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  1. CSW

    I Feel For Little Old Wigan

    I work in the shithole..... revenge will be fucking sweet. First time in a long while I can't wait for Tuesday. CNUTS
  2. CSW

    Port Vale 0-2 Wanderers

    Washing Machine starts
  3. CSW

    Walsall 1 Wanderers 0

    I did the same but she didn't charge me £2. 3 adult & 3 u12 £63 collect on the day.
  4. CSW

    16 Years Ago Today

    Seem to recall it being a Sunday (& not seeing work till the Wednesday)
  5. CSW

    Brentford 3 Wanderers 1

    I work in the fucking shithole, thank fuck for remote working!
  6. CSW

    Next Seasons Away Games..

    Us owd cnuts generally have, new territory for some though. Next generation of owd cnuts in the making next season or so ;-)
  7. CSW

    Most Random Game You've Been To?

    Airdrie(onians) v Inv Cali Thistle late 99, shittest 1-1 I've ever seen, meanwhile Wanderers won 4-0 away at Swindon! Schoolboy error..
  8. CSW

    If We Go Down

    In x 4, whatever league were in
  9. CSW

    Wigan :lol:

    Bleach out!
  10. CSW

    Where Were Reading

    think we've got a club ref allocated tomorrow, (with a little gentle persuasion all eventualities covered etc...) It'll be good to have you back on the sideline mate.
  11. CSW

    Where Were Reading

    tut tut, statistics.........
  12. CSW

    I'm A Clackervalve

    Slightly belated but best of luck and congratulations Jazza
  13. CSW

    Wanderers 0 Sheff Wed 0

    Bless... If only things were so simple!
  14. CSW

    Lets Take The Positives Thread..

    Shit fan in sunny Benalmadena. My positive to be had is that I can take the piss out of the 'dirty' Leeds fan I met in our hotel today. Till Saturday at least.......

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