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  1. Nothing new under the sun https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Mask_League_of_San_Francisco
  2. deane koontz


    I'm glad the walking novelty has worn off for some around here. It was getting a bit too much.
  3. "Clandestine Channel Threat Commander" That's competing with sandwich artist and nail technician as my favourite job title.
  4. Delfouneso is only 29? He seems to have been around for ages.
  5. Sounds like he knows his onions.
  6. Only been once since the revamp..about 18 months ago seemed pretty quite. Went to the The Vic too..twas scruffy cunt central 😀
  7. i was taken aback when i visited the Sheaf after it had been done up
  8. In Gove's defence I don't think even he believes anything he says.
  9. I was waiting for a replay of the keeper looking like he handled it outside the box for a good 5 minutes :lol:
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