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  1. 1-6 Doyle (3), Thomason, Santos, Lee Gilks og deliberately in to his own net near the end
  2. Only 30+ years On a par with thinking it was “Your name’s not Dan, you’re not coming in”
  3. E I E I E I O Up the football here we go When we win promotion This is what we’ll sing We are Bolton, we are Bolton We are the football kings Born to be a Wanderer ....
  4. 2-4 Doyle (3), Santos Beltin’ weekend!!! Yippee kai aye mo fo
  5. Did the original surveyor not try rubbing a balloon on each wall?
  6. Rudy ... so are you going with Shaun or Miller for your new lad?
  7. I think your previous post re: avg points, and this one have foundation ... I just think that what we have seen since Jan xfers and performances, we are on the ascendency and I would guess other teams are noticing and our confidence will see us go up automatically. End of the day, all opinions. I just think it’s in our own hands (yes I’ve had a drink in another happy weekend).
  8. 1-0 = 3 pts = 7th place (play off) = happy weekend again Further pluses ... another win, late win based on battling until the end, astute subs (always a gamble but they are working at the moment), solid defence including 90th minute challenges and what appears to be an “all in” squad. Could be, and has been, a lot worse!! COYW
  9. Congratulations Rudy and Mrs Rudy So you'll be naming him after our first goal scorer today? Or just go with Santos?
  10. Win = 3pts = brill = happy weekend Boo yak a sha!!
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