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  1. We've just watched the rugby there . On way home now
  2. http://m.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/14334508.Holdsworth___s_Sports_Shield_consortium_poised_to_be_named_Bolton_Wanderers_owners_today/ so today's the day.... Who's this Anderson group
  3. Totally agree, but it's a clear indication of the state were in. We've now set the bar for our prised assets.
  4. Nixon quoting £700,000 midfielder to swfc.... I'm guessing that's it.
  5. hopefully being at least 3rd choice (if nixon is correct) will influence his decision further.
  6. Devite has been chasing shadows all night. He's been a liabity
  7. Just booked 5.taking my lads to their 1st away game not counting Stoke at Wembley which I've erased from their memory. Cant wait for this one.
  8. We paid for the corporate tickets, quite a few in there .everyone celebrated when we scored. The staff had put us all together as far a staff I could see and were fully aware we were Bolton fans.
  9. Remember going to Sunderland. I'm sure him ripped them apart that day. Think we won 2 nil
  10. Gutted just found out our tickets haven't come off. Still going, anyone know if there are any corporate spaces left?
  11. Cheers for that I'll Google it
  12. Got to admit the prices are ridiculous just got 4 tickets (2 are kids) in the shit old stand near to the tunnel so my lads can see Messi close up. £60 adults And £30 kids. Haven't a clue where to park though.
  13. A Wigan fan I work with was saying that was the word on the street. Suppose they're panicking a bit. Wouldn't mind it to be true though
  14. Believe they are touting Paul Jewell
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