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  1. Rule changes and VAR? this season is going to be an absolute shitfest
  2. deane koontz


    People really chatting about not playing? Good grief! Rather lose 10 nowt
  3. Yeah, I had forgotten how hysterical the media gets during the football season. I was listening to people writing Frank Lampard off and speaking of relegation after one game earlier in the week 😂
  4. I haven't been keeping track. Are they getting paid yet?
  5. I felt life leaving my body with every word he droned
  6. Owd noncy bollocks is dead. Suicide they say.
  7. The rematch is in Saudi then. They're only 2 hours in front of us so i presume this won't be at stupid o'clock.
  8. Apparently the El Paso killer posted his "manifesto" on 8chan just before the attack. Had never heard of 8chan before, 4chan i've heard of. The internet is a weird place https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/aug/05/cloudflare-8chan-matthew-prince-terminate-service-cuts-off-far-right-message-board-el-paso-shooting
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