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  1. Elephant Stone

    Kevin Davies Retires

    All the best Kev. Hopefully see him back at the club in some form - A massive part of our greatest era Best memories - Munich and just after his interview on the pitch at St Andrews in the quarter final
  2. Elephant Stone


    Try a pub called Pagrabs in the old town - full of locals and they have loads of different Latvian beers on tap - great place to waste an afternoon sitting at the bar working your way through them - after you've had a few they'll have you trying some of their top shelf stuff and the flaming sambucas. Rock Cafe is decent later on Good city, everything you need is in walking distance in the old town so no need to leave there
  3. Elephant Stone

    Broken Leg'd Oap Quits

    They've haddock their day and the whiting is on the wall for them now. Peas god, let them drop out of the league forever.
  4. Elephant Stone

    Wanderers 1 Liverpool 2

    Gutted, very proud of the Whites over 2 ties though. Eidur's header and the sending off both cost us what would have been a deserved result. as an aside, watching abroad I had to put up with Martin Tyler and Dean Ashton on ESPN. Their scouse bias was a fucking embarrassment. I know it's nothing new but Christ, they couldn't have made their disappointment more obvious if they had tried when it looked for a while like 'stevies's' Wembley fairytale ending might be cut short by little old Bolton. I hope they get beat In a similar manner in the final.
  5. Elephant Stone

    Bottled Beer

    Every club should have these, never queued at any ground that has one. They must sell more as everyone who wants a beer gets one and some cam even go back for seconds. No brainer
  6. Elephant Stone

    Paris Shooting.

    I'm stockpiling both. When judgement day comes I'll be pushing a cart through no-mans land flinging refreshments to both sides at a premium.
  7. Elephant Stone

    Soberdan In "i Now Drink Shocker"

    http://www.wanderersways.com/forum/topic/83509-hiya/ goal achieved, just a week late. Good on you CuntedDan
  8. Elephant Stone

    Wanderers 2 Blackburn 1

    Brilliant that, just brilliant. They could have been well away at half time but we came back out and really took it by the scruff of the neck. Heskey scoring, 2 quick goals, the atmosphere, the Bolton lads in the box giving it the biggun after the flare was thrown, Eidur and his class...all made it a cracking boxing day. Can't wait for Sunday COYWM!!!
  9. Elephant Stone

    Millwall 0 Wanderers 1

    Top result. Stopping in the pub was a stupid idea and watching the highlights makes me want to cry. Cracking session though, roll on boxing day and Hudds. 2 winable games over the next ten days, maximum points and I'll start to believe we can do it....
  10. Elephant Stone

    20 Years Ago

    God forbid
  11. Elephant Stone

    20 Years Ago

    Red steel! Has it always been red? Never noticed that before..... Was fascinating watching it go up week by week as a kid. Think the original designs have been posted on here a few times. Nearly 20 years old and looks like it could have been built yesterday. Lovely ground, one of the best in the country - despite it's downsides I'm still very proud it's ours.
  12. Elephant Stone

    Black Eyed Friday.

    Good choice mate
  13. Elephant Stone

    Reading Away

    700 there. They were there for the taking but would have settled for a point before. Lacking presence up front and we just didnt have the final ball. Clayton played very well, he'll be a good'un Garrp had a disastrous day.
  14. Elephant Stone

    Reading Away

    garrp thrown out of the 3 guineas He was having a 'quiet one' today as well
  15. Elephant Stone

    Reading Away

    There are buses that run up to the ground from the town center and cabs run from right outside the station. If you're drinking in the 3 Guineas outside the station as most others will before the match, you will probably be able to share a cab with others. Make yourself known in the pub on Saturday and you can jump in with us

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