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  1. It will never not be piss funny hearing Simon Jordan's mental gymnastics when he comes running in defence of his buddy at Derby County 😂
  2. I agree. The second Dalglish spell they were unbearable too.
  3. deane koontz


    This is the second game I've tried to watch. It's better than the last one. Don't think I could ever get used to these ADHD breaks though
  4. What do we think of the Premier League this season?
  5. No. Wasn't sure if he was on loan at leicester or not so i Googled. I felt bad for posting it, but it's done now
  6. Barnes was born in Burnley. His dad used to play for them.
  7. On his way to meet his bum chum Hitler in Liverpool.
  8. Front page news on nearly every paper it would appear. There must be something else for them to prattle on about?
  9. Must be lucky, I can't remember the last time I was ill.
  10. Followed by another kamikaze style post match monologue?
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