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  2. Should i watch this? 🤔
  3. Happens every 6 months this.
  4. I see they're having hissy fits in that there London for having to go into Tier 2 🙃
  5. I've never got that. Imagine supporting a Scottish team, absolute freaks.
  6. Horrible. Didn't something else happen the other week related to the Hebdo stuff or have i dreamt this up
  7. Rugby Union and cricket. I'd say darts also but like others have mentioned it isn't really a sport. Can't get into American sports. Tried the Super Bowl final once but it was like death by 1000 cuts with the ads, intervals and razzamatazz while fuck all happened on the pitch. Twas a giant glittery turd
  8. And there's still a couple of years of it left.
  9. Thought we signed him a few seasons ago it was only last year.
  10. Seems like a distant grim memory watching those daily death rates in Italy and thinking we'd never reach them. Then slowly.. 😑
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