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  1. Wullie

    Taken over

    Funnily enough, I actually found a BWFC sticker on Tesco Car Park at the middlebrook, one of those posh ones in gold
  2. Wullie

    Taken over

    Stop listening to Nixon, he isn't close to either the adminstrators or FV, he is speculating (quite widely) on a number of possibilities. The one thing I keep in mind, is the MJ has secured assets against the hotel, and he has an influence that any other party interested does not have
  3. Wullie

    Taken over

    He pretends he understands and has knowledge, but in reality he doesn't. The admins have made their decision on the Football Club, that decision can only be challenged under the Insolvency Act of 1986. He may be confusing things with the hotel, which hasn't had a decision made as yet. But the football club side is done and dusted.
  4. Wullie

    Taken over

    You can challenge an Admistrators decision, but they are protected by statute, you have to have VERY good grounds to challenge, and it is done through the courts, so Nixon obviously doesn't understand the process, ,as I have yet to see anything challenging the Adminstrators, and EDT or KA have very little scope to delay or challenge the ruling
  5. Wullie

    Taken over

    If we all agree the Club needs a lift after what has gone one in recent history, does keeping Phil give us the start of this lift?
  6. Just watching the end bit with the wigan "lads" coming down to the front on the terrace after a couple of Bolton went over there, I can say that they weren't too eager to do that outside after
  7. Sell him to Rangers if he and his representatives want him to go
  8. Wullie

    Taken over

    Two seperate administrators, so they would have had to deal with two different entities. Whilst they MAY have wanted the hotel as well, the books they paid to see were for the football club, and not hotel (as I didn't see anything to indicate that the two administrators were sharing indormation for the data room)
  9. Wullie

    Taken over

    Listen, ALL the finanvcial implications were produced by te Administrators, they MUST produce ALL relative information to potential buyers, which they paid £25,000 each for, so there cannot be any new/hidden figures in there. IF there is an issue, it isn;t to do with any secret or hidden costs. You bring in administrators to weedle these things out, the issue would hav eto be at the FV end
  10. I may have got my wires crossed, but didn't he get jailed for armed robbery about 20 years ago? Might not be same bloke, an Oliver Brady aged 35 was jailed for armed robbery in 1996
  11. Wullie

    Taken over

    This is the approriate response, agree completely
  12. Wullie

    Taken over

    I wouldn't bother waiting for me Chris, you can find someone else to compare your knowledge with.
  13. Wullie

    Taken over

    In a word ...NO. There's been enough of that on here so why bother. I'm quite sanguine with the state of play, and I'm not being drawn into a Nixon, Iles, twitter, facebook and explanations on here debate. Acquisitions take time, that is the simple fact of the matter. The debate on how we kept going will only come out when I see the full accounts, so why speculate, it achieves nothing
  14. Wullie

    Taken over

    I'm ambivalent to it all now, I understand the business side of what we have gone through, which takes time by the way, the personal side is irrelevant. I'll wake up when the club tell me when I can pay for my corporate ticket for the season
  15. Wullie

    Taken over

    I really wouldn't get too concerned. Remember, we are trying a quick turnaround by coming out of admin and then a new owner coming in. Creditors still need to be paid so that could be part of the delay, there are certain legal processes that must be completed and these can take time, new owners also need to determine the make up of the company in regards to directorships, funding etc etc. Considering the club was only "sold" two weeks ago, I am actually surprised we have made progress
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