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  1. What a depressing reminder.
  2. I used to be quite partial to those old Documentaries that Bettany Hughes used to present
  3. Insidious Narrative Toxicity Rhetoric Simon's favourite words
  4. It's a touch concerning that they don't realise how ridiculous this double down schtick looks from the outside.
  5. Just started, on episode 2. This can go in any direction :lol:.
  6. These synchronized tweets of support are most amusing
  7. A quick sorry not sorry would have been suffice.
  8. Pointless starting the novelty now.
  9. I'll guess it will be some kind of wishy washy explanation/apology this statement. It'll be history by next week when something else happens.
  10. He was a natural at taking players on when he felt like it. Pity he'd have one worldie followed by umpteen games where he impersonates the invisible man and the rest spent injured.
  11. I'm more surprised he took the briefing tbh.
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