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  1. Wullie

    Keith Hill

    He should keep his mouth shut and concentrate on building the team, and generating some confidence
  2. Wullie


    And the goal he scored from 30 yards, which I always tell my friends was from the half way line
  3. Is there any video of bolty and boby dancing to northern soul music, I was only a wee kid in 70's but remember our kids mates busting some serious moves
  4. Ahh, there are some tales about our visits to Twerton Park
  5. Wullie

    Lincoln away

    hahah not sure how many 48 year year olds job, swim yes but jogging not for me. I'll re -lay the flag in a couple of weeks. Think I did it with over stretching when I trie dto stop myself from falling, just felt something go then a tremendous pain
  6. Wullie

    Lincoln away

    Bloody well tripped on a raised flag at home, I wouldn't mind but I chuckled at first and then the pain hit me. 40 year olds really should be taught how to fall properly
  7. Wullie

    Lincoln away

    My ruptured Achilles should have healed by then.so will be the first away of the season. My unused Wycombe ticket is now safely ensconced in my box of BWFC stuff
  8. Wullie


    Well, all I saw was some helpful Bolton lads helping dismantle it
  9. Wullie


    As a young lad, got a lift with some older Bolton lads to our Boxing Day match around 1985 ish???. I thought they were stopping off at a pub for a few drinks, as there was a coach load of very handy looking lads, apparently it was Blackpool's pub and they wouldn't come out to play with them. I've loved Bolton Blackpool matches ever since (Been to previous ones at their gaff, but this seemed special for some reason). The Sherpa Van night match, with that crappy fence segegating the fans outside being ripped down.
  10. can someone explain seriously, what is ball to hand and hand to ball?
  11. Hall of fame suite prices coming out this week. Cat A £80 per match Cat B £60 3 course meal etc etc. Starts from the Blackpool match...subject to change when I get the actual information
  12. Two of the original contacts for corporate sales no longer work for BWFC so you may need to phone instead of email
  13. Good to know cheers. I'll phone them tomorrow
  14. Just waiting confirmation regarding my corporate tickets
  15. I noticed there was a Carry Bowdrill on the Motocombs reviews
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