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  1. Cruyff for me everyday of the week, he influenced the whole team in a great Dutch side
  2. We taking bets on when the first goal gets conceded and also their first penalty
  3. We won, not sure why we would be moaning, onwards and upwards steadily, and then make a move in new year
  4. If you don't mind being in a hot air balloon, in some areas you could hover over the ground for two hours
  5. I know, but i'm sick of hearing this minority believe they control the game, which is why i'd tell them all to go, set up whatever league they want, but they won't be allowed to play any domestic games (league and cup again), hell maybe in 5 years make it mandatory for player turning out for their home nation, MUST play in a recognised domestic league
  6. I'll say it again, tell the greedy robbing gits, to go. Oh, and that if they leave, they don't come back....end of
  7. I have to be honest, i was 16, in my first year at college and actually got permission to leave college at lunch to see this one. I didn't go to another away until late Jan after this one, my memory isn't so good but they really made us look a poor side, and I was fed up with our be good one match, be disappointing next.
  8. Tell the big 6 to F*** Off to Europe then, they also can't rejoin any league in England, oh and that because of covid, good luck in fulfilling any fixtures they arrange
  9. The match was arranged when a game against Legia Warsaw fell through when Nowak joined, so Ajax stepped in
  10. I have clippings from the 80's that make those figures look laughable
  11. I was only a kid, it looked pretty much even to be honest. When the came up against a proper Bolton firm it didn't end well for them, but they did their usual trick and made sure the outnumbered any Bolton lads they came across. It is 30 odd years ago though, but that is my recolection
  12. Anyone having issues with iFollow, clear the cache in you web browser by clicking preferences, privacy and security, clear data....this may help
  13. Well, you remember the insignia people put on the front grill of their old cars (AA, RAC etc badge) back in the OLD days? I have one of Boltons original club badge, made in the 1950's. I haven't seen one of these since
  14. I think some unkind people were aiming at his butt crack, his jeans were always half way down his backside, the ultimate builders bum
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