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  1. They’re a fucking disgrace carry on not paying them ken. Its a game of football ffs. If you can’t be arsed playing against fucking dog and duck fuck off.
  2. The two Everton lads were absolutely brilliant. Connolly to left back next week
  3. White Shirt

    Take Over

    Mark Warburton was in chiquitos after the match
  4. Fuck off Parkinson you boring cunt. I’ve never been this less interested I hope we fucking batter Wigan
  5. Wilson performed better in that half hour than Beevers had done I don’t know how long. He can pass the ball
  6. Rubbish apparabtlt I’ve said this twice I’ll expand apparalty will Buckley is a winger! I’ve never seen someone so scared to take on a full back fuckinell. Never play for us again
  7. Best football club in the world
  8. White Shirt


    Ok fair enough ????
  9. White Shirt


    Why am I lgw Fuck off
  10. White Shirt

    Hull Game

    When will people realise we are run by wankers.
  11. White Shirt

    Hull Game

    Not read anything since Boxing Day. Lee please pick the team again ???? what a win
  12. White Shirt

    Hull Game

    You’ll loss yourselves. Eddie is backing it ????????
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