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  1. Going off the reports he sounds like an absolute 🔔 Probably a traffic warden in a previous life
  2. I see Adam Johnson has been released from prison.
  3. Aye, the same same really - minus your dad part. Might have found it a more appealing subject then the fucking Tudors.
  4. Interesting watch from the land of the pie.
  5. Got taught nowt about The Troubles in school which looking back I find a bit odd.
  6. Finally watched the Revenant, thought it was ace.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-47644414
  8. See they've been diggin up Declan Rice's old social media posts
  9. Put that Madeleine doc on for about 10 minutes, turned it off when I saw Kelvin Mackenzie's mug. Meks my teeth itch
  10. It's refreshing seeing a leader who has a touch of class about them.
  11. First time i've heard about that. Grim.
  12. Aye, the "manifesto" was that of a mass murdering Walter Mitty.
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