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  1. We create a good number of situations which could easily lead to good chances with better decision making. Take yesterday, we had Thomasons shot, the effort John blazed wide before the break, Dapo cut in and had a shot blocked in the 1st half, the possible penalty incident. All could easily have led to goals with better decisions. Im happy with what we are seeing
  2. Not sure a prime Povetkin would have done the business tonight. Whyte looked very good
  3. Campbell Hatton has plenty of his dads traits, both good and bad. Showed some promise, plenty to work with. Will take a good 3 years though before we know whether he’s the real deal or not. Looking forward to the journey though
  4. That the stamp on Dapo? Definitely a yellow and if in the prem with var, prob a red
  5. The 4 of Santos, Baptiste, MJ and Lee are better than anything in the league which is why we are solid and gives us the platform to win games
  6. Wouldn’t bother me if it ends at Crawley because the players are still pissed from sealing promotion the week before
  7. I think the players will be increasingly aware it could come down to GD. 4-0
  8. There’s only 1 team stopping us getting in the top 3 by the end of 9 more games time. Unfortunately we have to face that team 9 more times. I honestly feel we’ve got the bit between our teeth though and we are not letting this go
  9. Can’t do any better than win. We keep doing that, we’re up. Others dropping points only gives us more margin for error
  10. What a great win. No flowing football but we had 1 good chance and took it. They had 1 good chance, John snuffed it out. We’re doing this
  11. Bet it stinks of chicken shit though
  12. Beers ready, on the way shortly. Quite relaxed, if we do our jobs properly, we win. It's that simple
  13. I can’t help but think we’ll have too much know how, bottle and quality for FGR. Tough game, certainly but I think we’ll win and by a couple too
  14. FGR left back limped off. What a shame
  15. In our hands now. Pedal to the metal
  16. Saw him more for Stockport and Tranmere playing against us than for us but one of them players who'll always be remembered/spoken about by fans of all ages. He certainly won't have died wondering, what a man
  17. None at all. Parky wouldn't surprise me though if he went there
  18. Potted Wellens - what a tinpot club they are
  19. Used to be ace on terraces, rushing down to the front and climbing on the fences after a goal. i was on the fence that night too. Great times.
  20. He nice fella, the woodlands was my local so got to know him and his mrs quite well. Nobody caused any trouble when he was the gaffer either, he'd have nutted them to the other end of town
  21. Glenn Keeley had the Woodlands in Blackburn and a boozer in Leyland in the 90’s
  22. Amongst others yes, goes (or used to) in the Golden Cup too
  23. No, I’ve got rid. Was expecting to have been away
  24. Watford, around 84ish? Lost 2-1 home I think?
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