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  1. I wouldn't know how to post that sober
  2. As much as I agree to an extent, Lee is too clever for L2. He will and can hopefully play alongside MJ next season but we need better with them. As our quality increases, so will Lee's. He is quality, it stands out a mile
  3. 19th June we set sail - Richardson of Stalham. Get a boat and join us. My usual awayday mate and Mrs coming with us. Norwich and Gt Yarmouth in easy reach too
  4. Get a boat on the Norfolk Broads. A flotilla of ww piss cans
  5. Mj was the masterstroke. What a signing
  6. I honestly couldn't give a shit about Tranny as long as we go up. If they win some h2h to help us into top 3, that will be good. After today, there's no way we should miss play offs. I'd take us to beat the other 3 on the same day
  7. I've supped in a boozer with Mark Patterson many times if that counts
  8. 80 is what I'm aiming for. H2H games mean 76 or 77 could be enough but 80 should do it
  9. Just seen goalcam of the goals. Thought their keeper got quite close to Doyles pen but was nowhere near it seeing it close up. Cracking pen
  10. Greavo - Monteraze. Pre match haunt at Burnden
  11. Nothing horrific when you're the best team in the league by a mile. That's us that is
  12. Said that to my Mrs, this is our Portuguese defender. Aye alright, he's a cockney
  13. I agree mate. I think if he had a more settled squad and one he wanted from the off, things would change and set pieces would be practiced more. As it happens, I'm convinced we are the best team in the league so will be in top 3 come what may. Bring on last 10 games, Saturday can't come around quickly enough
  14. That's basically the bookies saying the think top 3, doubting the title though
  15. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the football we play. Even earlier on in the season, I could see what he was trying to do so kept the faith. Having an extra string to the bow wouldn't be a bad thing though? Just don't go playing for it
  16. Look at todays game, no easy gamez
  17. But scoring 1 goal every say 6 or 7 games off a set piece could easily put 10 more points on the board
  18. Leeds Rd, Huddersfield?
  19. Don't lose sight of the fact Cambridge and Tranny have horrific run ins and we have a game in hand on Cambridge
  20. I can accept Evatt not wanting to play for set peices and agree with him, much better to beat teams at football. Set peices though are a huge part of football so give yourself a good chance at both ends of the pitch when they occur.
  21. The one the really pisses me off is our free kicks from 25 yards out. Have we put one on target yet this season? They are hopeless
  22. A draw would be a good result irrespective of FGR midweek game
  23. Absolutely. Gets on my tits at times but I must admit, I quite enjoy watching us these days. I just wish we'd get to check mate a bit earlier
  24. Look how often the opposition strikers/midfielders come charging out to close us down and stop us playing. Doing that time and time again in a game is tiring. It’s all part of the plan
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