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  1. That had to be Mayeather, December 2017. I missed Red Star away for that as presumably you did. That week away will live with me for ever. Never been involved in anything like it. One of them "you had to be there" trips to understand
  2. Who was the boxer/boxers who you first supported? I only really watched HW as a sprog so Holmes & Bruno got me into the sport. RJJ probably the legend I'd love to have seen in his prime Hatton & J.C my favourites of all time. Been to USA watching both on a few occasions
  3. Don't see Frampton winning tbh but it will be close and he has surprised me a time or 2 before. Close points decision either way though
  4. Delf was perhaps level. Other than that, I'm struggling
  5. I reckon Sarce could be back at Grimsby
  6. 8 games left and 3rd in the league - I'd back us to be no worse than any team behind us so yes, I'm very happy and confident of promotion
  7. Fuck the league. If we get 3rd, I'm wanking for a week
  8. I said weeks ago 75 or 76 could be enough. I still think it could be. We went up with 78 points in 88, I reckon that would be enough. We are so much better than everyone else, they come from a 0-0 at our gaff and claim a result. I bet we are the only team to win at Salford this season
  9. I fancy us to win, 2-0
  10. When sober, I'll chuck a few pence in, if possible - pin the fundraiser bit
  11. I'm happier away from home. We are the best team in the division, teams won't sit in the same while we are on the road. I love having 5 from 8 away. I'd be worried if it was the other way around
  12. Turned into a lovely day. Happy with results, I'm happier playing away from home too. We've got this
  13. It's OK, Harry the cat is on the bench
  14. Evatt is obviously expecting to have to get through the bus. 2 wide players who will commit defenders. I like it
  15. I think having seen what Williams offers us, you realise what Rice offers club and country. His performances do seem better now he's settled into the job
  16. For me, a win at all costs is vital today. Newport would be a tough game on a bowling green but it will no doubt it will be a paddy field so anything can happen in that. Newport is the game I'm worried about most in the last 9 because of the pitch
  17. Dreadful for the poor lads family. No matter what the circumstances, he was in the prime of his life
  18. He doesn’t sound too convincing does he
  19. I rarely watch films, the bore me to tears. Probably easier listing the films I have seen.
  20. I don't see the need to rest anyone from the start between now and the end of the season tbh, our run in isn't that congested. I'm sure he'll take a few key players off early though if we are comfortably leading.
  21. How come they didn’t play this weekend? Anyhow, we’re good enough to win but let’s get 3 points on Friday first
  22. Played them away on a Friday night. I know we lost, 3-0 I think December time. Beat them 4-0 at home. Chandler came on and scored after missing most the season. Over to you Mr Politic
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