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  1. I would assume they're all signed to the same agency. That or he's met a few at an England camp? But I can't find anything on him ever going to St George's with any of the England youth squads.
  2. Our best XI after that window for me is now. Gilks Jones, Santos, Delaney, John Lee, Tutte Maddison, Sarcevic, Delfouneso Doyle The exciting thing is imagining that team with Politic in it as well. I also imagine this defender we have on trial will walk straight into the side alongside Santos.
  3. We do... He struggled quite a lot last year with positioning and the speed of things, I suppose it's hard to judge the lad based on the conditions of last year but he didn't show as much promise as some others.
  4. I can see Brockbank doing well on the right of a back 3 as well. Brockbank, Delaney, Zouma That ain't so bad for a start but would definitely want one or two adding for more experience as well.
  5. That would have been funny if you'd listed deja vu twice...
  6. Now, I'm not making any accusations, that was all on you.
  7. We're making light of a serious situation here, he's very much at risk catching this virus. You know, on account of the HIV.
  8. It would appear that IFK Östersund who Boon has signed for, has been confused with Östersunds FK. IFK play at the 4th tier of Swedish football rather than FK who play in the Allsvenskan. The 4th tier has 6 regional divisions, which would suggest that level is pretty low in terms of quality. Still a decent experience for the lad.
  9. This ain't going to happen anymore is it... I've got a tournament over there on that weekend that they're definitely not going to allow. Mean to be flying to Portugal later in May for a golf weekend which I can see being cancelled as well.
  10. No, I'm saying with 3 at the back the midfield shouldn't be as defensive minded.
  11. Surely 3 at the back means a defensive minded midfielder is less necessary, last night you could easily go with: Matthews Emmanuel, Nsiala, Delaney, Bryan, Fleming Hamilton, Murphy Crawford Politic, Dodoo
  12. I hope this holds for tomorrow, got the first round of the year booked in! And it's about time too.
  13. And there we have what we call small time mentality. Worrying for me.
  14. Also depressing reading. So the lads we do bring through are up against shite as well? We're already competing with so many other clubs in the area, not sure how offering less will aid us in any way. This is disheartening news.
  15. Because your first team becomes a shop window for talent, rather than developing them within the club in the hope they're part of your future progression, they're brought in earlier than usual in the hope they look good enough for a 'big' club to give you a few mil.
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