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  1. Hall of fame suite prices coming out this week. Cat A £80 per match Cat B £60 3 course meal etc etc. Starts from the Blackpool match...subject to change when I get the actual information
  2. Two of the original contacts for corporate sales no longer work for BWFC so you may need to phone instead of email
  3. Good to know cheers. I'll phone them tomorrow
  4. Just waiting confirmation regarding my corporate tickets
  5. I noticed there was a Carry Bowdrill on the Motocombs reviews
  6. Wullie

    Take Over

    On 26 March 2018 an HMRC tax tribunal ruled that Sullivan had used West Ham United to avoid paying £700,000 tax for his own family business, Conegate Ltd. Sullivan used Conegate to buy £2m of shares in the holding company that owns West Ham. The same day the shares were converted to "deferred shares", deemed practically worthless and sold back for £1 back to the holding company. Conegate thereby the £2m loss to reduce its tax bill. Sound like someone we already know, playing the HMRC for idiots?
  7. Wullie

    Take Over

    So Bassini would be a front for Sullivan, which to me is an even worse scenario as the real owner would be the money man, and we have no idea what his agenda would be, as he has chosen to remain silent
  8. Wullie

    Take Over

    Agreed it could be. Sent a text to a mate who is a senior Judge at the court, he hasn't responded as yet but suspect he is either in chambers or involved elsewhere
  9. Wullie

    Take Over

    Had a look at the court listings, and there is nothing obvious in the ones listed to suggest it is Bassini
  10. Wullie

    Take Over

    He is now denying that report
  11. Wullie

    Take Over

    1. KA stated that Bassini failed to produce evidence of funds - so the signed agreement based on a coupe of conditions is null as Bassini failed to meet conditions. 2. We went into administration, that now trumps that agreement
  12. Wullie

    Take Over

    His case will be thrown out for a number of reasons.
  13. Wullie


    i'm only bothered by these mugs when we play them, any other time they don't regiister, and their mob isn't even worth talking about
  14. we shall find out on Saturday how many will pay that price. Still no news on corporate so I guess that not ready yet
  15. Ruptured achilles, so that is me out for Tomorrow
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