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  1. Yeah, they're taking the piss
  2. How about the 'challenge' system from tennis? Each Manager gets 2-3 chances per half. Instead of ranting at the 4th official, risk one of your challenges (within 10 seconds) to get the decision reviewed.
  3. Hi Long-time lurker who's finally decided to join in! Been a Wanderer since 89 (age 6) and brought my son to his first game aged 2. He cried when we scored, but it was the Coyle days so rarely an issue. West Upper ST holder, enjoy a Werther's but don't own a tartan rug. All the best Digby
  4. The amount paid to hospitals per patient keeps falling as the Government needs to stretch a static (real terms) budget to meet ever-growing demand. It's partly due to the post-war baby boomers getting to the age where health fails, but also more and better treatments (particularly cancer) which often require ongoing treatment and the new drugs are typically the most expensive. So hospitals aren't being run worse than when they were in surplus, there's just a drop in income which puts them into deficit. I would predict more funding needed just to keep the status quo until the end of the year, much more on top before there's enough to fix the capacity and demand issues including social care facilities.
  5. West Brom away in 2001, gave us the momentum for the home leg and final.
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