just get a win though 1st then I might change my mind about Saturday
  11. Why have so many folk got their knickers in a twist over ratchet? Hes no more miserable than a few, he's defending himself and rightly so. Come on, let's all be soppy buggers, have a drink and play nice
  12. From what Evatt has said, had a couple of days training. I'd be happier if he gets a week under his belt. On the bench Saturday is my bet, maybe start against Carlisle
  13. Bollocks. Move the funeral, less hassle
  14. Get them fuckin pubs open then folk can put their Nokia down
  15. I nearly got banned by mum for crying when Wrexham beat us in the FA cup about 82 or 83 time. From then onwards I've known I've never followed a glory hunting team
  16. We've been Bolton fans for years, give or take 97, we can't imagine such riches, we have to live with being poor. Sit down
  17. Girls, girls, girls. We are 3rd, we've won. Save rag week a while hey
  18. Never mind Maddison being shite, flip it on its head. We're the players expecting too much of him, looking to find him all the time because they've seen what he can do in training? I don't know. Its unfair to pin the blame on MM though. He was no worse than Dapo or Isgrove 1st half. I don't think any of our outfield players were even ok 1st half. MM ain't a scapegoat for me and I ain't written him off
  19. I liked his team from the off tbf, Hindsight is wonderful and we all have our starting 11 but I was happy with what he started with. Made the right calls at the right time though
  20. Anyone thinking we're going to play Cityesque football and win the last 6 games easily needs a chill pill. We've got 6 almighty battles, none will be pretty and I doubt we'll come out the right side of them all. Hopefully, we come out of enough of them them though with the right result
  21. Funny game, 1st half was poor but at least we got a kick from 30 mins onwards on Doyle could/should have sent us in level. 2nd half, not loads better but enough better. Don't care if we scored because of mistakes. We were good enough to make the most of their errors, balls to the rest. 1 win in our next 2 aways will give us enough to get the required points in last 4. 2 wins will break the heart of them behind. Can't disagree with GT as mom. He's improved out of the team. Obviously works his tits off to make it as a pro without naturally being the most gifted. Something I believ
  22. Madison is a cracking player if fit and up for it. If the penny has dropped/he’s grafted his gonads off to get fitter, I’m all for having him in the team. This is his chance to become a hero
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