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  1. :lol:! Try freshly cooked meat and fish, fresh peeled potato and garden grown veg! Perhaps if we smacked your industry with the same limitations we put on the tobacco industry we might not see the level of heart disease and diabetes your lot are responsible for. As for the spew such as pre packed Chicken Tikka Massala you claim is international I doubt any indian could stomach that shit! Your idea of progress will have the NHS trying to cope with a Tsunami As for my Mrs.....you have mail!
  2. God you are a prick! You seem to bring every debate down to your experience in the fucking mass consumer food industry you fucking work in. That fucking same industry that is more responsible for the ill health of the British population than any other. The same industry that fills mass produced food with more sugar, salt and high sucrose corn syrup in a variety of different coloured label and you call that increased choice? As for the rest of your diatribe you come over as some suited up tory boy straight out of a Harry Enfield sketch. FFS! And I am fucking right wing!
  3. Th 60's and 70's were no doubt the best times for the ordinary working class man to improve his lot. People were getting mortgages to move out of terraced houses into new suburban housing estates with garden and yes central heating (even as far back as the mid 60's). Jobs were plentiful and varied and people actually talked to neighbours and socialised in the pubs of which there were 6 times more. Many people started their own businesses including my dad who made so good money. People also knew how to cook meals and the chippy was a weekly treat. I agree with Bolty in that the horse has bo
  4. So if we start to normalise burka wearing women and girls walking yards behind their males, sharia law over uk law, honour killings, child brides and all the other good stuff they want then things will get better? Aye alreet!
  5. So I was hearing it right. Tis a dirge to be sure.
  6. What the fuck are those Shrewbury idiots chanting? We were in the West Upper just above them on boxing day and they did it for most of the game, it was doing my head in. Sounds like "Salop, salop"
  7. Just finished Lucky Man season 1. Enjoyed it.
  8. These was always a economic case for more daylight hours in the evenings in summer. Once the Scotchers go there own way we could just keep to BST.
  9. Litter isnt as bad as it used to be. People used to tip all sorts anywhere in those days.
  10. It is a fantastic area now, thanks to the likes of TMGJ and his friends. Wish it had been the jungle that it is now in my youth, then again we had a live paper mill, steam trains, farms etc to explore. There is no sign of the sewerage works that were replaced in the late 60's by a through tunnel they spent a year constructing. We used to fish johnneys out of the inlet as 6 year olds with sticks. We thought they were marvellous white balloons that could stretch when filled with water. We took our proud findings home to show our families and could not understand the beatings without explanation
  11. My memory is not what it was but somat tells me they were processing chromium compounds. They would give some vivid greens and violets.
  12. What a gay day, simply peachy!
  13. Aye that used to be a chemical factory until the late 60's. They had to dump tonnes of topsoil over the slag heaps to get anything to grow. Bound to be leachate escaping. Is the landscaped area still managed? it looked to be like the meadow areas get cut to prevent it becoming too wild.
  14. It certainly is. The "bunk" as we knew it in the 60's was situated down towards the Radcliffe Rd to Darcy Lever end of the brook near the old Seven Stars pub. There were several very large trees on a steep bank and around 6 rope swings which resulted in many a broken limb. Our fingering used to take place amongst the waste paper bales in the storage shed of the mill.
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