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  1. If I was paying £40m for a midfielder, i'd want Iniesta or someone similar. Modric is great when you are winning but goes missing when its backs to the wall.
  2. I will be surprised if Price doesn't put Fraudley to sleep inside 3 rounds
  3. Tickets are on general sale now - table seats already sold out for last couple of days. I'm going to semi's in Blackpool next saturday, will be a top all day bit of a booze
  4. We've just released someone who would score more goals and probably want less money
  5. I am officially old! Just looked at the lineup, I've heard of 1 on Friday, 4 of Saturday and 2 of the Sunday line up
  6. Just seen that - pissed me off a bit, ah well, a day on the lash it is then
  7. Got my tickets - roll on the ale trail
  8. Sorry, its nationwide - heres the website http://www.nationwidevehiclecontracts.co.uk/about-us.htm
  9. Got PM waiting to send - not allowing me to send it though
  10. I went straight through BMW for mine but I have a mate who works for Network Vehicle Lease and they have some decent deals on quite often
  11. Makes even more sense if you own a VAT registered company as you can re-claim 50% of the VAT and all the net payment. Would be better still if the company was sole trader/partnership rather than ltd co then you would also avoid P11d situations. I do it myself - new car every 3 years, RFL paid for and no MOT's. You can build alsorts into it such as including the service etc
  12. Supposedly after signing Jamie Mackie from QPR - he scored a few for them back end of the season but don't rate him otherwise
  13. Khan still has a few decent options depending on which weight he wants to go for, a few decent names would be Alexander, Ortiz, Corley, Brook, Matt Hatton. I think he's probably learned as much as he's going to now in the Wild Card, time to move over to Manny Steward and learn the art of defence a little bit more (maybe Steward could even help Coyle out too). If I was Khan, I would aim for a showdown with Ortiz or Alexander in the US before coming back over here to challenge Brook, Brook would be a dangerous fight as a first at 147 and coming off the back of a defeat
  14. It will be like the Blake/McGinlay partnership with Ngog & Sordell, they will terrorise this league with chungy and petrol/Wilde feeding them
  15. sportsbun.com are streaming the Haye/Chisora fight for the 3 rounds it lasts until Haye blasts the fat plodder out.
  16. I'll be there - early X43 bus over
  17. Yeah, I alluded to it a couple of days ago. I go on the livefight.com boxing forum, a couple of the lads close to the Hatton's and in ITK reckon theres something in it but nothing concrete as yet
  18. If Khan doesn't blast Garcia out in the first 4 or 5 rounds, he could be in for a long night. Garcia isn't very well known outside boxing fans but having seen a few of his fights, he's a durable fighter who could easily cause Khan problems. I'm going to stick my neck out though and say Khan will get a stoppage in the 4th round - then hopefully be Mayweather's first fight when he comes out the bighouse
  19. This fight is for the WBA & WBC titles. I'm just waiting for confirmation of the Ricky Hatton comeback - that will be worth a trip over the pond for if its abroad!
  20. It should have been 2 weeks ago - I would have been there then! Ah well, always the Floyd fight
  21. James 'i'm fat so I must be funny taking the piss out myself' Corden
  22. Thrown out - can't stand the cocky piece of turd though so will be guilty as far as i'm concerned
  23. I've always fancied having a 'summer house' at the bottom of the garden - a bit of a games area really, dart board, pool table, plasma screen tv with sky, well stocked bar etc - somewhere to chill out with a few of the boys for super sunday football
  24. Back up - winning the league in Cardiff
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