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  1. burnden

    Taken over?

  2. Lived in North Wales for the last 34 yrs , love it here it is peaceful. If i was able to move it would be Portugal for me i think.
  3. burnden

    Taken over?

    If there is big money on offer Sam will be interested.
  4. burnden

    Taken over?

    Just to add that just listened to The Wanderer podcast and Maggie Tetlow said this fella was at court on behalf of the Supporters Trust.
  5. burnden

    Taken over?

    A note of intention to go into admin was presented in court , does that me we are not yet in admin?
  6. burnden

    Taken over?

    Hotel adjourned til 22nd May as well , Prescott (PBP) requested the adjournment.
  7. burnden

    Taken over?

    14 day adjournment. 22 May. Judge saying he has no idea why Anderson not being represented. Fildraw asked for admin.
  8. burnden

    Taken over?

    KA https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2019/may/a-note-from-from-the-chairman/
  9. burnden

    Taken over?

    BOLTON. Football Ventures barrister will be in attendance at the High Court. Game on ...
  10. burnden

    Taken over?

    Why do they need to crowdfund? I thought they had 60k+ in their (the st members account) already? The page has raised 3.5k raised so far though https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/bwfc-supporterstrust
  11. burnden

    Taken over?

    Supporters trust rescue package ....Can't tell us what it is though ....still as transparent then https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/17620627.bolton-supporters-trust-appeal-for-help-to-save-our-club/
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