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  1. Two teams bang in form, both likely to be in the play off mix come the end of the season. 1-1. Donaldson to miss a sitter.
  2. 3-0 to the white army Sarce, Doyle x2
  3. I hate the place. 2-0 to the Superwhites Maddison, Arthur
  4. This. Keep winning and hope the teams above slip up, which they are likely to do at some point. Would be good to have some teams looking over their shoulder at the White Army on the march. COYWM
  5. Naytch


    1-3 They get a red card (makes a change from us!) Doyle x2 Fonz
  6. 3-1 Cant see us keeping a clean sheet Arthur, Doyle, Maddison
  7. This. 3-1 to us tonight. Doyle, Fonz and the Maverick
  8. I liked that kit. The home RBK kit is my favourite BWFC of all time.
  9. Prenton Park is a shithole, and apparently an awful quality pitch anyway. I'm thinking this will be off.
  10. The most important thing to remember when discussing this game is... FUCK TRANMERE FUCK JOHN ALDRIDGE
  11. Sturridge was a belting signing in a Jan transfer window. ALF was another Laville definitely up there too, he was fantastic. What a shame about his injuries.
  12. Naytch


    What a bell end that man was
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