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  1. Favourites from last year - Looming Tower American Kingpin - Story of Silk Road the dark web site. Mad The Traitor and the Spy Shoe Dog - Nike story Digital Minimalism Atomic Habits That Will Never Work
  2. Do you want to hear from Marcus Rashford due to his campaign to feed poor kids last year?
  3. They've just been distracted by Jose being sacked. #Wanking frenzy
  4. Every 6 months there's European Super League talk about it being nailed on. Been happening for over 20 years now.
  5. Sterling is a shell of his former self
  6. @stevieb did you buy more dogecoin? 🧐
  7. I know that. It's the fact that people pretend that it's still part of it. They're attention seekers and might be worse than people who claim to suffer from hay fever
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