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  1. The near post Browny flick on from corners worked a treat
  2. Talkischeap Arcapello Burguois (or sommat like that) both e/w
  3. I noticed him pinging a couple of passes with his right peg at Newport. He will become some player if he gets comfortable using both feet
  4. Fonz will start because of his height in defending set pieces. I'm not a fan of his at all so wouldn't personally start him but if we get 3 points, i couldn't give a toss who plays
  5. Cracking innings. RIP Dougie
  6. Promoted with less than 80 points because we all keep dropping points
  7. Is there a match on Saturday?
  8. See, I don’t think we’ve started to wobble, just 2 not good results. We played some decent stuff in large parts yesterday. Back on track at weekend
  9. Yes, mine arrived very quickly. Drop Steve Hague a message with your name and address, he gets them out pronto
  10. Despite being on the wrong end of a couple of 'ify' decisions this weekend, I still don't want VAR in the game
  11. Back on track, another bus to try and get through. 3-0
  12. I still can’t see how we managed to lose. If the crosses which fell to Lee fell for a Newport defender, even they’d struggle to keep the ball out. 2 of the worst misses I’ve seen in a long time
  13. Bring em on then we can pick them off on the break
  14. Yes - but should have put it in the slow cooker at 9am, much nicer
  15. Totally agree. Our point on Friday taking us 1 point further away from the 5 teams behind us means even a loss today isn’t the end of the world. Sure, it makes it more difficult but 21 points remaining after today, teams arses twitching, it’s going to be a fun ride. Not for the faint hearted.
  16. Turning into a lovely battle for that 3rd spot. Burnley still have to play Newcastle and Brighton. Not sure if they face Fulham too
  17. Hatton had around 30k in Vegas for Mayweather fight. Everything landed right though, $2 to the £, only around £500 for a week in MGM, football prices had gone through the roof too so plenty of football lads turned to boxing
  18. Not so much a war but the best performance I've seen live was J.C against Lacy. Seen some wars too, J.C v Kessler, Hatton v Magee, Hatton v Oliviera, Hatton v K.T, Benn v Eubank 2
  19. We got upgraded for Khan v Canelo in Vegas, paid for $150 seats, ended up with $1250 seats I think they were. Might have been more than that. Still got the ticket somewhere upstairs
  20. A shame that. I've not seen Mick for about 3 or 4 years now but he was always at the local shows. A real warrior, I can imagine he was always one of these who lived for the fight game and would struggle without it. He stretched his career out 5 fights more than he should have done
  21. No, I went on Ricky Hatton forum and went with a crew from there. We're all still good mates. Used to do a lot of the local shows, Robin Park on Friday nights. Became mates with 1 or 2 local lads too, Alex Matvienko, Mick Jennings, Mick Gomez 3 I still sometimes see
  22. Urango was his only Vegas fight I missed. Think I watched 32 or 33 of his fights. Went to all of them 4. Great days
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