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  1. perth_white

    Take Over

    And there has been plenty of competition.
  2. perth_white

    Take Over

    You have many questions Mr Sparkle.
  3. perth_white

    Take Over

    Honestly I think the Journos are just reading this and passing it on.
  4. perth_white

    Take Over

    The thing is Howard called some things the right way early on when the Journos obviously hadn't a clue, this means that whatever H says is treated with cautious optimism. It may not come across fully reading now when the narrative has swung but being the first to say Basran didn't have the funds, that there was someone dealing with Moonshift, etc was not what we were hearing elsewhere and that's why he's getting this positive attention. You can't really catch the mood by reading 240 pages after the fact.
  5. perth_white

    Take Over

    Left with only Iles and Nixon? That's a terrifying thought, can't say I've given their opinions any credence at all and passing along Howard's predictions has helped steer my Dad a little away from the press, who seem to be clueless on the matter. However now it seems that I won't hear from Howard and that's a sad state of affairs. It's like Custard has been waiting all his life for people to give a rat's ass about his area of expertise and just when the chance came along there was a cooler kid on the playground and he just couldn't handle it. Now he gets to be top accountancy wanker but he's shown his cards with his daft later posts. Someone posted about him being obsessed with 17p whilst 3 million quid got nicked and that is exactly the vibe he's giving off. I very rarely post but this has boiled my piss.
  6. perth_white

    Take Over

    I'm not sure implying that many of us simply follow what 'Influencers' say is your best play here Sluffy. It seems Howard has thrown it in because of this type of high mindedness. This wasn't a cult, we are in the middle of the likely the worst crisis this club has ever seen and one person seemed to keep calling it right, now that individual is gone but we get to keep the sanctimonious, tedious pedants that made sure he felt it wasn't worth posting here anymore. Oh joy!
  7. perth_white

    Take Over

    Good grief you're becoming tedious. Howard certainly seemed to call the big picture with a very good degree of accuracy and you devoted loads of energy picking at little points that were mostly irrelevant to 90% of us here. Whilst I don't agree with Howard's final challenge to the forum I'd rather read his posts than yours.
  8. perth_white

    Take Over

    Another lurker popping up to thank Howard. Been able to pass his info along from Brisbane back to Bolton and calm my Dad's fears a little. Cheers Fella, you have been doing a real service here.
  9. Yep, that's me. Moved to Perth 14 years ago and just moved over to Brisbane a few months ago. Pretty sure we know each other from Feathers Jolly Boys days, although I was never a full member. If your username is your surname we definitely know each other, I'm Ste.
  10. No way I can watch those highlights Gonzo, awful memories. Day started in the Feathers drinking Murphy's Oyster, made our way to the game in high spirits and then were completely destroyed. Walking back through Darcy afterwards with the misery sitting hard, the hangover creeping in and armchair man U fans goading us on Bromwich St. Shit day. On the bright side I saw the best punch I ever saw live in the Paddock that day. A red jumped up celebrating goal number one, bloke beside him timed a perfect uppercut that connected with his nose as he landed, went down in a crumpled heap.
  11. SBS in Australia reports talks with Mark Milligan again, likely to fail due financial situation at BWFC. httpss://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/england-an-option-again-for-milligan
  12. My memory may be failing but I would swear blind the lobbed goal (a cracker) was disallowed and he scored a more standard SJM soon after that stood.
  13. I guess we will never know Casino but I was astounded that Todd's team didn't make a fist of it in the top flight (but I was still young and full of hope back then). I still think if the team marching toward 98 points met the current team in current form it would be very one sided. That being said I hope I am wrong and that Coyle's team can recreate the achievements of Todd's and we will all be happy this coming season.
  14. Always interesting checking out this thread for gossip/rumours and such. Thanks to those who are prepared to risk looking like complete pillocks for sharing information that may well not happen, I'll keep checking it out over the summer (winter for me). Regarding this current team going unbeaten in the League next season I can't see it at all, no chance. The Colin Todd team that laid waste to that division was beaten 4 times (if I recall) and they would have pissed on this team, at a canter, on a bad day.
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