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  1. Shite again, saved evatt job that goal?
  2. Proper shite !! and we are third from bottom as it stands 🙈
  3. Fucking hell that has been a stressful 45 minutes.
  4. 2-0 , what the fuck are they doing , shitcunts
  5. Less than a minute and chris taylor scores ...fuck off
  6. How come we aren't using our away strip?
  7. Zouma starting for Barrow .
  8. Delfouneso mrs in labour apparently
  9. Marc Iles @MarcIles · 1m Ian Evatt has received police advice that Barrow supporters are likely to assemble outside the stadium tomorrow night. The #bwfc head coach just told me: "It's a shame but I think it's a small minority and I'd like to think the night will pass without trouble."
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