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  1. Was speaking with the chairman Tuesday, was trying for that game but council said no. This Tuesday would be sorted. Was gutted about the FC game biggest Money game and now only 300
  2. Beer been ordered, been told they expect to open one bar Tuesday, take-out only.
  3. Being a wanderer for 18yrs and a season ticket holder for 10 this year has to be the best going to every game expecting to win is a refreshing change, would be slighlty gutted if we went up
  4. Does anybody know what happened with Kevin Davies today was named as a sub but didn't warm up or go out at half time.
  5. Sorry if this has been brought up before, what has petrov done? Towards back end of last season best player by a county mile, thought we needed him in second half today badly
  6. Mears is an awful player, and mill seriously needs to work on his crossing. Thought Andrews looked decent today
  7. Every night march will kick of at 20.00, if bolton turn up thats a diffrent story
  8. Have to agree £3m for a striker who is scared of shooting, get rid.
  9. Cheers Jules darby, sounds like ill need more than a few scoops then
  10. My 6yr lad is looking forward to us playing Radcliffe, will any 1st team players be going with us plsying Crewe sat ?
  11. Classic goal, loved him cos we were shit in them days and going to school in bury with them tosses on the up gave me some glee
  12. Sasa Curcic for me brilliant player for us, scored some great goals to. Made a good profit, and flopped every where else he played.
  13. Owen Coyle saying every manager is brillant and doing an unbelivable job, at every press confrence.
  14. Happy for Gary tho, cant say many if any Bolton players have left us and won european cup
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