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  1. CSW

    Keith Hill

    Like bowling greens our pitches, that’s no excuse whatsoever 🙄
  2. To be fair, I think anyone would give it back when there’s a balloon offering everyone who disagrees with him out and who’s trying to climb over their daughter/granddaughter to kick it off with someone else
  3. An Indian in cowboys clothing was my initial thought
  4. Likewise, can identify you now. He did say he’d knock him out initially but that was because he’d told the balloon to sit down and shut up (like many of us had), but the balloon had then tried to get over the young girl in the row between them both to get at him. One of the three was half heartedly trying to diffuse it but the other two bellends wouldn’t leave it. Orange warriors didn’t even speak to the instigator when they first came up...
  5. Not seen them before and hope they don’t venture again or one or two of us may have summat to say.. One tried having ‘a chat’ with me at the end, suggesting I may be on the same page as him. Fucked him right off. three of them taking the piss out of the guy next to me because he was with his mum so wouldn’t ‘take it outside’! She’s in her 80s with dementia and he brings her to every game. Fucking JCL part time wankers on the piss 😡
  6. You must stand up for me and the old man to get by every week then, I’ll say hello next time
  7. I know who you mean, he sits within a group directly to my right. He’s ok as a rule but can be a bit vocal at times
  8. Some cnut is in my seat then (Z245), as I don’t wear glasses and I don’t tend to get on folks’ backs either.
  9. Mine’s red on WSL Z (South end) Never use it really so quite happy for it to be fcuk’d off elsewhere. It would make leaning against the wall that much easier.
  10. I cancelled my DD’s and paid up front last season but they renewed me by DD this season (in account history). When I went to sort it they had to cancel the ‘renewed seats’ and release them in order I could buy them again. I’d check with the ticket office or you may end up paying for both.
  11. Sorted this afternoon. In again plus the owd fella and youngest yoof again.
  12. CSW

    Rotherham (a)

    This. Waiting for my u15’s KO time. Found out I’ve an early KO just after we sold out. Have a great day all going and bring some points home
  13. Really impressed with the positivity coming from Sharon, Keef & Dave. Got a real feel good factor about it
  14. Need to get up there tomorrow to sort. Says I’ve renewed 4 by DD yet I’ve paid upfront for two seasons and stopped the previously used DD mandate. Will be sorted tomorrow anyhow, so in again and looking forward to the ride
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