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  1. Many, many excellent candidates for that one game to revisit. For myself, Jan 26th 1991 FA Cup 4th Round away to the filth. After many a barren year and visits to some of the arse ends of the nation, I think this was the start of the new era that led to so many of those mentioned even happening:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-dY5Z9sJI4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPn8P4LxCHk 10k vociferous Wanderers on the terraces, squashed to f**k but didn't give a f**k, Nat and the 58 cup team on the pitch before the game, the reception when the players took the field, not b
  2. Just back from work ... how did we get on this evening? Trust everyone is doing well.
  3. The Black Panther ... parents, uncle and aunt told me he was on the loose to try and stop us camping in back garden ... told us he abducted kids and stuck them down drains Building Sites ... 70s safety video shown at junior school including a child being run over by a roller in graphic detail (now it is more akin to Austin Powers scene with security guard being rolled over) Quick Sand ... local urban myths about some school kids getting stuck and sinking (slowly) to their death
  4. U17s definitely interesting. Bad tempered first half, plenty of gobbing off, late challenges and 18 year old ref lost control. HT 0-0. First twenty mins of 2nd half, 3 pens, 5 goals, mass brawl, 3 red cards. 25 mins added on time to go. Too much testosterone!!
  5. Plate commemorating centenary 1977 and 2nd div champions 1978. Picked it up at Piece Hall, Halifax, early 90s.
  6. What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?
  7. Be happy with a good performance and a win would be a bonus for the “winning mentality”. I’ll go 2-1 Doyle and Crawford and I’ll pull some skirt tonight. Enjoy!
  8. Got an idea ... get a set of felt tips, “borrow” the matching game he is intently working on, refer to the history of Wanderers kits website on the other thread, on each matching bear colour on one of the decent tops all with BWFC badge prominently displayed, sneak the game back in to his toy box ... before you know it, he’ll be matching Wanderers kits and want granddad to buy him one.
  9. Bollocks ... the fucker needed a reminder why the lil’ c*nt shouldn’t have started in the first place. The wheezing lean against the car states it all.
  10. Jerry Stiller ... Seinfeld box set out tonight. Serenity now, serenity now!!!
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