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  1. Hmm, Ali Koc of fenerbache was looking to buy an english club a couple of years ago, he's worth about £1 Billion. Not saying it is him, but he owns a major european football team
  2. Thought you would find that interesting and laughable
  3. He'll have to prove to the court that the "interested party" is credible now.
  4. The 148 numbering is nothing to do with the number of WU orders we have had, just in case people were wondering
  5. Winding up orders tomorrow include Ebbsfleet united and Macclesfield FC, we are 148 out of the 155 and ours is after 11:30am https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/court-lists/list-companies-winding-up
  6. Wullie

    Wigan away

    Wigan claiming they had a result against us yesterday, have to say, my mates didn't see any of their lads before or after the match
  7. Wullie

    Wigan away

    Wish I could, I still have two corporate tickets to use before the end of the season
  8. Wullie

    Wigan away

    And we were worried about the players walking out a couple of days ago
  9. Wullie

    Wigan away

    Wigan daft enough to make an appearance today?
  10. THE public purse has still not received a penny of the £72 million owed to the taxman by the liquidated company which owned Rangers FC.
  11. You're assuming he has finished sanding down the walls
  12. Not disagreeing, I'm just saying walking away at the moment from talks with Ken, doesn't mean he has walked completely. Given Anderson some thinking time
  13. Basran has only walked away from talks with Anderson, doesn't mean he has walked away from the takeover
  14. Ken's history will always precede him, and this was why I was always worried in regards to his ownership.
  15. Well, the timing is key in regards to points deductions and when they happen: "From 2007–08, any club entering administration after the fourth Thursday in March would have their 10-point deduction suspended until the following season" Not sure if the above has changed, but they changed it after Leeds went into admin the day after they knew they would be relegated, and so closed the loophole and added the fourth Thursday in March timeline
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