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  1. Brilliant! All those goals are scrappy as fuck!
  2. We went to Crete last October half-term. 2 days it pissed it down. 5 days of sunny-ish weather. Was warm enough in the day but chilly at night.
  3. First game I went to with my mates from school rather than with my Dad. Stood at the back of the paddock near the segregation, the original crazy corner! Think Sweep from off here was with us.
  4. Working my way through The Americans on Prime. Very good, mostly implausible, but a good watch.
  5. You’ve had all week to get your Frey Bentos pies and tins of garden peas. Give the workers a chance!
  6. Retired people doing their shopping on a weekend/evening. Get out of the fucking way!
  7. Sandos Papagayo is very nice. Bit of a walk into the town, you could be anywhere really. Good food. The Royal Elite upgrade is well worth it as well. Help yourself bar with all the international beers and spirits.
  8. Also The Railway just re-opened and is very good.
  9. The Teachers Pet kept me hooked through summer. Looking back at a cold case from the 80s in Australia. Also Serial is back and is excellent so far.
  10. kaydan


    Got one of these a couple of years ago - https://www.delonghi.com/en-gb/products/coffee/coffee-makers/automatic-coffee-makers/ecam-23460s-0132215315 Its been decent. I just like strong coffee with a little milk and it is excellent at that, but you can also do Lattes, Cappuccinos etc. Temperature is fine too. Wife drinks de-caf so I buy ground for that as there is a slot for pre-ground. I think its an old model now - I got it for around £300. Temperature is fine too. Also get my beans from these guys every month or so - https://www.pactcoffee.com/ Excellent coffee and easy to use - just skip an order for a week or two if you don't need any.
  11. Got to agree AI in the Caribbean is at a completely different level. Just back from the Grand Moon Palace in Cancun. Had the buffet for dinner once (which was decent), remainder in the a la cartes which were top class. They've got loads of yanks going so it has to be top notch.
  12. Just come back from Mexico and many different types of pasty were served at the lunch buffet every day. They were all shit though.
  13. Turned a knighthood down apparently, over lack of funding for science.
  14. Finished The Deuce. Absolutely top notch. Essential for fans of The Wire. Bit gutted, the next series will be set a few years later with not all the same characters.
  15. The Deuce on Sky Atlantic from the makers of The Wire. Got the makings of a classic I think. Excellent so far.
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