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  1. Just done it, Got us as Champions
  2. I remember at the time saying it would be the end of transfer fees with clubs just needing to wait for a player's contract to end and then, "sign him on a Bosman" Not like me to be wrong 🤔
  3. Aye, looking forward to it - propping the bar up, paying cash and looking down the barmaid's top.
  4. Booing is a better form of protest than what we all saw in Bristol, and other cities this year...
  5. But you did say anyone who boos someone taking the knee is a racist.
  6. It was bad. Fans used to wait for a black player to touch the ball and then let rip. It was if they'd waited all week to vent that steam. We're talking of a time when 95+% of players were white. As time evolved though, it naturally and thankfully died off.
  7. I've said all along, we should've initially left, in 2016, then negotiated. Just my opinion on it
  8. I'm a rational person, and have always wanted to leave without a deal. To talk about the EU getting the best deal and the UK getting the best deal and no one winning, to me, is irrational
  9. It's a bit unfair to blame the virus for breaking up a relationship, then...
  10. i don't get this. What were these marriages based on, if staying at home with family is straining..? If you're in a good relationship, spending more time with loved ones should be beneficial
  11. I once went out with a squirter, where does 'that' come from...?
  12. Birmingham away in the FA Cup was on TV, I'm sure.
  13. In the pubs; mask on to the table, mask on table, mask on to toilet, back from the toilet, mask on table. Repeat to fade
  14. ^ I read somewhere, that if 7 people in their 90s get covid, 6 will make a full recovery
  15. Tony Benn would've been horrified to see how his treacherous son was brainwashed by (as you rightly put it ) the mob
  16. Especially now BLM have themselves become a political party. Starmer will also always be remembered for trying every trick in the book to betray the referendum result 🤔
  17. ^ They just need a trailer for a couple of minutes to prove it's working at their end - and at our end.
  18. Good point. I want to pay and watch but it all seems too technical for me. I was the same with itunes a few years ago, but once I took the plunge with my first album, I was spending hunderds
  19. +1 Cookies, Streams, Accounts, Cromecasts, Registering, HDMI cables, Androids, HD, Subscribing.
  20. Rest assured mate, I watched like a hawk. I was told I wasn't allowed to go to the bar and pay, but I went to the bar and watched what was happening with my card 😊
  21. I'm all for cash but felt obliged to get a contactless card for when the pubs reopened, so I got one against my wishes. In five (different) pubs, that I've been in since reopening, the barmaid has taken the card off me and taken it to the bar, to pay for my drinks . Contactless isn't contact-less
  22. First to spring to mind was Watford away after being 3 up. I'd never have got the scorer without Google - Gary Porter.
  23. Good point, if a workforce of 50 needs halving, which half is 'taking one for the team', the 25 who stay, or the 25 who go down to 80% pay. They're all in it together - and kind of answers my earlier question about redundancies.
  24. I'm not on furlough but wondered about those volunteering for it - would it make them first in line for redundancy at the end of the 3 months if things don't pick up?
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